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Army, Navy and Air Corps
   W.S. & Company - 1942

Notes: The cards measure 2-3/8" x 2-11/16" and were distributed in strips. 
Fronts have color drawings and backs have descriptive text. American Card 
Catalog reference is R18. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.   Title

601   Sailors "Learning the Ropes"
602   Periscope Sights Enemy
603   Sentry Patrol At Miami
604   Movie Stars In Canteens
605   General Wainwright
606   "Take Battle Stations"
607   "Bombing Orders
608   Panama Coast Artillery
609   Off To A "Landing Raid
610   American Submarine
611   His First Meal In Ireland
612   General MacArthur At Corregidor
613   U.S. Airplanes Protecting Convoy
614   The Army Comes To Miami
615   Prime Minister Of England
616   Home Safe After Bombing Japs
617   U.S. Marines "Landing Party"
618   President Roosevelt
619   U.S. Bombs Japanese Convoy
620   Japanese Freighter Afire
621   Camouflaged Filipino Artillery
622   Tokio Is "Burned Up"
623   U.S. Coast Artillery In Action
624   Right Through "Gas"
625   U.S. Navy In North Atlantic
626   "P.T." Mosquito Boat
627   Action At Marshall Island
628   General Douglas MacArthur
629   Japs Bombing Defenseless Natives
630   A Gift From General MacArthur
631   U.S. Torpedoes In Coral Sea
632   Bombers Over The Pacific
633   Guard Duty On A Bridge
634   Dive Bombing Tokio Airport
635   "Jeep" Jounces Japs
636   U.S. Sub Gets Jap Tanker
637   U.S.O. Service Dance
638   U.S. Army's Newest Anti-Aircraft
639   General Marshall
640   "Doughboys" In Malaya
641   Attaching Rabaul
642   Defending Corregidor
643   Hit And run At Cobu By U.S.
644   In The Hills At Bataan
645   Establishing a "Bridge Head"
646   Out For Submarine Patrol
647   Pacific Coast Defense
648   U.S.S. Marblehead Repels Attack

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