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The Avengers Additions - The Archive Collection
The Avengers Additions Limited Set
   Strictly Ink - 2008

Notes:  Only a few of the Archive Collection sets were available to the general 
population; inserts were later found as a part of the 2008 Strictly Ink Yearset, with 
each set numbered to 50 (the number of cases originally planned for the general 
release.The autograph card and sketches were also found separately in yearsets. 
Thanks much to Eugene White for reporting the existence of the full set and 
providing the list!

No.   Title

  1   Welcome to The Avengers
  2   The Frighteners
  3   Death on the Slipway
  4   Double Danger
  5   The Tunnel of Fear
  6   The Far Distant Dead
  7   Kill the King
  8   Dead of Winter
  9   The Deadly Air
 10   A Change of Bait
 11   Dragonfield
 12   Mr Teddy Bear
 13   Bullseye
 14   Mission to Montreal
 15   The Removal Men
 16   The Mauritius Penny
 17   Death of a Great Dane
 18   Death on the Rocks
 19   Traitor in Zebra
 20   The Big Thinker
 21   Death Despatch
 22   Dead on Course
 23   Intercrime
 24   Box of Tricks
 25   Warlock
 26   The Golden Eggs
 27   School for Traitors
 28   The White Dwarf
 29   Man in the Mirror
 30   Conspiracy of Silence
 31   A Chorus of Frogs
 32   Six Hands Across a Table
 33   Killer Whale
 34   Brief for Murder
 35   The Undertakers
 36   Man with the Two Shadows
 37   The Nutshell
 38   Death of a Batman
 39   November Five
 40   The Gilded Cage
 41   Second Sight
 42   The Medicine Man
 43   The Grandeur That Was Rome
 44   The Golden Fleece
 45   Death a la Carte
 46   Dressed To Kill
 47   The White Elephant
 48   The Little Wonders
 49   The Wringer
 50   Mandrake
 51   The Secrets Broker
 52   Build a Better Mousetrap
 53   Checklist [1-37]
 54   Checklist [38-52 and Chase]


Gold Foil "The Fashion of The Avengers"

F1    Steed Fashion
F2    Cathy Gale
F3    John Steed
F4    Cathy Gale
F5    The other Mrs Peel
F6    Steed & Twiggy
F7    Mrs Peel
F8    Cathy Gale
F9    Out on the Town
F10   Mrs Peel

Case Cards (# to 50)

AV1   John Steed
AV2   John Steed
AV3   John Steed & Mrs Peel
AV4   Emma Peel
AV5   Emma Peel


 No.    Title

  --    (gold-foil header card)
 PR1    Avengers Additions (promo card)

Autograph Card (# to 50 in Limited Set)

AV3-1   Patrick Macnee

Sketch Cards (set includes 2 from list below)

 SK1    Carolyn Edwards
 SK1    Chris Henderson
 SK1    Mark Spears
 SK1    Nick Neocleous
 SK1    Robert Aragon

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