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Animals on Safari
Boomerang Book Club - 1993

Notes:  The "Boomerang Book Club" series comprises a variety of sets,
distributed factory sealed in cello-wrap, primarily for use in schools in
Australia. The format is exactly the same as the "Club Pro Set" sets in
the United States: Always there were "gold" (high school), "silver" (middle
school), and "bronze" (elementary school) versions of the sets; the card
fronts are the same, but the text is adjusted for the age group.

No.   Title

  1   Hippopotamus
  2   Leopard
  3   Baboon & Baby
  4   Giraffe & Baby
  5   White Lion
  6   Springbok
  7   Hunting Dogs
  8   Zebras
  9   Warthogs

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