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Archer Seasons 1-4
   Cryptozoic Entertainment - 2014

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Cryptozoic website.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. xxxx per box if collation were perfect.

    No.   Title

     01   Sterling Archer, Codename Duchess
     02   A Charles Whitman Sampler
     03   Operation: Honeypot
     04   Rampage
     05   Unfortunate Surprise
     06   Omicron Spy Master
     07   The Orientation Materials
     08   Yeah, Hi, It's Me, Spacebot
     09   Bone Dancing
     10   Ohh, Duchess
     11   The Thirst for Survival
     12   Let's Dance!
     13   Ubil Mat! Kill Mother
     14   Those Damn Green Russians
     15   Why Was He Dressed as Hitler?
     16   The Whipped Cream Incident
     17   Who Did What to Whom?
     18   La Vendetta
     19   The Danger Zone
     20   A Huge History Together
     21   Kidnapping a Goodtime
     22   Fur Is Murder!
     23   The Spirit Guide
     24   Sleeping with the Enemy
     25   A Friend to Lean On
     26   Get Some, You Sons of Bitches!
     27   Reduced Gravity
     28   Just the Tip
     29   Your Secret Jew Santa
     30   Mouth-to-Mouth
     31   Our Little Secret
     32   Mile High Club
     33   Tag Me In
     34   Million Dollar Bet
     35   The Floor Is Lava!
     36   Whordiot
     37   Yes! That's You! You're Cheryl!
     38   Fight Club
     39   The White Pumpkin
     40   Krieger-Kleanse
     41   Wait'll Everybody Sees This!
     42   Ultimate Bum Shock Fights
     43   A Helping Hand
     44   A Chupacabra, But for Dicks
     45   The M.O.A.B.
     46   Heating Things Up
     47   Not a Serial Killer
     48   Commencing the Modified Lucovico
     49   Krieger Army
     50   Goddamn You All to Hell!
     51   So Pretty
     52   Lord of the Ants
     53   The Doctor Makes House Calls
     54   It's Pronounced 'Yy-Zed'
     55   Live Fire Exercise
     56   A Binding Friendship
     57   Just You and Me Now
     58   Let's Liven Things Up
     59   Gave 'im Your Address!
     60   Caution: Avoid Contact with Eyes
     61   Reggie!
     62   A Schooner of Memories
     63   I Won a Bar in a Dice Game
     64   Gurp Gork
     65   These Are Briefs
     66   Get a Room!
     67   The Fisherman's Wife
     68   Time Lost Is Muffin Lost
     69   Chet Manley, Garçon de Cuisine
     70   The Pelè of Anal
     71   We Made It!
     72   Oye! Cochino. ...
     73   Checklist


Inappropriate Workplace Moments (1:12 packs)

    C1    How to Break a Watch
    C2    Making New Friends
    C3    Oh, Danny Boy
    C4    An Office Party
    C5    Penetrating New Careers Paths
    C6    A Helping Hand
    C7    Clinical Trials
    C8    A Simple Drug Test
    C9    State Dependent Memory

Welcome to Whore Island (1:12 packs)

 WHR-01   A Paddle to Remember
 WHR-02   Not Coconut Shrimp
 WHR-03   As Sweet as Chocolate
 WHR-04   Caught with His Pants Down
 WHR-05   Not a Glow Stick
 WHR-06   Learning to be Healthy
 WHR-07   Star-Crossed Spies
 WHR-08   Waffles and Chicken
 WHR-09   The Pirate King

Sterling Archer's Spy (Just the) Tips (1:12 packs)

ISIS-01   Classic Misdirection
ISIS-02   Sterling's Famous Standoff Strategy
ISIS-03   Rolling Probable Case
ISIS-04   The Wedding Crasher
ISIS-05   A Smooth Escape
ISIS-06   Another Tough Decision
ISIS-07   A Team Effort
ISIS-08   Only Twenty Times
ISIS-09   The Countdown

Totally Fabricated Wardrobe Cards (1:144 packs)

 TF-01    Archer's Slightly Darker Black Tactleneck
 TF-02    Pam's Dolphin Puppet
 TF-03    Lana's Knockoff Fiachi Lingerie
 TF-04    Archer's Ping Pong Paddle

Autograph Cards (1:24 packs)

   A1     Jessica Walter as Malory Archer
   A2     Amber Nash as Pam Poovey
   A3     Chris Parnell as Cyril Figgis
   A4     George Coe as Woodhouse
   A5     Lucky Yates as Doctor Krieger
   A6     Maggie Wheeler as Trinette
   A7     Ona Grauer as Katya Kazanova
   A8     René Auberjonois as Mannfred
   A9     James Hong as Bucky
   A10    Judy Greer as Cheryl Tunt
   A11    Adam Reed as Ray Gillette
   A12    David Cross as Noah
   A13    Jeffrey Tambor as Len Trexler
   A14    Clarke Peters as Popeye
   A15    Burt Reynolds as Burt Reynolds

Artist Sketch Cards (1:24 packs)

       Rare Sketch Artists

          Adam Toews
          April Babcock
          Chad Hurd
          Dominic Prestera
          Jennifer Montes
          Mason "ME!" Easley
          Sam Ellis
          Stephen Slesinski
          Victoria Alexander
          Vince Sunico

       Regular Sketch Artists

          Adam Cleveland
          Ashleigh Popplewell
          Ben "1314" Hansen
          Brandon Baselice
          Brian DeGuire
          Chad Cicconi
          Clayton McCormack
          Dan Gorman
          Darren Auck
          Dave Windett
          David Enebral
          David Namisato
          Elvin A. Hernandez
          Emily Riggsby
          Felix Morales
          Fer Galicia
          Greg Kirkpatrick
          Hanie Mohd
          Ian Yoshio Roberts
          Irma "Aimo" Ahmed
          Jake Sumbing
          Jason Durden
          Jayson Kretzer
          JC Fabul
          Jed Thomas
          Jeremy R. Scott
          Joe Hogan
          John "JAX" Jackman
          Josef Rubinstein
          Juno Sanchez
          Kimberly Dunaway
          Kris Justice
          Manny Mederos
          Mark Marvida
          Matt Hebb
          Michael Munshaw
          Mike Legan
          Mike Vasquez
          Richard Brady
          Robert Hack
          Scott Houseman
          Stacey Kardash
          Steve Lydic
          Ted Woods
          Tim Dowler
          Tom Valente
          Val Hochberg

Card Album (sold separately)

    --    Archer (binder)
    --    Danger Zone (exclusive Standee CCard Album


    P1    Get a piece of the action, 2013. (Non-Sport Update)

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