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Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
DreamWorks - 2011

Note: These cards were inserted with the Blu-Ray video edition.

No.   Title                    Subtitle

  1   Ron Burgundy             San Diego's #1 News Anchor
  2   Veronica Corningstone    Little lady of the News Desk
  3   Brian Fantana            Team 4's Man on the Street
  4   Brick Tamland            Eye in the Sky, Head in the Clouds
  5   Champ Kind               The "White Guy" Sports Guy
  6   Ed Harken                Leader of the Team 4 Pack
  7   Wes Mantooth             San Diego's #2 News Anchor
  8   Frank Vitchard           San Diego's #3 News Anchor
  9   Chip McGee               San Diego's Public Access Anchor
 10   Arturo Mendes            San Diego's Spanish Anchor
 11   Steve Graff              San Diego's Lost Anchor
 12   Jess Moondragon          San Diego's Original Anchor

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