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Animal Freaks / Freaks of Nature
   Mother Productions - 1994

Notes: Cards were originall sold as a boxed set, 2-3/4" x 3-3/4". Produced by 
Roger L. Worsham with photo credits to Reptile Show, Jeff Murry, and Bob 
Blackmar; set credits to Charlotte Fanshaw and Dan Sauerwald.

   Title / Text

   (cover card)
   Special Thanks To: (credits card)
   Dwarf Hippopotamus
   Dwarf Horse
   Eight-legged Cow
   Five-legged Cow [eating hay]
   Five-legged Horse
   Four-eared Cat
   Four-legged Chicken
   Mule Feet
   Siamese Calves - Back View
   Siamese Calves - Front View
   Siamese Calves [black and white]
   Siamese Fish
   Siamese Skink
   Siamese Trout - Side View
   Siamese Trout - Side View
   Siamese Turtle [back view]
   Siamese Turtle [side view]
   Six-legged Bull
   Six-legged Calf
   Six-legged Dog
   The "Sit Down" Cow
   The Catfish and Snake
   The Five-legged Cow [with owner]
   The Two-headed Cow [side view]
   The two-Legged Cow
   This Ball Python snake (Python Regius) was born de
   This snake only lived a few days. The snake was bo
   Three-eyed Calf
   Three-legged Hog
   Two-bodied Calf
   Two-headed Cow [Daisy Mae]
   Two-headed Cow [white head]
   Two-headed Cow [with owner]
   Two-headed Snake
   Two-legged Calf
   Two-legged Dog
   Two-legged Dog
   Unusual Cow

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