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American Indian Chiefs
   Red Man Tobacco - 1952

Notes: Fronts feature color artwork and descriptive text; backs have advertising 
text. Many images for the 3-3/4" x 4" cards were from an early Allen & Ginter 
tobacco series.

This series has blue borders with the card number in the lower right. The design was 
shared with the Colonial Baking series, with different numbering and some changes. 
Another series with uncertain provenance had an accompanying collector album, 
blue borders, and changes from both of the other series. American Card Catalog 
reference is T129. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   White Swan
  2   Cayatanita
  3   Young Whirlwind
  4   King of the Crows
  5   Agate Arrow Point
  6   Noon Day
  7   John Yellow Flower
  8   Red Bird
  9   Keokuk's Son
 10   Grey Eagle
 11   Red Cloud
 12   Always Riding
 13   Blackeye
 14   Spotted Tail
 15   Rushing Bear
 16   Big Snake
 17   Striker
 18   Red Shirt
 19   Big Razor
 20   Arkikita
 21   John Grass
 22   Many Horns
 23   Big Chief
 24   Iron Bull
 25   True Eagle
 26   Crow's Breast
 27   Keokuk
 28   War Captain
 29   Hairy Bear
 30   Red Thunder
 31   Wetcunie
 32   Lean Wolf
 33   Big Elk
 34   Young Black Dog
 35   Mad Bear
 36   Chief Joseph
 37   Sitting Bull
 38   Great Bear
 39   Man and Chief
 40   Chief Gall

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