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Apollo 13 Pogs
Hardee's Food Services - 1995

Note: These milk caps were distributed at Hardee's restaurants.

No.   Title

 1    Apollo XIII (Mission Patch)
 2    All Systems So
 3    Lift Off
 4    Stage 1 Separation
 5    (Earth)
 6    Odyssey Docks LEM
 7    Odyssey Fires Engine
 8    (A13 Logo)
 9    (Moon)
10    Houston, We Have a Problem
11    A View Home
12    Aquarius Fires Engine
13    (Moon with Earth)
14    Service Module Jettisoned
15    (Apollo 13 Crew)
16    Lunar Module
17    Reentry
18    Splash Down
19    O.K. Houston!
20    Recovery

--    Apollo 13 Mission Pog Milk Caps (Checklist Card)

Metal Slammers

--    Apollo XIII (Mission Patch)
--    (A13 Logo)

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