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Apollo 11 25: 1969-1994
Citgo Petroleum - 1994

Note:  This set of commemorative cards was distributed at Citgo gasoline
stations in North America. It is sometimes referred to as the "Feel the Pride"
set.  Thanks to Jan Burns Cederquist for the tip-off!

  Title                                    Card-Back Text

  "Blastoff" - July 16, 1969               Apollo 11, riding a pillar of flame, rises to clear
  "The Eagle Has Landed" - July 20, 1969   Astronauts Neil A. Armstrong, commander, and Edwin E
  "One Small Step..." - July 20, 1969      "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for
  "Stars & Stripes" - July 20, 1969        Aldrin poses for Armstrong with the deployed flag of
  "Heading Home" - July 21, 1969           Astronaut Michael Collins, command module pilot, rem

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