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   Premiere/Oak - 1960

Note:  These cards are marked, "Premiere trading cards are made for use in
vending machines manufactured exclusively by the Oak Manufacturing
Company, Inc., Culver City, California."  The twenty-one 3.75" x 2.6" cards
are not numbered.  Thanks much to Jan Burns Cederquist for the checklist! 
American Card Catalog reference is R724-6.


African Lion and Lioness
American Black and Cinnamon Bears
Australian Dingo Puppy
Bactrian Camel and Young, Chinese Turkestan and Mongolia
Burchell's Zebra, Africa
California Grey Fox
Cheetah, Africa
Colobus-Monkey, Africa
Common Eland and Baby, Africa
European Fallow Deer
Hamadryas Baboon
Hippopotamus, Africa
Indian Elephant
Kodiak Bear, Alaska
Llama and Young, So. America
Northern Fur Seal Cow and Pup, Pribilof Islands
Ocelot Kittens, American Tropics
Polar Bear
Reticulated Giraffe, Africa
Sumatran Tiger

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