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The Avengers 50: Ultimate Trading Card Collection
   Unstoppable Cards - 2012

Notes: As shown, some cards from this series were available only in "Loaded Packs" sold 
separately by Unstoppable later in 2012, together with cards from other series. Thanks much 
to John Biagioni and Dave Foster for updates! Further information and scans are posted at 
the Unstoppable website.

Box: 28 packs of 10 cards. 10 boxes/case, 999 numbered boxes.
Common sets: approx. 3.43 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.   Episodes / Title                                                     Date First Aired in U.K.

     1   Hot Snow/Brought to Book/Square Root of Evil                         7th Jan-14th Jan-21st Jan 1961
     2   Nightmare/Crescent Moon/Girl on a Trapeze                            28th Jan-4th Feb-11th Feb 1961
     3   Diamond Cut Diamond/The Radioactive Man/Ashes of the Roses           18th Feb-25th Feb-4th Mar 1961
     4   Hunt the Man Down/Please Don't Feed the Animals/Dance with Death     18th Mar-1st Apr-15th Apr 1961
     5   One For the Murtuary/The Springers/The Frighteners                   29th Apr-13th May-27th May 1961
     6   The Yellow Needle/Dath on the Slipway/Double Danger                  10th Jun-24th Jun-8th Jul 1961
     7   Toy Trip/The Tunnel of Fear/The Far Distant Dead                     22nd Jul-5th Aug-19th Aug 1961
     8   Kill the King/Dead of Winter/The Deadly Air                          2nd Sep-9th Dec-16th Dec 1961
     9   The Change of Bait/Dragonsfield                                      23rd Dec-30th Dec 1961
    10   Mr. Teddy Bear/Propellant 23/The Decapod                             29th Sep-6th Oct-13th Oct 1962
    11   Bullseye/Mission to Montreal/The Removal Men                         20th Oct-27th Oct-3rd Nov 1962
    12   The Mauritius Penny/Death of a Great Dane/The Sell-Out               10th Nov-17th Nov-24th Nov 1962
    13   Death on the Rocks/Traitor in Zebra/The Big Thinker                  1st Dec-8th Dec-15th Dec 1962
    14   Death Despatch/Dead on Course/Intercrime                             22nd Dec-29th Dec 1962, 5th Jan 1963
    15   Immortal Clay/Box of Tricks/Warlock                                  12th Jan-19th Jan-26th Jan 1963
    16   The GOlden Eggs/School for Traitors/The White Dwarf                  2nd Feb-9th Feb-16th Feb 1963
    17   Man in the Mirror/A Conspiracy of Silence/A Chorus of Frogs          23rd Feb-2nd Mar-9th Mar 1963
    18   Six Hands Across a Table/Killer Whale                                16th Mar-23rd Mar 1963
    19   Brief for Murder/The Undertakers/Man with Two Shadows                28th Aug-5th Sep-12th Sep 1963
    20   The Nutshell/Death of a Batman/November Five                         19th Sep-26th Sep-2nd Nov 1963
    21   The Gilded Cage/Second Sight/The Medicine Man                        9th Nov-16th Nov-23rd Nov 1963
    22   The Grandeur that Was Rome/The Golden Fleece/Don't Look Behind You   30th Nov-7th Dec-14th Dec 1963
    23   Death a la Carte/Dressed to Kill/The White Elephant                  21st Dec-28th Dec 1963 4th Jan 1964
    24   The Little Wonders/The Wringer/Mandrake                              11th Jan-18th Jan-25th Jan 1964
    25   The Secrets Broker/Trojan Horse/Build A Better Mousetrap             1st Feb-8th Feb-15th Feb 1964
    26   the Outside-In Man/The Charmers/Concerto                             22nd Feb-29th Feb-7th Mar 1964
    27   Esprit De Corps/Lobster Quadrille                                    14th Mar-21st Mar 1964
    28   The Town of No Return/The Gravediggers                               2nd Oct-9th Oct 1965
    29   The Cybernauts/Death at Bargain Prices                               16th Oct-23rd Oct 1965
    30   Castle De'ath/The Master Minds                                       30th Oct-6th Nov 1965
    31   The Murder Market/A Surveit of H2O                                   13th Nov-20th Nov 1965
    32   The Hour that Never Was/Dial a Deadly Number                         27th Nov-4th Dec 1965
    33   Man-eater of Surrey Green/Two's a Crowd                              11th Dec-18th Dec 1965
    34   Too Many Christmas Trees/Silent Dust                                 25th Dec 1965 1st Jan 1966
    35   Room Without a View/Small Game for Big Hunters                       8th Jan-15th Jan 1966
    36   The Girl from Auntie/The 13th Hole                                   21st Jan-22nd Jan 1966
    37   Quick-Quick Slow Death/The Danger Makers                             5th Feb-12th Feb 1966
    38   A Tough of Brimstone/What the Butler Saw                             19th Feb-26th Feb 1966
    39   The House That Jack Built/A Sense of History                         5th Mar-12th Mar 1966
    40   How to Succeed... at Murder/Honey for the Prince                     19th Mar-26th Mar 1966
    41   From the Strange Case of the Missing Corpse (Promo)/Venus with Love  Never transmitted in UK/14th Jan 1967
    42   The Fear Merchants/Escape in Time                                    21st Jan-28th Jan 1967
    43   The See-Through Man/The Bird Who Knew Too Much                       4th Feb-11th Feb 1967
    44   The Winged Avenger/The Living Dead                                   18th Feb-25th Feb 1967
    45   The Hidden Tiger/The Correct Way to Kill                             4th Mar-11th Mar 1967
    46   Never, Never Say Die/EPic                                            18th Mar-27th Feb 1967
    47   The Superlative Seven/A Funny Thing Happened                         8th Apr-15th Apr 1967
    48   Something Nasty in the Nursery/The Joker                             22nd Apr-29th Apr 1967
    49   Who's Who???/Return of the Cybernauts                                6th May-30th Sep 1967
    50   Death's Door/The 50,000 Breakfast                                   7th Oct-14th Oct 1967
    51   Dead Man's Treasure/You Have Been Murdered                           21st Oct-28th Oct 1967
    52   The Positive Negative Man/Murdersville                               4th Nov-11th Nov 1967
    53   Mission: Highly Improbable/The Forget-Me-Knot                        18th Nov 1967 25th Sep 1968
    54   Game/Super Secret Cypher                                             2nd Oct-9th Oct 1968
    55   You'll Catch Your Death/Split!!                                      16th Oct-23rd Oct 1968
    56   whoever Shot Poor George - XR40?/False Witness                       30th Oct-6th Nov 1968
    57   all DOne With Mirrors/Legacy of Death                                13th Nov-20th Nov 1968
    58   Noon Doomsday/Look... (Stop Me if ...)                               27th Nov-4th Dec 1968
    59   Have Guns - Will Haggle/They Keep Killing Steed                      11th Dec-29th Aug 1968
    60   The Interrogators/The Rotters                                        1st Jan-8th Jan 1969
    61   Invasion of the Earthmen/Killer                                      15th Jan-22nd Jan 1969
    62   The Morning After/The Curious Case of the Countless Clues            29th Jan-5th Feb 1969
    63   With You Were Here/Stay Tuned                                        12th Feb-26th Feb 1969
    64   Take Me to Your Leader/Fog                                           5th Mar-12th Mar 1969
    65   Homicide and Old Lace/Love All                                       26th Mar-196h Feb 1969
    66   Get-A-Way/Thingumajig                                                14th May-2nd Apr 1969
    67   Pandora/Requiem                                                      30th Apr-16th Apr 1969
    68   Take-Over/Who Was the Man I Saw You With?                            23rd Apr-19th Mar 1969
    69   My Wildest Dream/Bizarre                                             7th Apr-21st May 1969
    70   Checklist - Card 1
    71   Checklist - Card 2
    72   Checklist - Card 3


Insert Cards

    F1   (Mrs Peel in black, spikes, snake)
    F2   (Steed and Mrs Gale; color)
    F3   (weighing Mrs Peel and Steed)
    F4   (Steed fighting)
    F5   (A toast)
    F6   (railroad track)
    F7   (Steed in overcoat)
    F8   (Steed in suit and tophat)
    F9   (Steed in suit; color)

Autograph Cards (1:9.3 packs)

 AV1     Patrick Macnee as John Steed
 AV2     Honor Blackman as Mrs Cathy Gale
 AV3     Diana Rigg as Emma Peel [1:case]
 AV4     Linda Thorson as Tara King

 AVAW    Anneke Wills as Judy
 AVBB    Brian Blessed as Major Mark Dayton
 AVBC    Bernard Cribbins as Arkwright
 AVBK    Burt Kwouk as King Tenuphon
 AVFF    Fenella Fielding as Kim Lawrence
 AVIO    Ian Ogilvy as Baron Von Curt
 AVJG    Julian Glover as Major Peter Rooke
 AVWG    William Gaunt as Sub-Lieutenant Graham

       From Loaded Packs (separate distribution)

 AVBJ    Brian Jackson as Johnnie
 AVGI    George Innes as Shaw
 AVRM    Ron Moody as Posonby-Hopkirk

Main Cast Duo Sketch/Autograph Cards

   --    Honor Blackman / Andy Fry
   --    Honor Blackman / Don Pedicini Jr.
   --    Honor Blackman / J.D. Seeber
   --    Honor Blackman / Wu Wei

   --    Patrick Macnee / Andy Fry
   --    Patrick Macnee / Don Pedicini Jr.
   --    Patrick Macnee / J.D. Seeber
   --    Patrick Macnee / Wu Wei

   --    Diana Rigg / Andy Fry
   --    Diana Rigg / Don Pedicini Jr. [5 made]
   --    Diana Rigg / Wu Wei [4 made]

   --    Linda Thorson / Andy Fry
   --    Linda Thorson / Don Pedicini Jr.
   --    Linda Thorson / J.D. Seeber

       From Loaded Packs (separate distribution)

   --    Anneke Wills / Andy Fry
   --    Bill Gaunt / Andy Fry
   --    Diana Rigg / Andy Fry
   --    Ron Moody / Andy Fry
   --    Fenella Fielding / J.D. Seeber [3 made]

Artist Sketch Cards (1:14 packs)

   --    Robert Aragon
   --    Angelina Benadetti
   --    Boo
   --    Amy Clark
   --    Adam Cleveland
   --    Aston Roy Cover
   --    Paul Cowan
   --    Ted Dastick Jr.
   --    David Day
   --    Brian DeGuire
   --    Pablo Diaz
   --    Jason Durden
   --    Marcia Dye
   --    Carolyn Edwards
   --    Jim Ferguson
   --    Jerry Fleming
   --    Jason Flowers
   --    Andy Fry
   --    Bruce Gerlach
   --    Rusty Gilligan
   --    Dan Gorman
   --    Kevin Graham
   --    Rupam Gupta
   --    Charles Hall
   --    Patrick Hamill
   --    Ingrid Hardy
   --    Chadwick Haverland
   --    Chris Henderson
   --    Scott Houseman
   --    Laura Inglis
   --    j(ay)
   --    John Boy
   --    Kris Justice
   --    Stu Laverick
   --    Elfie Lebouleux
   --    Lee Lightfoot
   --    Leah Mangue
   --    Isaiah McAllister
   --    Clay McCormack
   --    Shane McCormack
   --    Kevin Meinert
   --    Tony Miello
   --    Joseph Miller
   --    Rich Molinelli
   --    Trevor Murphy
   --    Matthew Parmenter
   --    Don Pedicini Jr.
   --    Ashleigh Popplewell
   --    Michael Jason Reed
   --    Beck Seashols
   --    J.D. Seeber
   --    Jason Shoemaker
   --    Bob Stevlic
   --    Stephanie Swanger
   --    Bianca Thompson
   --    Chris Thorne
   --    Wu Wei
   --    Joshua Werner
   --    Jason Westlake
   --    Paul Williams
   --    Ted Woods
   --    Scott Zambelli
   --    Linzy Zorn

       From Loaded Packs (separate distribution)

   --    David Day
   --    Vanessa "Banky" Farano
   --    Robert Hack
   --    Terry Pavlet
   --    Huy Truong

Case-Topper Gold Card Set (# to 100)

 CT1A    (USA and UK flags)
 CT2A    (hooking elbows for drinks)
 CT3A    (British Gothic)
 CT4A    (peering with drinks)
 CT5A    (lap sitting with drinks)

Case-Topper Card

   --    Patrick Macnee as Mr John Steed

Multi-Case-Purchase Incentive Sketch Cards

   --    Diana Rigg as Emma Peel (J.D. Seeber)
   --    Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale (J.D. Seeber)
   --    Linda Thorson as Tara King (J.D. Seeber)
   --    Patrick Macnee as John Steed (J.D. Seeber)

Online Raffle Cut Autograph Cards (2 made)

   --    Ian Hendry

Puzzle Cards (Loaded Packs exclusive; distributed separately)

  PU1    (top left)
  PU2    (top middle)
  PU3    (top right)
  PU4    (center left)
  PU5    (center)
  PU6    (center right)
  PU7    (bottom left)
  PU8    (bottom middle)
  PU9    (bottom right)

Printing Plate Cards

      (Loaded Packs exclusive; distributed separately)

   --    (base cards 1-72)
   --    (insert cards 1-9)
   --    (autograph cards)
   --    (case-topper cards CT1A-CT5A)
   --    (puzzle cards PU1-PU9)
   --    (Preview Set cards AVPR1-AVPR5)
  --     (Avengers 50 / Night of the Living Dead; Exclusive Web Promo)
  --     (Avengers 50 / Night of the Living Dead; Non-Sport Update)


  P1     The Avengers 50 (gold foil; blue back; also listed below)
  P2     (Peel and Steed, gold foil logo; blue back; also listed below)
  --     The Avengers 50 (black and white; unnumbered; also listed below)
  --     The Avengers 50 (black and white; unnumbered green gack; Rydeclive)
  --     The Avengers 50 (black and white; unnumbered blue back; Tom Breyer Unique)
  --     The Avengers 50 (black and white; unnumbered pink back; Unstoppable Cards)
  --     (Emma in appliqué dress; unnumbered purple back; AppleCards)
  --     (Avengers 50 / Night of the Living Dead; Exclusive Web Promo)
  --     (Avengers 50 / Night of the Living Dead; Non-Sport Update)

      Entertainment Media Show October 2011 Dealer Exclusives (limited to 70)

 EMS1    1 of 4 (Peel aiming in white)
 EMS2    2 of 4 (Peel with camera)
 EMS3    3 of 4 (Steed with cane)
 EMS4    4 of 4 (Steed driving)

 EMS5    Saturday Exclusive Card (Peel aiming)
 EMS6    Sunday Exclusive Card (Peel choking)

     Signing Card (usually not included in Show Set of 6)

 EMS7    Diana Rigg
 EMS7    Diana Rigg [unsigned]


AVPR1    Diana Rigg (facsimile signature; # to 499)
AVPR2    Diana Rigg (green)
AVPR3    Diana Rigg (purple)
AVPR4    Diana Rigg (pink)
AVPR5    Diana Rigg (orange)

  --     The Avengers 50 (black and white; unnumbered pink back)
  P1     The Avengers 50 (gold foil)
  P2     (Peel and Steed; gold foil logo)

      Sketch Cards (50 inserted)

  --     Aston Roy Cover
  --     Brian DeGuire
  --     Andy Fry
  --     Elfie Lebouleux
  --     Rich Molinelli
  --     Don Pedicini
  --     Bianca Thompson

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