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Angel Season 2
   Inkworks - 2001

Note:  Thanks much to Melvyn Lake for the promo update!  Further information 
and scans are  posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.73 per box if collation were perfect.

     No.    Title                      Episode / Subset

       1    Angel                      Title Card
       2    Uncertain                  Episode 2.1: Judgement
       3    Paladin                    Episode 2.1: Judgement
       4    It Ain't Easy              Episode 2.1: Judgement
       5    Haunted                    Episode 2.2: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been
       6    On the Lam                 Episode 2.2: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been
       7    Parasite                   Episode 2.2: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been
       8    Sleeptime                  Episode 2.3: First Impressions
       9    On the Trail               Episode 2.3: First Impressions
      10    Driven                     Episode 2.3: First Impressions
      11    Not So Innocent            Episode 2.4: Untouched
      12    Pawn                       Episode 2.4: Untouched
      13    Stronger                   Episode 2.4: Untouched
      14    These Dreams               Episode 2.5: Dear Boy
      15    Another Life               Episode 2.5: Dear Boy
      16    Come Closer                Episode 2.5: Dear Boy
      17    Contemplation              Episode 2.6: Guise Will Be Guise
      18    Deception                  Episode 2.6: Guise Will Be Guise
      19    Revelation                 Episode 2.6: Guise Will Be Guise
      20    Soulmates                  Episode 2.7: Darla
      21    Too Close                  Episode 2.7: Darla
      22    Last Resort                Episode 2.7: Darla
      23    Flashback                  Episode 2.8: The Shroud of Rahmon
      24    Unusual Suspects           Episode 2.8: The Shroud of Rahmon
      25    Stuck in the Middle        Episode 2.8: The Shroud of Rahmon
      26    Plight                     Episode 2.9: The Trial
      27    Quest                      Episode 2.9: The Trial
      28    All in Vain                Episode 2.9: The Trial
      29    The Big Event              Episode 2.10: Reunion
      30    Back and Badder than Ever  Episode 2.10: Reunion
      31    Bad to the Bone            Episode 2.10: Reunion
      32    Sacked                     Episode 2.11: Redefinition
      33    Whacked                    Episode 2.11: Redefinition
      34    Cracked                    Episode 2.11: Redefinition
      35    A.K.A. Anne                Episode 2.12: Blood Money
      36    Benefit Scam               Episode 2.12: Blood Money
      37    Honor Bound                Episode 2.12: Blood Money
      38    Way the World Ends         Episode 2.13: Happy Anniversary
      39    Great Teamwork             Episode 2.13: Happy Anniversary
      40    With a Whimper             Episode 2.13: Happy Anniversary
      41    Wesley Shot                Episode 2.14: The Thin Dead Line
      42    Zombie Cops                Episode 2.14: The Thin Dead Line
      43    A Bite out of Crime        Episode 2.14: The Thin Dead Line
      44    Power Struggle             Episode 2.15: Reprise
      45    Hitting Bottom             Episode 2.15: Reprise
      46    Hell on Earth              Episode 2.15: Reprise
      47    Did It Again               Episode 2.16: Epiphany
      48    Made Some Mistakes         Episode 2.16: Epiphany
      49    Some Amends                Episode 2.16: Epiphany
      50    Old Friends                Episode 2.17: Disharmony
      51    Change Sometimes           Episode 2.17: Disharmony
      52    Now and Forever            Episode 2.17: Disharmony
      53    Hand of Fate               Episode 2.18: Dead End
      54    Hand Jive                  Episode 2.18: Dead End
      55    Wave Bye-Bye               Episode 2.18: Dead End
      56    Discontent                 Episode 2.19: Belonging
      57    Family Feud                Episode 2.19: Belonging
      58    Disappeared                Episode 2.19: Belonging
      59    Not in Kansas              Episode 2.20: Over The Rainbow
      60    Walking on Sunshine        Episode 2.20: Over The Rainbow
      61    Off to See the Wizard      Episode 2.20: Over The Rainbow
      62    Off with Their Heads       Episode 2.21: Through The Looking Glass
      63    In a Fix                   Episode 2.21: Through The Looking Glass
      64    Inside Out                 Episode 2.21: Through The Looking Glass
      65    Flipped Lid                Episode 2.22: There's No Place Like Home
      66    On the Road                Episode 2.22: There's No Place Like Home
      67    Ruby Slippers              Episode 2.22: There's No Place Like Home
      68    Home Again                 Episode 2.22: There's No Place Like Home
      69    Angel                      Angel Investigations
      70    Wesley Wyndam-Pryce        Angel Investigations
      71    Cordelia Chase             Angel Investigations
      72    Charles Gunn               Angel Investigations
      73    The Host                   Behind the Music
      74    Angel                      Behind the Music
      75    Cordy, Gunn & Wesley       Behind the Music
      76    Darla                      Behind the Music
      77    Lindsey McDonald           Behind the Music
      78    Harmony                    Behind the Music
      79    Darla                      Bad Ol' Days
      80    The Old Gang               Bad Ol' Days
      81    Angelus                    Bad Ol' Days
      82    Holland Manners            Wolfram & Hart
      83    Hunt Ackrey                Wolfram & Hart
      84    Lindsey McDonald           Wolfram & Hart
      85    Lilah Morgan               Wolfram & Hart
      86    Thesulac Demon             Demon Compendium
      87    Merl                       Demon Compendium
      88    Boone                      Demon Compendium
      89    Drokken                    Demon Compendium
      90    Checklist


City of Angel Cards (1:11 packs)

     CA1    Denver: A vampire wanting to slay a demon ...
     CA2    Angel: You're not from L.A., are you? You got ...
     CA3    Angel: I'm just here to say bon voyage, don't ...
     CA4    Cordelia: Well, you know L.A. It's all one ...
     CA5    Cordelia: It's L.A. Yeah. The evil's probably ...
     CA6    (puzzle center right)
     CA7    (puzzle bottom left)
     CA8    Gunn: Okay. What I want to know... Is how'd ...
     CA9    Host: You know where I belong? L.A. You know ...

L.A. Women Cards (1:17 packs)

     LA1    Cordelia
     LA2    Kate
     LA3    Virginia
     LA4    Lilah
     LA5    Darla
     LA6    Drusilla

Angel Heart Card (1:107 packs)

     AH1    Tish Magev: The demon is you.

Boxloader Cards (1:box)

   A2L-1    Angel
   A2L-2    Cordelia
   A2L-3    Wesley Wyndham-Price
   A2L-4    Charles Gunn

Autograph Cards (1:45 packs)

      A7    Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia
      A8    J. August Richards as Gunn
      A9    Julie Benz as Darla
     A10    Juliet Landau as Drusilla
     A11    Stephanie Romanov as Lilah
     A12    Andy Hallett as The Host
     A13    Brigid Brannagh as Virginia
     A14    Julia Lee as Anne Steele
     DA1    Juliet Landau and Julie Benz as Dru and Darla

     AR1    (redemption card; unreleased)

Angel Investigations Card (Case Topper)

      --    If you ever need our help, please call.

Card Album

      --    (2" padded binder)
Mini-Press Sheet (numbered to 500)

      --    City of Angel (9-up panel, CA1-CA9)


    A2-1    Coming August 2001!
    A2-2    Coming August 2001! (Features only Angel; Cards Inc.)
A2-SD2001   Coming August 2001! (San Diego Comic Con)
    A2-i    Coming August 2001! (Internet offer)
      --    Coming August 2001! (Dealer sell sheet)

    AL-1    (Box-loader promo from Season One)

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