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Antique Autos
   Bowman - 1953

Notes: Card fronts have color artwork, often based on  a 1911 set from American Tobacco 
Co. Card backs feature 3-D images. The box states "There are 6 pairs of 3-D (third 
dimensional) glasses in this box at no extra cost to you. Please give one pair free with 
each sale of 4 packages of 'ANTIQUE AUTOS.'" Thanks to Jim Goodwin for the list! 
American Card Catalog reference is R701-1. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports 
Cards gallery.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards + gum.
Common sets (48): approx. 2.50 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                   Title (Card Back)

  1   Pierce                  Pierce
  2   Corbin                  Corbin
  3   Pullman-Racer           Pullman
  4   Fiat-Racer              Fiat
  5   Cadillac                Cadillac
  6   Pope-Hartford           Pope-Hartford
  7   White Steamer           White Steamer
  8   Chalmers-Detroit        Chalmers-Detroit
  9   Gaeth                   Gaeth
 10   Alco                    Alco
 11   Chadwick Racer          Chadwick
 12   Matheson                Matheson
 13   Locomobile-Racer        Locomobile
 14   Franklin                Franklin
 15   Reo                     Reo
 16   Mitchell                Mitchell
 17   De Dietrich             De Dietrich
 18   Lancia                  Lancia
 19   Benz-Racer              Benz
 20   Acme Racer              Acme
 21   Palmer-Singer           Palmer-Singer
 22   Panhard                 Panhard
 23   Rainier                 Rainier
 24   Buick                   Buick
 25   Moline                  Moline
 26   Knox                    Knox
 27   Apperson                Apperson
 28   Baker Electric          Baker Electric
 29   Hudson                  Hudson
 30   Oldsmobile              Oldsmobile
 31   Ford                    Ford
 32   Maxwell                 Maxwell
 33   Winton                  Winton
 34   Isotta-Racer            Isotta
 35   Lozier Racer            Lozier
 36   Studebaker              Studebaker
 37   Rambler                 Rambler
 38   National                National
 39   Stearns Racer           Stearns
 40   Renault                 Renault
 41   Mercedes Racer          Mercedes
 42   Packard-Tourist         Packard
 43   Simplex                 Simplex
 44   Thomas                  Thomas
 45   Stoddard-Dayton Racer   Stoddard-Dayton
 46   Peerless                Peerless
 47   Haynes                  Haynes
 48   Stevens Duryea          Stevens-Duryea

 --   (3-D Viewer; 6:box)

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