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American Pie Baseball - Spirit of America Edition
   Topps - 2002

Notes: This is a "mixed" baseball and non-sports set, mostly sports for the 2001 edition and 
mostly non-sports for the 2002 series. Further information and scans were 
at the Topps web archive.

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets (150): approx. 1.07 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 5 cards

      No.   Title                         Attribute

         Baseball Cards

        1   Warren Spahn                  Courage
        2   Reggie Jackson                Courage
        3   Bill Mazeroski                Courage
        4   Carl Yastrzemski              Courage
        5   Whitey Ford                   Courage
        6   Ralph Houk                    Courage
        7   Rod Carew                     Perseverence
        8   Kirk Gibson                   Courage
        9   Bobby Thomson                 Courage
       10   Don Newcombe                  Courage
       11   Gaylord Perry                 Innovation
       12   Bruce Sutter                  Innovation
       13   Bob Gibson                    Innovation
       14   Brooks Robinson               Innovation
       15   Steve Carlton                 Innovation
       16   Robin Yount                   Innovation
       17   Ernie Banks                   Innovation
       18   Lou Brock                     Innovation
       19   Al Kaline                     Innovation
       20   Carlton Fisk                  Innovation
       21   Frank Robinson                Innovation
       22   Bobby Bonds                   Innovation
       23   Andre Dawson                  Innovation
       24   Goose Gossage                 Innovation
       25   Fred Lynn                     Innovation
       26   Keith Hernandez               Innovation
       27   Rollie Fingers                Innovation
       28   Juan Marichal                 Innovation
       29   Maury Wills                   Innovation
       30   Dave Winfield                 Perseverence
       31   Frank Howard                  Perseverence
       32   Tony Gwynn                    Perseverence
       33   Jim Palmer                    Perseverence
       34   Mike Schmidt                  Perseverence
       35   Bo Jackson                    Perseverence
       36   Ferguson Jenkins              Perseverence
       37   Bobby Richardson              Perseverence
       38   Harmon Killebrew              Perseverence
       39   Monte Irvin                   Perseverence
       40   Jim Abbott                    Perseverence
       41   Wade Boggs                    Perseverence
       42   Jackie Robinson               Courage
       43   Ralph Branca                  Perseverence
       44   Minnie Minoso                 Perseverence
       45   Tug McGraw                    Perseverence
       46   Willie Mays                   Perseverence
       47   Nolan Ryan                    Perseverence
       48   Duke Snider                   Perseverence
       49   Tom Seaver                    Perseverence
       50   Casey Stengel                 Perseverence

         Non-Sports Cards
       51   D-Day                         Courage
       52   Gulf War                      Courage
       53   Vietnam War                   Courage
       54   Korean War                    Courage
       55   Secret Service                Courage
       56   Crayons                       Innovation
       57   Hoover Dam                    Innovation
       58   Penicillin                    Innovation
       59   Polio Vaccine                 Innovation
       60   Empire State Building         Innovation
       61   Television                    Innovation
       62   Duke Ellington                Innovation
       63   Voyager Mission               Innovation
       64   Space Shuttle                 Innovation
       65   Ellis Island                  Perseverence
       66   Statue of Liberty             Perseverence
       67   Battle of the Bulge           Perseverence
       68   Battle of Midway              Perseverence
       69   Iwo Jima                      Perseverence
       70   Panama Canal                  Perseverence
       71   Spirit of St. Louis           Perseverence
       72   Civil Rights                  Perseverence
       73   Space Race                    Perseverence
       74   Alaska Pipeline               Perseverence
       75   Teddy Bear                    American Treasures
       76   Seabiscuit                    American Treasures
       77   Bazooka Joe                   American Treasures
       78   Mt. Rushmore                  American Treasures
       79   Yellowstone Park              American Treasures
       80   Niagara Falls                 American Treasures
       81   Grand Canyon                  American Treasures
       82   Hoola Hoop                    American Treasures
       83   George Patton                 Courage
       84   Florence Griffith Joyner      Courage
       85   Amelia Earhart                Courage
       86   Glen Miller                   American Treasures
       87   Rick Monday                   Courage
       88   Buzz Aldrin                   Courage
       89   Rosa Parks                    Courage
       90   Edward R. Murrow              Courage
       91   Susan B. Anthony              Courage
       92   Bobby Kennedy                 Courage
       93   Gloria Steinem                Courage
       94   Hank Greenberg                Courage
       95   Jimmy Doolittle               Courage
       96   Thurgood Marshall             Courage
       97   Ernest Hemingway              Innovation
       98   Henry Ford                    Innovation
       99   Wright Brothers               Innovation
      100   Thomas Edison                 Innovation
      101   Albert Einstein               Innovation
      102   Will Rogers                   Innovation
      103   George Gershwin               Innovation
      104   Irving Berlin                 Innovation
      105   Frank Lloyd Wright            Innovation
      106   Howard Hughes                 Innovation
      107   George M. Cohan               Innovation
      108   Jack Kerouac                  Innovation
      109   Harry Houdini                 Innovation
      110   Helen Keller                  Perseverence
      111   John McCain                   Perseverence
      112   Andrew Carnegie               Perseverence
      113   Sandra Day O'Connor           Perseverence
      114   Brooklyn Bridge               Perseverence
      115   Douglas MacArthur             Perseverence
      116   Elvis Presley                 American Treasures
      117   George Burns                  American Treasures
      118   Judy Garland                  American Treasures
      119   Buddy Holly                   American Treasures
      120   Don McLean                    American Treasures
      121   Marilyn Monroe                American Treasures
      122   Humphrey Bogart               American Treasures
      123   Gary Cooper                   American Treasures
      124   The Andrews Sisters           American Treasures
      125   Jim Thorpe                    American Treasures
      126   Joe Louis                     American Treasures
      127   Jesse Owens                   American Treasures
      128   Kate Smith                    American Treasures
      129   W.C. Fields                   American Treasures
      130   Bette Davis                   American Treasures
      131   Jayne Mansfield               American Treasures
      132   William McKinley              American Treasures
      133   Teddy Roosevelt               American Treasures
      134   William Taft                  American Treasures
      135   Woodrow Wilson                American Treasures
      136   Warren Harding                American Treasures
      137   Calvin Coolidge               American Treasures
      138   Herbert Hoover                American Treasures
      139   Franklin D. Roosevelt         American Treasures
      140   Harry Truman                  American Treasures
      141   Dwight Eisenhower             American Treasures
      142   John F. Kennedy               American Treasures
      143   Lyndon B. Johnson             American Treasures
      144   Richard Nixon                 American Treasures
      145   Gerald Ford                   American Treasures
      146   Jimmy Carter                  American Treasures
      147   Ronald Reagan                 American Treasures
      148   George H.W. Bush              American Treasures
      149   Bill Clinton                  American Treasures
      150   George W. Bush                American Treasures


American Sluggers

 1 of 25    Rod Carew                     Minnesota Twins
 2 of 25    Brooks Robinson               Baltimore Orioles
 3 of 25    Mike Schmidt                  Philadelphia Phillies
 4 of 25    Carlton Fisk                  Boston Red Sox
 5 of 25    Reggie Jackson                Oakland Athletics
 6 of 25    Carl Yastrzemski              Boston Red Sox
 7 of 25    Kirk Gibson                   Detroit Tigers
 8 of 25    Al Kaline                     Detroit Tigers
 9 of 25    Frank Robinson                Cleveland Indians
10 of 25    Fred Lynn                     Boston Red Sox
11 of 25    Dave Winfield                 San Diego Padres
12 of 25    Harmon Killebrew              Minnesota Twins
13 of 25    Monte Irvin                   San Francisco Giants
14 of 25    Willie Mays                   San Francisco Giants
15 of 25    Duke Snider                   Los Angeles Dodgers
16 of 25    George Foster                 Cincinnati Reds
17 of 25    Joe Carter                    Cleveland Indians
18 of 25    Eddie Mathews                 Houston Astros
19 of 25    George Brett                  Kansas City Royals
20 of 25    Frank Howard                  Washington Senators
21 of 25    Andre Dawson                  Chicago Cubs
22 of 25    Ted Kluszewski                Cincinnati Reds
23 of 25    Ryne Sandberg                 Chicago Cubs
24 of 25    Jack Clark                    San Francisco Giants
25 of 25    Cecil Cooper                  Milwaukee Brewers

A Piece of American Pie

  PAP-BD    Bette Davis                   Worn Jacket
  PAP-EP    Elvis Presley                 Worn Army Shirt
  PAP-EP2   Elvis Presley                 Worn Leather Jacket
  PAP-GB    George Burns                  Worn Coat
  PAP-GC    Gary Cooper                   Worn Scarf
  PAP-HB    Humphrey Bogart               Owned Suit Handkerchief
  PAP-JD    Judy Garland                  Worn Scarf
  PAP-JM    Jayne Mansfield               Worn Outfit
  PAP-MM    Marilyn Monroe                Worn Dress
  PAP-RR    Ronald Reagan                 Berlin Wall

Presidential First Pitch Relics (Stadium Seats)

PFPR-BC     Bill Clinton
PFPR-CC     Calvin Coolidge               10/04/1924 Griffith Park
PFPR-DE     Dwight Eisenhower              4/16/1953 Griffith Park
PFPR-FDR    Franklin D. Roosevelt         10/16/1933 Griffith Park
PFPR-GF     Gerald Ford
PFPR-GHWB   George H.W. Bush               4/06/1992 Memorial Park
PFPR-GWB    George W. Bush                           Yankee Stadium
PFPR-HH     Herbert Hoover                 4/17/1929 Griffith Park
PFPR-HT     Harry Truman                   9/08/1945 Griffith Park
PFPR-JFK    John F. Kennedy                4/10/1961 Griffith Park
PFPR-LBJ    Lyndon B. Johnson              4/13/1964 Griffith Park
PFPR-RN     Richard Nixon                  4/07/1969 Griffith Park
PFPR-RR     Ronald Reagan                  9/30/1988 Wrigley Field
PFPR-WH     Warren Harding                 4/13/1921 Griffith Park
PFPR-WT     William Taft                   4/15/1910 Griffith Park
PFPR-WW     Woodrow Wilson                 4/20/1916 Griffith Park

Through The Years Relics

  TTY-AD    Andre Dawson
  TTY-AL    Al Oliver
  TTY-BB    Bill Buckner
  TTY-CY    Carl Yastrzemski
  TTY-DA    Dick Allen
  TTY-DM    Don Mattingly
  TTY-DP    Dave Parker
  TTY-DS    Darryl Strawberry
  TTY-DW    Dave Winfield
  TTY-EM    Eddie Mathews
  TTY-FR    Frank Robinson
  TTY-GP    Gaylord Perry
  TTY-JA    Jim Abbott
  TTY-JB    Johnny Bench
  TTY-JC    Jack Clark
  TTY-JK    Jim Kaat
  TTY-JM    Joe Morgan
  TTY-JR    Joe Rudi
  TTY-MM    Minnie Minoso
  TTY-NR    Nolan Ryan
  TTY-RM    Rick Monday
  TTY-TM    Thurman Munson
  TTY-TS    Tom Seaver
  TTY-WB    Wade Boggs
  TTY-WM    Willie Mays
  TTY-WS    Willie Stargell

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