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SkyBox - 1992

Note:  Also distributed as a factory set, including the 120-card base set, 4 Bonus
Holograms, and Eternal Triangle Hologram. Thanks much to Jerry Wood for
one promo update, and to John Oder for solving the mystery of card-number
changes from the prototypes to the final set!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.98 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                    Subset

  1   Jeepers, Peepers!                        Archie
  2   Beach Peach                              Archie
  3   Tooth or Consequences!                   Archie
  4   Dinner's on Me!                          Archie
  5   Light House                              Archie
  6   Short Changed!                           Archie
  7   A Handful                                Archie
  8   Inner Tube Boob                          Archie
  9   Another Grand Slam                       Archie
 10   Work Quirk                               Veronica
 11   The Three S's                            Veronica
 12   Flaming Fury                             Veronica
 13   Shout It Out                             Veronica
 14   Style Smile                              Veronica
 15   Primping Up                              Veronica
 16   Ocean View                               Veronica
 17   Prom Queen                               Veronica
 18   Ooh La La!                               Veronica
 19   Rude Dude                                Reggie
 20   Mirror, Mirror                           Reggie
 21   Drummer Bummer                           Reggie
 22   Royal Pain                               Reggie
 23   Prez                                     Reggie
 24   Heels on Wheels                          Reggie
 25   Bubble Trouble                           Reggie
 26   Out of Tune                              Reggie
 27   Mail Chauvinist                          Reggie
 28   Yummy, Yummy!                            Betty
 29   What a Catch                             Betty
 30   Jazz Pizazz                              Betty
 31   Scream Date                              Betty
 32   Snow a Go-Go                             Betty
 33   Liberty Belle                            Betty
 34   Betty's Trivia                           Betty
 35   Blonde Buddy                             Betty
 36   Sun Fun                                  Betty
 37   The Jughead Anthem                       Jughead
 38   Ruff Competition                         Jughead
 39   Food Frenzy                              Jughead
 40   Lip Service                              Jughead
 41   Pool Fool                                Jughead
 42   Dog's Best Friend                        Jughead
 43   Jughead's Diner                          Jughead
 44   Cool Cat in the Hat                      Jughead
 45   Chocklit Shoppe                          Jughead
 46   Camping with Archie                      Roughin' It
 47   Three on a Hike                          Roughin' It
 48   Camp Vamp                                Roughin' It
 49   That Sinking Feeling                     Roughin' It
 50   Not-So-Hot-Dog                           Roughin' It
 51   What a Load!                             Roughin' It
 52   Skunk Funk                               Roughin' It
 53   Bear Scare!                              Roughin' It
 54   All Tied Up!                             Roughin' It
 55   Dinin' Canine                            The Gang
 56   Swing Fling                              The Gang
 57   What's Up, Jug?                          The Gang
 58   Photo Dodos                              The Gang
 59   Burger Burner                            The Gang
 60   Dance, Dance, Dance                      The Gang
 61   Surfing Silliness                        The Gang
 62   Hip-Pop                                  The Gang
 63   Piano Ham                                The Gang
 64   Snowboardin' Frenzy                      Winter Sports
 65   Hot Dog - Cold Boy                       Winter Sports
 66   Skate Fate                               Winter Sports
 67   Hokcy Schtick!                           Winter Sports
 68   Ski Plea!                                Winter Sports
 69   Dope on a Rope                           Winter Sports
 70   Slope Dope                               Winter Sports
 71   Rug Hug                                  Winter Sports
 72   Curvy Slopes Ahead                       Winter Sports
 73   True Blue                                Amigos
 74   Boys Ahoy!                               Amigos
 75   Up, Up and Away!                         Amigos
 76   Pig Gig                                  Amigos
 77   Cooking Something Up!                    Amigos
 78   Picture Perfect                          Amigos
 79   Beach Nuts                               Amigos
 80   Ship Of Fools                            Amigos
 81   Mooseburger                              Amigos
 82   Blemish Dilemma                          Riverdale Diary
 83   Double Vision                            Riverdale Diary
 84   Fifties Nifties                          Riverdale Diary
 85   3-Duh Movie                              Riverdale Diary
 86   Limo-Ted Funds                           Riverdale Diary
 87   Mess-Demeanor                            Riverdale Diary
 88   Blast from the Past                      Riverdale Diary
 89   Jean Scene                               Riverdale Diary
 90   Money Plea                               Riverdale Diary
 91   Use Alternate Forms of Transportation!   Earth to Archie
 92   Stop Noise Pollution!                    Earth to Archie
 93   Pick Up Trash!                           Earth to Archie
 94   Don't Defase Nature with Graffitti!      Earth to Archie
 95   Recycle!                                 Earth to Archie
 96   Stick to the Trails!                     Earth to Archie
 97   Be Kind to Wildlife!                     Earth to Archie
 98   Don't Pollute the Water!                 Earth to Archie
 99   Enjoy Nature!                            Earth to Archie
100   Pop Tate                                 Riverdalians
101   Mr. Weatherbee                           Riverdalians
102   Miss Beazly                              Riverdalians
103   Professor Flutesnoot                     Riverdalians
104   Miss Grundy                              Riverdalians
105   Big Ethel                                Riverdalians
106   Hot Dog                                  Riverdalians
107   Fred & Mary Andrews                      Riverdalians
108   Moose                                    Riverdalians
109   Coach Cleats                             Riverdalians
110   Mr. Lodge                                Riverdalians
111   Midge                                    Riverdalians
112   Miss Haggly                              Riverdalians
113   Nancy                                    Riverdalians
114   Dilton Doiley                            Riverdalians
115   Chuck Clayton                            Riverdalians
116   Smithers                                 Riverdalians
117   Svenson                                  Riverdalians
118   Sugar, Sugar
119   Checklist #1
120   Checklist #2


Bonus Holograms (1:12 packs)

H-1   America's Oldest Teenager
H-2   Wet Kiss
H-3   Easy Rider
H-4   Jumpin' Jalopy

Eternal Triangle Hologram

---   Eternal Triangle
---   Congratulations ... Multi-Image Bonus Hologram Card (Redemption Card)


000   (Prototype; same image as Card 7 in regular set, card 8 in cello pack)
000   (Prototype; same image as Card 36, #37 in cello pack; 2 different backs)
000   (Prototype; same image as Card 62)

 82   Blemish Dilemma

Three-card cello pack, marked "Prototype"

  8   A Handful
 37   Sun Fun
 62   Hip-Pop

©2000, 2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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