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Nestlé - 1998

Note:  Distributed individually wrapped in packages with candy bars.

 No.    Card Text

 1/15   An asteroid the size of Texas is headed our wa
 2/15   Without warning a chunk of the asteroid the si
 3/15   New York City receives a taste of what is to c
 4/15   The "Roughneck" astronauts suit up in state of
 5/15   The newest all terrain surface vehicle "THE AR
 6/15   As the pre-launch ceremonies get underway, AJ
 7/15   All personnel man their stations at mission co
 8/15   The Florida sky glows for miles around as boos
 9/15   After 14 days of intense training, including z
10/15   Shuttles Freedom and Independence streak beyon
11/15   As the team re-fuels the X71 shuttles, a malfu
12/15   Shuttles Freedom and Independence narrowly esc
13/15   With nerves of steel, the shuttle pilots navig
14/15   The trapped Armadillo blasts its way out of th
15/15   Harry Stamper, the world's top Deep Core drill

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