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The Art of Robert Aragon
   MNS Cards - 2013

Notes: Thanks to Greg Geerts for the updates! Further information and scans are posted 
at the MNS Cards website.

Box: Base set + 8 chase cards + 2-4 inserts. 15 boxes/case, 200 cases.

No.   Title                    Quote from / Description

 01   Prologue                 Robert Aragon
 02   Vincent Price            Robert Aragon
 03   Jane Adams               Robert Aragon
 04   Ron Chaney               Robert Aragon
 05   Sara Karloff             Robert Aragon
 06   Bela Lugosi Jr           Robert Aragon
 07   Bob Burns                Robert Aragon
 08   George Clayton Johnson   Robert Aragon
 09   Janet Ann Gallow         Robert Aragon
 10   Boris                    Jahna Hawkins
 11   Hunchback                Dima Ballin
 12   After Midnight           D'Arcy More
 13   Phantom                  Amanda Sukenick
 14   Dwight                   Dwight "Buddy" Frye Jr.
 15   Nosferatu                Peter Schwotzer
 16   Colin Clive              John Skerchock
 17   Dwight Too               Doug Norwine
 18   Lon Chaney Jr            Robert Aragon
 19   Laugh, Clown, Laugh      Ron Cbaney
 20   Quasimoto                Jaymee Campos
 21   Miss Shock               Kathy Burns
 22   Dorian Price;.           Jaymee Campos
 23   Red Death                Peter Schwotzer
 24   Wurdulak                 Jon Ary
 25   VP                       Constantine Nasr
 26   Black Cat                Gregory W. Mank
 27   Black Cat too            Gregory W. Mank
 28   House of Horrors         Michael Roddy
 29   The Storyteller          Jahna Hawkins
 30   Poe                      Edgar Allen Poe
 31   King of the Vampires     Doug Norwine
 32   Usher                    John Skerchock
 33   Karloff                  Jaymee Campos
 34   Cushing                  Dima Ballin
 35   The Beast                Drew Struzan
 36   Moon Base                David Schecter
 37   Bela                     Mike Walbridge
 38   Gentle Giant             Gregory W. Mank
 39   The Living Dead          Aaron Crowell
 40   Jack Pierce              Doug Norwine
 41   Tracy                    Luis Diaz
 42   Behind the Curtain       Don Pedicini Jr.
 43   The Chocolate Man        Waide Aaron Riddle
 44   Joyce Meadows            David Schecter
 45   Mother Death             Waide Aaron Riddle
 46   Svengali                 L.J. Dopp
 47   Lon Chaney Sr            Dominic Florentino
 48   M                        Del Howison
 49   Body Snatcher            David J. Skal
 50   Mad Scientist            Dominic Florentino
 51   Man Who Laughs           Robert Taylor
 52   The Old Dark House       Dominic Florentino
 53   Dwight Frye              David J. Skal
 54   The Creeper              David Colton
 55   Rebel                    Michael Roddy
 56   An MGM Doll              David Schecter
 57   The Sex Symbol           Dina Gachman
 58   The Temptress            Gregory W. Mank
 59   Peggy Moran              Robert Koster
 60   Fleur-de-lis             Gregory W. Mank
 61   Betty Jane               Lynne Lugosi
 62   La Belleza in Nero       Dima Ballin
 63   A Western Belle          David Schecter
 64   In the Light             Bob Burns
 65   Lost Angel               Carla Laemmle
 66   The Recital              Brenda Schiaffino
 67   The Blue Angel           Joyce Meadows
 68   The Shy Boy              Sara Karloff
 69   Easter Morn              Lynne Lugosi
 70   karen                    Lisa Ann Dorsey
 71   Elgar                    Sir Richard Winter-Stanbridge
 72   Epilogue                 Robert Aragon


The Faces of Fear Foil Cards (4:box)

  1   (top hat)
  2   (widow's peak and statue)
  3   (facial hair and curtains)
  4   (spider and grin)
  5   (Dracula)
  6   (pointed ears)
  7   (gorilla)
  8   (moon looming)
  9   (streetlamp)

Vincent Price: Master of Menace Cards (3:box; backs form puzzle of image 03)

  1   (candle underground; image 28)
  2   (dressed up in chair; image 32)
  3   (reading with raven)
  4   (peering around wall; image 42)
  5   (sketch)
  6   (heady libation; image 02)
  7   (bone dancing)
  8   (staking zombie)
  9   (presenting portrait)

Gothic Treasures Wood Cards (1:box)

  1   (Wolf statue)
  2   (skeleton ark)
  3   (Dracula defends)
  4   (skeleton crystal ball)
  5   (Vincent Price)
  6   (Dracula clutches)

Autograph Cards (1-2:box)

 --   Bela Lugosi Jr           portrait (image 06)
 --   Bela Lugosi Jr           Dracula (image 31)                 steward
 --   Bob Burns                portrait (image 07)                Gorilla Men
 --   Bob Burns                ape in hat (image 41)
 --   Caren Marsh              portrait (image 56)                Wizard of Oz

 --   Carla Laemmle            skeleton, phantom, violinist       Phantom of the Opera, Dracula
 --   Carla Laemmle            burlesque dancer (image 58)        Phantom of the Opera, Dracula
 --   George Clayton Johnson

 --   Jane Adams               girl in blue (image 03)
 --   Jane Adams               hair garden (image 60)             House of Dracula
 --   Janet Ann Gallow         child and hand (image 38)
 --   Janet Ann Gallow         child and face (image 09)
 --   Julie Adams              white swimsuit
 --   Julie Adams              red gown (image 63)
 --   Kathy Burns              two-face (image 21)

 --   Robert Aragon            Vincent head cocktail (image 42)
 --   Robert Aragon            status face palm
 --   Ron Chaney               bowler hat (image 04)
 --   Ron Chaney               Red Death (image 23)
 --   Sara Karloff             Wurdulak (image 24)
 --   Sara Karloff             portrait (image 05)

Prop Cards

 --   Electric Wire - Frankenstein (image 10)
 --   Wood [Axe] - Hunchback of Notre Dame

Printing Plates (1-2:case)

 --   (base cards and inserts; cyan, magenta, yellow, blackj)

Canvas Case-Topper Cards

 T1   The Night Child
 T2   Writer, George Clayton JoCanvas Case-Topper Cards
 T3   (shoreline cliff)        Canvas Case-Topper Cards

Cut Signatures

 --   Vincent Price

Redemption Items

 --   Limited Redemption Card

 --   Robert Aragon original art with signature
 --   Vincent Price original art with signature
 --   Jane Adams signed lithograph
 --   Peggy Moran signed lithograph
 --   Uncut 'autograph' trading card sheet
 --   Uncut 'chase' trading card sheet
 --   Uncut 'base' trading card sheet
 --   Sketch card set

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

 --   [sketch card; 3 cases]
 --   [sketch card; 6 cases]
 --   [master set; 12 cases]

Sketch Cards (1-2:box; announced as 25 artists total)

    * Ashleigh Popplewell
    * Bryan Tillman
    * Carolyn Edwards
      Chuck Jett
    * Chris Henderson
      Christiaan Voldstad
      Dan Gorman
      Don Pedicini Jr.
      Eman Hernandez
      Frank Elizalde
      Henry Liao
      Justin Chisolm
      Kenneth L. Hill II
    * Lin Workman
      Luis Diaz
      Mae Catt
    * Nick Neocleous
      Omid Maksoos
      Oscar De Anda
      Randy Martinez
      Rich Molinelli
      Robert Aragon
    * Ted Dastick Jr.


 P1   (Red Death, left face image 23 500 made; 2008)
 P1   (Dracula, right face image 01; 500 made; 2012-2013)
 P2   (Wurdulak; right face image 24)
 P3   (Dracula, left face image 01)
 P4   (left face Vincent Price, from 42)
 P5   (left face Wolfman)

   San Diego Comic Con 2014

   These promos were distributed, one per day, at San Diego Comic Con 2014.

 P6   (left face Mummy)
 P7   (Skull Mountain)
 P8   (skeleton insect)
 P9   (Red Death, right face)

   MNS Cards - 2014

   These packs were introduced at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con, and include 
   15 cards, as follows from the regular set (above) plus new items (below):
     o  5 of 72 base cards
     o  3 of 9 Faces of Fear foil cards
     o  3 of 9 Vincent Price: Master of Menace cards
     o  2 of 9 (New) Classic Monster Art Cards
     o  2 or 3 from the categories of Autograph cards, Gothic Treasures wood 
           cards, Prop cards, (New) Duo Prop card, Sketch cards, Printing 
           plates, or Redemption cards.

   Autograph Cards (New)

 --   Coleen Gray           Yellow dress
 --   Donnie Dunagan        Wicker chair
 --   Francine York         Yellow dress
 --   Joyce Meadows         White wrap
 --   Donnie Dunagan / Janet Ann Gallow [limited to 75]

   Classic Monsters Art Cards (New for 2014)

CMA01   Fu Manchu               Mike Fitzpatrick
CMA02   The Raven               Richard Snyder
CMA03   Morgan                  Jason Brindley
CMA04   Usher                   Peter Schwotzer
CMA05   Colin Clive             Ted Newsom
CMA06   Dracula                 Peter Schwotzer
CMA07   London after Midnight   Adam P. Cray
CMA08   Lon Sr                  Max Cheney
CMA09   1923                    Adam P. Cray

   Duel Prop Card (New)

 --   Frankenstein - Electric Wire / Hunchback of Notre Dame - Wood Prop Card

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©2013, 2014 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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