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Art for Autism (Sketch Card Series)
   Asylum Studios - 2011

Note: All proceeds were contributed to the Simpson-Baber Foundation for 
Autism. Cards were available by way of eBay auctions.

Total Run: 25 packs of 6 sketch cards.

   Artist                # sketched

   Lynne Anderson            6
   Axebone                   6
   Bukshot                   6
   Heather Cromwell          6
   Renae de Liz              6
   George Deep               6
   Michael Duron             6
   Chris Foreman             6
   Dan Fraga                 6
   Gary Kezele               6
   Ryan Kincaid              6
   Jim Kyle                  6
   John Malin                6
   Marat Mychaels            6
   Dustin Nguyen             6
   Sean Pence                6
   Ashleigh Popplewell       6
   Tim Proctor               6
   Bill Pulkovski            6
   Shelby Robertson          6
   Lance Sawyer              6
   Amber Shelton             6
   Randy Siplon              6
   Slickaway                 6
   Shea Standefer            6

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