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   Topps - 1963

Popsicle Space Cards
   Popsicle - 1963

Notes: Card fronts for both series show color photographs and descriptive text. 
The Topps hobby version card backs were 3-D drawings with titles, while the 
Popsicle version had simple advertising text. (It was issued in packs with bubble 
gum, not with the frozen product.) American Card Catalog reference is R709-6. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                         Card-Back Title

  1   Picking the Astronaut Team    High Jumps on the Moon
  2   Floating Astronauts           Rockslide on the Moon
  3   Testing the Chimps            Heroic Pioneer
  4   In Orbit                      Bug Creature of Venus
  5   Recovery Training             Chasing a Comet
  6   Space Explorers               Trouble in the Engine Room
  7   The Seven Astronauts          Supplies for Lunar City
  8   Takeoff Inspection            Landing on Venus
  9   Training the Astronaut        Lunar Landing
 10   Astronaut Alan Shepard        Saturn: The Ringed Planet
 11   The First U. S. Astronaut     Journey through Space
 12   Awaiting the Take-Off         Successful Separation
 13   Shepard in Space              Repairing the Rocket
 14   Picking Up Shepard            Robot Explorer
 15   Successful Recovery           Trapped in Quicksand
 16   Carrying the Capsule          Checker Game in Space
 17   Back from Space               Bound for Jupiter
 18   Astronaut Virgil Grissom      The First Men on the Moon
 19   Reporting New Information     Baseball Game in Outer Space
 20   Spacesuit Checkup             Monorail on the Moon
 21   Grissom in Spacesuit          Touring an Unknown Planet
 22   Putting On a Space Helmet     Exploring a Martian Moon
 23   Putting On His Parachute      Underwater Kingdom
 24   Grisson in Pressure Suit      Propelled by a Jet Gun
 25   Final Checkup                 Flying Terror
 26   Grissom Awaits Countdown      Repairs above Earth
 27   Grissom Gets Ready            Dust Storm on an Asteroid
 28   2nd U. S. Spaceman            Tragedy on the Space Wheel
 29   Grissom Blasts Off            Leaving an Asteroid
 30   Grissom in Space              Space Pilot in Action
 31   Mercury Atlas 4               Frightened Space Traveler
 32   Astronaut John Glenn          Danger in Space
 33   Glenn and the F-106           Exploring a Strange World
 34   Space Hero                    The Floating Tools
 35   Glenn & Grissom               Mysterious Jungle
 36   Taking a Break                Space Vehicle in Flames
 37   Rest Day for Glenn            T.V. Camera in the Sky
 38   Getting into the Suit         Fleeing the Twister
 39   Checking His Suit             Testing an Astronaut
 40   Inside the Test Chamber       Space Voyage
 41   Glenn in Training             Emergency Job
 42   Posing for Photographers      Moonquake!
 43   Studying His Maps             Muscleman on the Moon
 44   Before Glenn's Take-Off       Crashing into the Ocean
 45   Glenn in Space                Flying an Egg on Mercury
 46   1st Man in Orbit
 47   Glenn Meets the President     Astronaut on a Life Raft
 48   Our 1st Spacemen              Destination Earth
 49   Astronaut Carpenter           First Martian Expedition
 50   Carpenter Checks His Suit     Building a Space Station
 51   Astronaut Donald Slayton      Through a Meteor Storm
 52   Astronaut Gordon Cooper       Rocketship Collision
 53   Astronaut Walter Schirra      Watching the Heavens
 54   Astronauts in Flight Suits    Building a Space Station
 55   Astronaut Pictures Checklist  Astronaut

 --   3-D Viewer (1:Topps pack)

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