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Army National Guard Trading Cards - Series 2
Army National Guard - 2003

Notes:  These cards were supposed to be distributed only to Guard members who had 
young family members, and who served in at least one of three operations: Operation 
Noble Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom, or Operation Iraqi Freedom. I suppose it 
wouldn't hurt if you knew the right quartermaster. 

Only the Guard members that have children received what's called a "Future Soldier  
Footlocker Kit".  This kit included:  a sealed Board game called Daring Eagle, consisting 
of a 12 x 12 double-sided game board with 92 game cards (Combat and Defensive 
emplacement Cards) and 25 Defensive Emplacement game pieces.  Additionally, the 
footlocker included an Army National Guard comic book (Guard Force) created by 
Marvel and Chuck Austin, writer of Xmen. Lastly, the footlocker included ten packs 
of the Series-2 trading cards (9 cards per pack). Different compositions of the Footlocker 
kit have been produced as well.

Thanks much to Paul Cox for the original checklist and commentary, and to Michael 
Beam for additional key data!

No.   Title

List Cards

  1   Lenticular and Holographic Cards
  2   Basic List Card (25-63)
  3   Basic List Card (64-89)

2-D Lenticular Cards (1 per pack)

  4   Civilian to Military
  5   Tornado Disaster
  6   Loading & Firing of Howitzer
  7   In Helicopter
  8   Heading into Fire
  9   54 Coming at Ya!

Elite Holographic Cards (1:50 packs)

 10   "HOOAH"
 11   Cammo the Dog
 12   TEAM
 13   Fire Fighter
 14   Black Beret
 15   American Flag
 16   Adventure
 17   NASCAR (#54)
 18   Comic Book
 19   Guard Force
 20   National Defense Medal
 21   Noble Eagle
 22   Comanche
 23   Avenger
 24   Stryker

Hometown Heroes

 25   Justin Castillo
 26   Shawn Carter
 27   Eunice Santos
 28   David Morgan
 29   Luz Perez
 30   Justice Williams
 31   Brandon Montero
 32   Erin O'Neil
 33   Antonio Ramirez

War Against Terrorism

 34   Guard at Ground Zero
 35   Rescue at the Pentagon
 36   Flight 93 Crashes in Western Pennsylvania
 37   Guarding the Golden Gate
 38   Guarding Our Airports
 39   Stars and Stripes Over the Pentagon
 40   Levels of Homeland Security
 41   Guarding the Pentagon
 42   Red, White and Blue Ribbon
 43   Commander-in-Chief Rallies the Nation

Operation Iraqi Freedom

 44   Inspiring Leaders
 45   Combat Raid
 46   Iraqi Playground
 47   Armored Patriot
 48   Night Landing
 49   Rebuilding Bridges
 50   Securing the Presidential Palace
 51   Aiding the Community
 52   Missile Launch
 53   Medical Help
 54   Radar Control
 55   Firefight

Through the Eyes of a Guard Land Warrior

 56   LW Modular Weapon System
 57   LW GPS
 58   OICW

Guard Battlefield of the Future

 59   Future Battle Command Brigade-and-Below
 61   Joint Warning and Reporting Network
 62   Joint Service Lightweight Standoff Chemical Agent Detector
 63   Hand-held Chemical Detector

Guard Missions

 64   Overseas Deployment Training
 65   Aiding America's Communities
 66   Protecting Our World
 67   Environmental Program
 68   New Horizon Humanitarian and Civil Assistance Missions

Guard Values

 69   Loyalty
 70   Duty
 71   Respect
 72   Selfless Service
 73   Honor
 74   Integrity
 75   Personal Courage


 76   Motorcycle
 77   Flying Tank
 78   Sprinter
 79   Rappeller
 80   Leader
 81   Rope Course

Logos and Creeds

 82   Army of One
 83   YOU CAN
 84   The Soldiers Creed
 85   The NCO Creed

Guard Leaders 2003

 86   Chief of the National Guard Bureau: Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum
 87   Director of the Army National Guard: Lieutenant General Roger C. Schultz
 88   Deputy Director of the Army National Guard: Brigadier General Clyde A. Vaughn
 89   Command Sergeant Major of the Army National Guard: CSMA Frank Lever III


Test Cards

  Thin card stock, lower resolution, versions of holographic cards. Generally
  found in top-loaders with "Test" seal at top.

 XX   Cammo the Dog
 XX   Fire Fighter
 XX   Black Beret
 XX   American Flag
 XX   Adventure
 XX   Comic Book
 XX   Guard Force
 XX   National Defense Medal
 XX   Noble Eagle
 XX   Commanche
 XX   Avenger
 XX   Stryker

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©2005, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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