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American History - Series of 48
   Anonymous - 1930

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-3/8" x 2-13/16" and were issued in strips, as 
"This is one of a series of 48 cards". American Card Catalog reference is R129. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Front Caption                       Back Title

300   Red Bear                            Duhk-pita-a-ho-shee
301   Geronimo                            Geronimo
302   Satanta                             Satanta
303   Weasel Calf                         Weasel Calf
304   Pushmataha                          Push-ma-ta-ha
305   Old Bear                            Ma-ta-he-hah
306   Samoset                             Samoset
307   Wolf                                Sho-me-cos-se
308   Four Bears                          Mah-to-toh-pa
309   The Bear                            Ne-sou-a-quoit
310   Black Hawk                          Black Hawk
311   Tobacco                             Tobacco
312   Tis Co Han                          Tis-Co-Han
313   Doe Wah Jack                        Doe-Wah-Jack
314   Indian Beast of Burden              Indian Beast of Burden
315   Ogalalla                            Ogalalla Tribe
316   General Sturgis                     General Sturgis
317   Yellowstone Kelly                   Yellowstone Kelly
318   Custer Scout                        Custer's Scouts
319   John Paul Jones                     John Paul Jones
320   Andrew Jackson                      Andrew Jackson
321   John C. Fremont                     Captain Fremont
322   Commodore Bainbridge                William Bainbridge
323   Commodore Decatur                   Commodore Decatur
324   Washington 1789                     George Washington
325   Jefferson 1801                      Thomas Jefferson
326   Lincoln 1861                        Abraham Lincoln
327   Grant 1869                          U. S. Grant
328   Cleveland 1885                      Grover Cleveland
329   McKinley 1897                       Wm. McKinley
330   Roosevelt 1901                      Theodore Roosevelt
331   Wilson 1913                         Woodrow Wilson
332   Pilgrims Landing                    Landing of the Pilgrims
333   Paul Revere's Ride                  Paul Revere's Ride
334   The Monitor & Merrimac              The Monitor and the Merrimac
335   Striking Gold in California         Striking Gold in California
336   Washington Crossing the Delaware    Washington Crossing the Delaware
337   Rallying the Line                   Rallying the Line
338   Discovery of the Mississippi        Discovery of the Mississippi
339   Declaration of Independence         Declaration of Independence
340   Gen. John A Dix                     General Dix
341   Gen. Beauregard                     General Pierre Beauregard
342   Gen. McClellan                      General McClellan
343   Gen. Benj. F. Butler                General Benjamin F. Butler
344   Gen. Burnside                       General Burnside
345   Gen. Sherman                        General Sherman
346   Stonewall Jackson                   General Stonewall Jackson
347   Gen. Robert E. Lee                  General Robert E. Lee

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