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America's Most Wanted Promo Set
   America's Most Wanted Trading Cards - 1992

Notes: A set covering at least 200 cards was planned, but the company did not 
obtain approval from the TV show producers. All that was released publicly 
was a Preview pack of nine cards. Thanks to Victory_is_Mine!! for the help!

    Title                            Type

    Jaycee Lee Dugard                Missing Child Card
    Michael Newton - Author          Tribute Card
    Checklist [189-200]              Youth Awareness Card
    Reward - $400,000.00             Sweepstakes Card
    Haywood Cook                     Fugitive Cards
    John Willis Winfree              Fugitive Cards
    Gwendolen Carol Dowell Benton    Fugitive Cards
    Dennis Schley Lilly              Fugitive Cards
    Tomas Sanchez Gonzalez           Fugitive Cards

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