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Animals of the World
   Topps - 1951

Notes: This set is numbered as a sequel to the "Bring 'Em Back Alive" series; packaging 
refers to "Animals of the Zoo World - Picture Card Gum." Artwork is by Mary Lee 
Baker. Cards found singly in packs have white card stock for card backs; cards issued 
in panels have gray card stock. Card backs give a subtitle, as shown below. American 
Card Catalog reference is R714-1. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.   Title                       Subtitle

101   Red Squirrel                Forest Gossip
102   Alaska Brown Bear           Fisherman of the Animal World
103   Dugong                      Ancestor of the Mermaid
104   Blackbuck                   Fast & Fearless Antelope
105   Koala                       "Teddy Bear" Come to Life
106   Pangolin                    Scale-Covered Eater of Ants
107   Siberian Ibex               Sure-Footed Mountain Goat
108   Brocket                     Small Deer of South America
109   Tamandua                    Tree-Loving Anteater
110   Cape Hunting Dog            Cunning and Fierce Hunter
111   Gayal                       Sure-Footed Cattle of India
112   Crested Porcupine           Sharp-Pointed Protection
113   Chinchilla                  Expensive Animal
114   Hyrax                       Strange Relative of the Elephant
115   Meerkat                     Dog-Loving Mongoose
116   Barbary Ape                 Clever Animal Thief
117   Wolverine                   Vicious Weasel of Canada
118   Addax                       Speed King of the Desert
119   Dingo                       Silent Hunter of Australia
120   Chevrotain                  Defenseless Jungle Dweller
121   Hog Deer                    Strange Deer of India
122   Common Duiker               Dodging Antelope of the Jungle
123   Muskrat                     North American Fur Bearer
124   Lesser Panda                Fire-Cat
125   Guanaco                     South American Camel
126   Blesbok                     Shy Antelope of Africa
127   Sapajou                     Organ Grinders' Monkey
128   Acudad                      Wild Sheep of Africa
129   Arabian Camel               Ship of the Desert
130   White-Tailed Deer           Most Common Deer of America
131   Reindeer                    Deer of the Frozen North
132   Solenodon                   Rare Animal of Haiti
133   Axis Deer                   Most Beautiful Deer in the World
134   Tenrec                      "Insect-Eater of Madagascar"
135   Giraffe                     Longest Neck in the World
136   Tapir                       Forest Dwelling Slowpoke
137   Mangabey                    Face-Making Monkeys
138   Lemming                     Amazing Animal Suicides
139   Potto                       "The Animal That Holds Tight"
140   Bandicoot                   Pig-Rats of Australia
141   Agouti                      Tree-Dwelling Rodent
142   Okapi                       Living Fossil
143   Cottontail Rabbit           Lettuce-Lover
144   California Sealion          Favorite of the Zoo
145   Hamadryas Baboon            Fierce God of Ancient Egypt
146   Onager                      Speeding Donkey of the Wild
147   Canada Lynx                 Wild-Cat of North America
148   Cuscus                      Australian Night-Hunter
149   Vicuna                      Camel of Peru
150   Kiang                       Untameable Donkey of Asia
151   Spider Monkey               Walking Monkey Skeleton
152   Coati-Mundi                 King of Curiousity
153   Lemur                       Lowliest Cousin to Mankind
154   Cougar                      Big Cat of the American West
155   Banting                     Wild Cattle of the East
156   Cacomistle                  Strange Rat-Catcher
157   Bongo                       Handsomest of All Antelopes
158   Elephant Seal               Long-Nosed Sea Monster
159   Jaguar                      Tiger of South America
160   Lion                        "King of the Jungle"
161   Moose                       World's Largest Deer
162   Polar Bear                  Arctic Man-Killer
163   Caribou                     North American Christmas Animals
164   Nine-Banded Armadillo       Armor-Plated Protector
165   Mongoose                    Famous Killers of Snakes
166   Pig-Tailed Macaque          Glutton among the Monkeys
167   Mouflon                     Mediterranean Sheep
168   Uakari                      Amazon Tree Monkeys
169   Snow Leopard                Cold-Weather Cat
170   African Elephant            Largest Animal on Land
171   Hartebeest                  Strong & Speedy Antelope
172   Beaver                      Engineer of the Forest
173   Fossa                       Rare Creature of the World
174   Pigmy Hippopotamus          Big Black Pig of Americal
175   Shrew                       Hungry Mite of the Forest
176   Gorilla                     Monster Relative of Mankind
177   Sloth                       The Animal That Lives Upside-Down
178   Vampire Bat                 Blood-Sucking Night Monster
179   Yapok                       Rare Opossum of South America
180   Jaguarundi                  Fierce Hunter of the South
181   Gemsbok                     Antelopes of the Desert
182   Malayan Tree Shrew          Man's Lowly Cousin
183   Kouprey                     Mystery of the Animal World
184   Whale                       World's Largest Animal
185   Red Fox                     Slyest of Wild Animals
186   Zebra                       Tiger-Striped Horse
187   Wapiti                      Big-Horned Deer of America
188   Quagga                      Part Zebra - Part Donkey
189   Walrus                      Old Men of the Sea
190   Marten                      Restless Weasel of America
191   Aye-aye                     Boney-Fingered Mystery Animal
192   Flying Phalanger            High-Flying Animals of Australia
193   Howler Monkey               Big Voice of the Jungle
194   Orang-utan                  Man of the Woods
195   Fisher                      Porcupine-Hunter
196   African Black Rhinocerous   Charging Fury
197   Giant Anteater              Sticky-Tongued Long Nosed
198   Cheetah                     Fastest Animal in the World
199   Thylacine                   "Tasmanian Tiger"
200   Nilghai                     Blue Bull of India

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