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Animal Series
   Hassan Cork Tip Cigarettes - 1909-1911

Notes: Reference number T29. Cards are not numbered. Card fronts show color 
artwork. Card backs are either descriptive text for the animal, or advertising text 
for the cigarettes. One card, "Sable Antelope," was printed with both variations, 
and both are included in the nominal 80-card full set.

   Title                           Classification / Card Back

   Addax                           (advertising backs)
   African Bush Pig                Orycleropus æthiopicus
   African Jumping Hare            (advertising backs)
   African Sea-Eagle               Haliactus vodfer
   African Wild Ass                (advertising backs)
   Arabian or Sacred Baboon        Papio hamadryas
   Arabian Thorny-Tailed Lizard    Uromastix spinipes
   Baboon                          (advertising backs)
   Banded Mongoose                 Crossarchus fascialus
   Bataleur Eagle                  Helotarsus ecaudalus
   Black-Backed Jackal             (advertising backs)
   Bruchell's Zebra                (advertising backs)
   Brush Tail Porcupine            Atherura africanaBrush Tailed Porcupine
   Bushbuck                        Tragelaphus scriptus
   Caffre Cat                      Felis caffer
   Cape Buffalo                    (advertising backs)
   Cape Hunting Dog                (advertising backs)
   Cape Oribi                      Nanotragus scoparia
   Cheetah                         Cynaelurus lanius
   Chimpanzee                      (advertising backs)
   Civet-Cat                       (advertising backs)
   Dorcas Gazelle                  (advertising backs)
   Eland (antelope)                (advertising backs)
   Elephant                        (advertising backs)
   Fennec                          (advertising backs)
   Fischer's Chameleon             Chamaeleo fischeri
   Fraser's Flying Squirrel        Anomalurus fraseri
   Genet                           Genelia dongolanaNubian Genet
   Giraffe                         (advertising backs)
   Goliath Heron                   Ardeomega goliath
   Gorilla                         (advertising backs)
   Guereza Monkey                  Colobus guereza
   Guib                            (advertising backs)
   Hartebeest                      (advertising backs)
   Hippopotamus                    (advertising backs)
   Hooded Cobra                    Naja haje
   Horned Guinea Raven             Tmetoceros guineensis
   Impala                          Aepyceros melampus
   Jabiru                          Mycteria senegalensis
   King Crane                      (advertising backs)
   King Vulture                    (advertising backs)
   Klipspringer                    Oreotragus saltator
   Konzi                           Bubalis lichtemaleini
   Kudu                            Strepaiceroa Kudu
   Lalande's Dog                   Otocgom megalatis
   Lechwe                          Cobus leche
   Leopard                         (advertising backs)
   Lion and Lioness                (advertising backs)
   Magot                           Macacus inuus    Magot or Barbary Macaque
   Mandrill                        (advertising backs)
   Marabou                         (advertising backs)
   Meerkat                         Suricata tetradactyla
   Nile Crocodile                  (advertising backs)
   Okapi                           Okapi johnstoni
   Orang Utan                      (advertising backs)
   Ostrich                         (advertising backs)
   Porcupine                       (advertising backs)
   Red River Hog                   (advertising backs)
   Rhinoceros                      (advertising backs)
   Ring-Tailed Lemur               Lemur cala
   Roan Antelope                   Hippotragus equinas
   Ruppell's Vulture               Gyps ruccppelli
   Sable Antelope                  (advertising backs)
   Sable Antelope                  Hippofragus niger
   Secretary Vulture               Serpentarius secretarius
   Serval                          Felis serval
   Snake Hawk                      Gymnogenys typicus
   South African Fox               Canis chama
   Spotted Hyena                   (advertising backs)
   Springbok                       (advertising backs)
   Striped Hyena                   (advertising backs)
   Tiger                           (advertising backs)
   Vulture-Like Guinea Fowl        Numida vulturina
   Wart-Hog                        (advertising backs)
   Water Buck                      (advertising backs)
   Water Chevrotain                (advertising backs)
   White Bearded Gnu               Connochaccies albojubata
   White Tailed Mongoose           Herpentes albicauda
   White-Tailed Galago             Galago lasiolis
   Wildebeest                      (advertising backs)

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