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The Apprentice
   Comic Images - 2005

Note:  Thanks to David Rosciszewski for the update! Further information and photos were at 
the Comic Images web archive.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 2.98 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                  Subtitle

  1   Donald J. Trump                        The Donald
  2   George                                 The Right Hand Man
  3   Carolyn                                The Straight Talker

Candidates - Season 1

  4   Bill                                   The Archetype
  5   Kwame                                  Second, Blessed
  6   Troy                                   The Charmer
  7   Omarosa                                The Bad Girl
  8   Sam                                    The Loose Cannon
  9   Amy                                    The Golden Girl

Candidates - Season 2

 10   Kelly                                  The Good Soldier
 11   Jennifer M.                            The Steel Magnolia
 12   Raj                                    The Ladies Man
 13   Jennifer C.                            The Mouth

Candidates - Season 3

 14   Kendra                                 The Stealth Fighter
 15   Tana                                   Runner Up
 16   Danny                                  Unbelievable!
 17   Chris                                  The Volcano
 18   Alex                                   The Shooting Star

Ego Clashes

 19   Omarosa vs Heidi
 20   Jennifer M. vs Ivana
 21   John G. vs Audrey
 22   Craig vs Kendra
 23   Kristen vs Brian
 24   Kevin vs Elizabeth
 25   Sandy vs Andy
 26   Alex vs Chris
 27   Katrina vs Troy

Winning Moves

 28   Art of the Deal                        Nick Goes With His Gut
 29   Straight-Up Boo-Yaa                    Tana Gets Down
 30   Bottom of the Order                    Kendra Tames The Impossible Team
 31   Keepiung the Competition on the Ropes  Protégé Hits the Jackpot
 32   Full Service                           Mosaic Serves Up A Good Time
 33   The Comeback Kid                       Andy Aims For The Hearty
 34   No Butts About It                      Apex Finds The Right Fit
 35   Sex Sells                              Protege Plays Dirty
 36   Versacorp Bulls to Victory             Amy's Pedicab Ads


 37   Negotiation No-No                      Mizrahi Dresses Down Jessie
 38   Et tu Omarosa?                         Kwame Trusts Omarosa
 39   Home Wrecker                           Raj Tears Down the Wall
 40   Eye Candy                              Ivana Drops Her Skirt
 41   He's Got the Whole World in His Hands  Andy's Bottle Falls Flat
 42   An Apprentice First!                   Bad Bad Ads
 43   Burning His Own Bridge                 Craig Blows His Interviews
 44   Watch Your Language                    John Disses The Women
 45   The Runaway Candidate                  Verna Quits

Boardroom Blockbusters

 46   Look Before You Leap                   Bradford Gives Up His Exemption
 47   Know When to Shut Up                   Michael Talks His Way Out Of A Job
 48   It Takes Two to Tangle                 Trump Fires Two
 49   Partners in Combat                     Buddies Battle It Out
 50   Keep Your Eyes on the Prize            Erin Winks Out
 51   She Held Her Head High                 Kelly Stomps Jennifer M.
 52   With Friends Like These...             Jessie Betrays Kristi
 53   The Buck Stops Here                    Brian Fires Himself
 54   "I Don't Want to Waste a Lot of Time"  Elizabeth Is Summarily Sacked

The Candidates - Season 4

 55   Adam
 56   Alla
 57   Brian
 58   Chris
 59   Clay
 60   Felisha
 61   Jennifer M.
 62   Jennifer W.
 63   James
 64   Josh
 65   Kristi
 66   Mark
 67   Markus
 68   Marshawn
 69   Melissa
 70   Randal
 71   Rebecca
 72   Toral


Costume Cards (1:6 boxes each)

 --   Donald Trump pink tie
 --   Donald Trump blue tie

Autograph Cards (5+:6 boxes)

 DT1  Donald Trump (in red tie; scarcest)
 DT2  Donald Trump (in pink tie)
 GR   George Ross - Executive Vice President (uncommon)
 BR   Bill Rancic - Season One Winner
 KP   Kelly Perdew - Season Two Winner
 KT   Kendra Todd - Season Three Winner
 CL   Carolyn Kepcher - Executive Vice President (uncommon)

Multi-Case Dealer Incentive

 --   Donald Trump (autograph; in yellow tie; 5 cases; less than 50 signed)


 P1   The Donald
 P2   The Boardroom
 P3   The Projects
 --   You're Fired! (dealer sell sheet)

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