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Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me
Cornerstone - 1999

Note: Thanks to Steve Lillard for the promo update!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.92 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Type                   Title

 01   Story Cards            Checklist
 02   Story Cards            Somewhere in space, 1999...
 03   Story Cards            "And I'm spent!"
 04   Story Cards            "Vanessa, you're a Fembot!"
 05   Story Cards            "My one true love."
 06   Story Cards            "I'm free, baby! I'm naked and free!"
 07   Story Cards            "Not Evil enough."
 08   Story Cards            "Send in the clone."
 09   Story Cards            "Make love to me, Monkey-man!"
 10   Story Cards            "The truly evil murder with style."
 11   Story Cards            "Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha!"
 12   Story Cards            "I've got your mojo now, Sonny Jim!"
 13   Story Cards            "Crikey, I've lost my mojo!"
 14   Story Cards            "It's Dr. Evil, Austin. He's back."
 15   Story Cards            "I put the 'grrr!' in 'swinger,' baby!"
 16   Story Cards            "Austin Powers, I presume?"
 17   Story Cards            "I will kill you!"
 18   Story Cards            "I can't stand to be asked the same question three times."
 19   Story Cards            "Vulgarity is no substitute for wit."
 20   Story Cards            "Don't worry, mama. Things won't get weird."
 21   Story Cards            "I'm striking, aren't I? I'm downright handsome."
 22   Story Cards            "Care for a dance?"
 23   Story Cards            "Hey! Get your hands off my Heiny!"
 24   Story Cards            "I'll Never Fall in Love Again."
 25   Story Cards            "Frisky, are we?"
 26   Story Cards            "When you get your own evil empire, you can call it whatever you want."
 27   Story Cards            "One hundred billion dollars!"
 28   Story Cards            "You are one groovy bird, Felicity Shagwell."
 29   Story Cards            "This coffee smells like..."
 30   Story Cards            "Good Lord, Austin, what sort of things do you put in there?"
 31   Story Cards            "Just the two of us, building castles in the sky!"
 32   Story Cards            "I made the ultimate sacrifice."
 33   Story Cards            "Privates! We have reports of a UFO."
 34   Story Cards            "You're the reason I became a spy."
 35   Story Cards            "Begin laser ignition!"
 36   Story Cards            "One small step for man, but a giant step for shagging."
 37   Story Cards            "Get me the President."
 38   Story Cards            "Eeeeeeeiiiii!"
 39   Story Cards            "Poor little bugger."
 40   Story Cards            "You have a choice, Powers."
 41   Story Cards            "You won the battle, Powers, but you lost the war."
 42   Story Cards            "austin, I am ... your ... father."
 43   Story Cards            "I'm you ten minutes from now, baby!"
 44   Story Cards            "No use crying over spilt mojo, Powers."
 45   Story Cards            "My mojo's working overtime, baby!"
 46   Story Cards            "Oh, well. Logic wins again."
 47   Story Cards            "Are you happy?"
 48   Story Cards            "Wherever you go... there you are."
 49   Story Cards            A happy ending
 50   Story Cards            Austin Powers will return...
 51   Austin's Diary         Austin Powers
 52   Austin's Diary         Dr. Evil
 53   Austin's Diary         Felicity Shagwell
 54   Austin's Diary         The Fat Man
 55   Austin's Diary         Frau Farbissina
 56   Austin's Diary         Mini-Me
 57   Austin's Diary         Scott Evil
 58   Austin's Diary         Number Two
 59   Austin's Diary         Mustafa
 60   Austin's Diary         Mr. Bigglesworth
 61   Austin's Wild Wheels   Austin's 1967 Jaguar XKE convertible
 62   Austin's Wild Wheels   Austin's 1998 custom Wolkswagen Beetle convertible
 63   Austin's Wild Wheels   Felicity's 1967 Corvette Stingray convertible
 64   Fashion Flashback      (puzzle upper left)
 65   Fashion Flashback      (puzzle middle left)
 66   Fashion Flashback      (puzzle bottom left)
 67   Fashion Flashback      (puzzle upper center)
 68   Fashion Flashback      (puzzle middle center)
 69   Fashion Flashback      (puzzle bottom center)
 70   Fashion Flashback      (puzzle upper right)
 71   Fashion Flashback      (puzzle middle right)
 72   Fashion Flashback      (puzzle bottom right)


Movie Poster Cards (1:12 packs)

MP1   I'm Back, Baby!
MP2   You Were Expecting Someone Else?
MP3   First he fought for the Crown.

"Help Austin find his mojo" Cards (1:18 packs)

 M0   Crikey, I've Lost My Mojo!
 M2   O
 M3   J
 M4   My mojo's working overtime, baby!

"License To Swing" Card (1:72 packs)

 --   License To Shag

Video Premium (set of 5)


Promo Inserts (see below for promos inserted in regular packs)


 P1   The Swinger Has Landed
 P2   Silence! I will not tolerate your insolence.
 P3   Cor, baby, you look very shagadelic.
 P4   Don't be such a square, baby! (Collect!)
 P5   The key to life is to rotate your vices. (Non-Sport Update)
 P6   Danger Danger (pack insert)
 P7   Fab! (pack insert)
 P8   (with 3 blondes; unissued)
 --   Check out the smashing soundtrack (Unnumbered, pack insert)
 --   (Promo sheets issued with action figures)

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