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Avengers Assemble
   Upper Deck - 2012

Notes: Quite a few sketch artists were not shown on the priminary artist list. 
Those from that list that have not been observed yet are shown with a "*". 
Thanks much to Rebecca Duge and Don Hernandez for updates!

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 7 cards. 12 boxes/case, 6 boxes/inner case.
Common sets: approx. 0.72 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Card Text / Title                                       Artists

     Iron Man

   1    Striving for a more practical alternative to a
   2    Working feverishly to assemble the vehicle of
   3    Emerging from his prison, protected by a crude
   4    The befuddled terrorists that kidnapped Tony S
   5    Fresh from his daring escape from captivity, T
   6    S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson patiently wait
   7    In a sprawling garage beneath a seaside mansio
   8    This time, with unlimited resources and withou
   9    Tony Stark tests the flight capabilities of hi
  10    During a test flight, Tony Stark learns import
  11    Physically exhausted, Stark puts the finishing
  12    Perhaps indoors is not the most suitable firin
  13    Tony Stark's Mark III rmored asuit is complete
  14    Iron Man's wholesale destruction of a terroris
  15    In a prime example of keen preparation and for
  16    Iron Man disappears from the radar screens onb
  17    While fine-tuning his equipment, Tony Stark ex
  18    Upon analyzing the remains of Stark's Mark I I
  19    Irreconcilable differences of world views lead

     The Incredible Hulk

  20    In spite of his cautious lifestyle, the fugiti
  21    The Weapons Plus Program failed to replicate t
  22    Emil Blonsky fears the physical limitations of
  23    Having trapped the Hulk in an open field, Gene
  24    Emil Blonsky's zeal for absolute power and tot
  25    Banner reasons that only Hulk can stop the Abo
  26    Hulk and Abomination clash in the streets of N

     Iron Man 2

  27    Tony Stark has always been a publicity hound b
  28    As Howard Stark, the patriarch of the Stark fa
  29    Before the Senate Armed Services Committee the
  30    In homage to his inventive genius, Tony Stark
  31    Natalie Rushman is not what she appears to be
  32    Ivan Vanko has a beef with the Stark family an
  33    Lt. Col. Rhodes is concerned about the health
  34    While celebrating what he believes is his last
  35    Lt. Col. Rhodes presents a prize to his superi
  36    Tony Stark flips through his father's notes, p
  37    Among the property of Howard Stark bequeathed
  38    Convinced that he's uncovered a cryptic messag
  39    Tony Stark has been remanded to his residence
  40    Tony Stark muscles a beam of high-speed atoms
  41    Happy reluctantly drives his boss' insistent p
  42    While Happy handles the gatekeeper, the Black
  43    Black Widow engages Hammer Industries' securit
  44    Iron Man and War Machine stand shoulder-to-sho
  45    Due to an underwhelming evaluation of Tony Sta


  46    An attack on Asgard by their ancient enemy the
  47    Before crossing the Bifrost to Jotunheim, Thor
  48    With the vain Thor at point, the Asgardian war
  49    Loki embarrasses his warmongering brother by s
  50    The concerned Selvig/Foster research team caut
  51    Professor Eric Selvig is concerned about Jane
  52    Loki picks up the Casket of Ancient Winters, a
  53    Lady Sif and the warriors three seek an urgent
  54    With Thor an outcast and Odin in the Odinsleep
  55    When Odin cast his arrogant son Thor to Earth,
  56    Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. is point ma
  57    Professor Selvig ponders the man who seems to
  58    The agony of defeat crumples Thor to his knees
  59    Agent Coulson orders his prime marksman, code
  60    Agent Coulson unwittingly has a tiger by the t
  61    After convincing his despondent brother Thor t
  62    Agent Coulson confronts the unidentified weapo
  63    Lady Sif and the warriors three traveled to Ea
  64    As Loki looks on in utter disbelief, Thor does
  65    The Foster/Selvig research team is back in bus
  66    Professor Selvig attends a clandestine meeting

     Captain America: The First Avenger

  67    Johann Schmidt has long been a student of Teut
  68    The commander of HYDRA, Johnann Schmidt has le
  69    Steve Rogers joins his best friend James "Buck
  70    Steve Rogers sheds his companions and gives in
  71    Rogers is put through the paces by Colonel Che
  72    Steve Rogers lies strapped to his rebirth cham
  73    The Super-Soldier serum has been administered
  74    Guttural screams resonate from the steel capsu
  75    With the process complete, Howard Stark turns
  76    Steve Rogers emerges from the rebirth chamber
  77    Disappointed and dejected, Steve Rogers pencil
  78    Steve Rogers is certain that he has more to of
  79    Captain America has begun to rewrite his legac
  80    Now that Captain America and all his incredibl
  81    Howard Stark attempts to uncover the propertie
  82    As the only man who knows the location of the
  83    Captain America surveys the destruction of yet
  84    One man stands between the Red Skull and the m
  85    The Red Skull mistakenly handles the Tesseract
  86    The determination and courage that Dr. Erskine
  87    A smoldering ruin is the headstone for America
  88    In an undisclosed location, a nondescript ware
  89    An item dropped from the doomed, last flight o
  90    Within the ruins of a downed aircraft, a famil

     Marvel: Avengers

  91    Stoic S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson mentally
  92    S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury checks on the
  93    S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Clint Barton is an expert m
  94    Director Fury and the capable S.H.I.E.L.D. Age
  95    Professor Selvig monitors the reactions of the
  96    As the floor trembles, a shadowy figure, becko
  97    As the smoke clears and the shadowy figure unf
  98    While S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill dutifully
  99    S.H.I.E.L.D. colleagues Maria Hill and Hawkeye
 100    A S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent's training is comprehensi
 101    Nick Fury is not only the Director of S.H.I.E.
 102    Nick Fury's battle-scared face bears testimony
 103    Steve Rogers punishes a series of unlucky punc
 104    Still so fresh in his mind, it seems as though
 105    Steve Rogers reflects on his days as a soldier
 106    When Cap sacrificed himself by nose-diving a U
 107    Nick Fury conducts himself with sincerity and
 108    Nick Fury presents the Avengers Initiative and
 109    Iron Man's repulsors light up the night sky as
 110    S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson has the uncomf
 111    Tony Stark is irritated by the untimely arriva
 112    The espionage expert and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent co
 113    Dr. Banner politely allows the S.H.I.E.L.D. Ag
 114    An unexpected burst of rage from Dr. Bruce Ban
 115    Suspicious of secret government operations but
 116    Steve Rogers speeds toward the S.H.I.E.L.D. re
 117    S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury surveys the di
 118    As Steve Rogers' gaze slowly tracks across the
 119    The amazing array of S.H.I.E.L.D. surveillance
 120    Steve Rogers strides towards his new uniform -
 121    Loki commands a frightened crowd to kneel befo
 122    As a terrified citizenry bows at the command o
 123    Bravado bleeds into battle and the two opposin
 124    Iron Man locks in on his target and races to t
 125    Loki's surrender marks the end of the short-li
 126    Onboard the Quinjet, Iron Man keeps an untrust
 127    Loki fixes a baneful stare on his captors, see
 128    Flashes of lightning and claps of thunder hera
 129    Infuriated, Thor is unsure whether to be angry
 130    Thor leaps into the air to bring down a crippl
 131    After a satisfying scuffle with Iron Man and t
 132    With the assistance of Thor, Loki is taken int
 133    Loki's face is free from any traces of concern
 134    Onboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Loki has
 135    As the hand-picked Avengers assemble on the br
 136    Nick Fury and Bruce Banner listent intently to
 137    Accustomed to flying solo, Tony Stark has some
 138    S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black
 139    With aid from cutting edge S.H.I.E.L.D. techno
 140    The notion of teamwork was ingrained in Steve
 141    Maria Hill observes the spectacle of strong-wi
 142    A stealthy dark clad figure is able to creep s
 143    The charm of the seasoned spy Black Widow is i
 144    Loki leans forward and dramatically pounds the
 145    Dr. Banner has reservations about the wisdom o
 146    Steve Rogers and Tony Stark continue to search
 147    Dr. Bruce Banner is an unparalleled expert in
 148    From the bridge Nick Fury can keep his eye on
 149    Hawkeye has deadly precision with a variety of
 150    Black Widow is a consummate professional who m
 151    Agent Maria Hill fights through the pain and m
 152    The title of "Director" may conjure images of
 153    Thor never shrinks from a fight, and while he
 154    Thor's mystical hammer Mjolnir is a devastatin
 155    Black Widow tenderly leans over Hawkeye and of
 156    Black Widow shares a moment of solidarity with
 157    A deeply concerned Nick Fury announces that Lo
 158    The Avengers assemble, positively brimming wit
 159    The terrified citizens of New York City look s
 160    Captain America is no stranger to the battlefi
 161    Black Widow keeps her poise as pieces of New Y
 162    Battle worn and blood stained, the Avengers lo
 163    Loki has a plan in motion and refuses to yield
 164    Once more into the breach! Captain America and
 165    Agent Maria Hill watches a battl develop on th
 166    As director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury is ultim


 167    Captain America
 168    Thor
 169    Bruce Banner
 170    Tony Stark
 171    Black Widow
 172    Hawkeye
 173    Nick Fury
 174    Maria Hill
 175    Agent Coulson
 176    Loki


Concept Series (1:10 Hobby packs)

CS-1    (Black Widow)
CS-2    (The Incredible Hulk)
CS-3    (air vehicle)
CS-4    (Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America)
CS-5    (Loki)
CS-6    (Hulk leading charge)
CS-7    (Captain America equipment)
CS-8    (ground vehicle)
CS-9    (Iron Man vs. Thor)

Comic Cover Art (1:2.5 Hobby packs)

 A1     The Avengers - Vol. 1 #1 - September, 1963              Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers
 A2     New Avengers - Vol. 1 #4 - April, 2005                  David Finch, Danny Miki, Frank D'Armata
 A3     Avengers - Vol. 2 #1 - November, 1996                   Rob Liefeld, Jon Sibal
 A4     Avengers - Vol. 3 #1 - February, 1998                   George Perez, Tom Smith
 A5     Avengers - Vol. 3 #22 - November, 1999                  George Perez, Tom Smith
 A6     Avengers - Vol. 1 #221 - July, 1982                     Bob Hall
 A7     Avengers - Vol. 1 #200 - October, 1980                  George Perez, Terry Austin
 A8     Avengers - Vol. 1 #162 - August, 1977                   George Perez
 A9     Avengers Annual - Vol. 1 #10 - November, 1981           Allen Milgrom
 A10    Avengers - Vol. 1 #93 - November, 1971                  Neal Adams, Tom Palmer
 A11    Avengers Annual - Vol. 1 #2 - September, 1968           John Buscema
 A12    West Coast Avengers - Vol. 2 #23 - August, 1987         Al Milgrom
 A13    Avengers - Vol. 1 #4 - March, 1964                      Jack Kirby, Paul Reinman
 A14    Avengers - Vol. 1 #8 - September, 1972                  Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers
 A15    New Avengers (Vol. 1) - Vol. 1 #1 - January, 2005       David Finch
 A16    Avengers - Vol. 4 #1 - May, 2010                        John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson
 A17    New Avengers - Vol. 2 #1 - June, 2010                   Stuart Immonen
 A18    New Avengers - Vol. 2 #10 - March, 2011                 Mike Deodato
 A19    Avengers - Vol. 1 #229 - March, 1983                    Al Milgrom
 A20    Avengers - Vol. 1 #195 - May, 1980                      George Perez
 A21    Avengers - Vol. 3 #75 - February, 2004                  Scott Kolins
 A22    Avengers - Vol. 1 #262 - December, 1985                 John Buscema, Tom Palmer
 A23    Avengers - Vol. 1 #500 - September, 2004                David Finch
 A24    Avengers - Vol. 1 #100 - June, 1972                     Barry Windsor-Smith
 A25    Avengers - Vol. 1 #300 - February, 1989                 John Buscema, Tom Palmer
 A26    Avengers - Vol. 1 #400 - July, 1996                     Mike Deodato Jr., Tom Palmer
 A27    Avengers - Vol. 1 #395 - February, 1996                 Ed Benes, Tom Palmer
 A28    Secret Avengers - Vol. 1 #1 - July, 2010                Marko Djurdjevic
 A29    Ultimate Comics Avengers - Vol. 1 #3 - December, 2009   Carlos Pacheco, Danny Miki, Justin Ponsor
 A30    Young Avengers - Vol. 1 #1 - April, 2005                Jim Cheung
 A31    West Coast Avengers - Vol. 1 #1 - September, 1984       Bob Hall, Brett Breeding
 A32    Avengers - Vol. 1 #57 - October, 1968                   John Buscema
 A33    Avengers - Vol. 1 #177 - November, 1978                 Dave Cockrum, Terry Austin
 A34    Avengers - Vol. 1 #2 - November, 1963                   Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers
 A35    Avengers - Vol. 3 #25 - Febuary, 2000                   George Perez [sic]
 A36    Avengers - Vol. 1 #502 - November, 2004                 David Finch

Hologram [Foil] Inserts (1:2 Hobby packs)

     Complete Heroes Evolve

E-1     The Invincible Iron Man
E-2     The Invincible Iron Man
E-3     Iron Man
E-4     Marvel Studios Iron Man
E-5     Marvel Studios Iron Man 2
E-6     Marvel Avengers

E-7     The Incredible Hulk
E-8     The Incredible Hulk
E-9     The Incredible Hulk
E-10    Marvel Avengers
E-11    Marvel Avengers
E-12    Marvel Avengers

E-13    The Mighty Thor
E-14    The Mighty Thor
E-15    Thor
E-16    Marvel Studios Thor
E-17    Marvel Avengers
E-18    Marvel Avengers

E-19    Captain America
E-20    Captain America
E-21    Captain America
E-22    Marvel Studios Captain America: The First Avenger
E-23    Marvel Avengers
E-24    Marvel Avengers

E-25    Hawkeye
E-26    Hawkeye
E-27    Hawkeye
E-28    Marvel Avengers
E-29    Marvel Avengers
E-30    Marvel Avengers

E-31    Black Widow
E-32    Black Widow
E-33    Black Widow
E-34    Marel Studios Iron Man 2
E-35    Marvel Avengers
E-36    Marvel Avengers

E-37    Sgt. Fury
E-38    Nick Fury, Agent of... S.H.I.E.L.D.
E-39    Ultimate Fury
E-40    Marvel Studios Iron Man 2
E-41    Marvel Avengers
E-42    Marvel Avengers

E-43    The Avengers [Maria Hill]
E-44    The Avengers
E-45    The Avengers
E-46    Marvel Avengers
E-47    Marvel Avengers
E-48    Marvel Avengers

E-49    The Incredible Hulk [Bruce Banner]
E-50    The Incredible Hulk
E-51    The Incredible Hulk
E-52    The Incredible Hulk
E-53    Marvel Avengers
E-54    Marvel Avengers

     Complete Villains Evolve

E-55    Loki
E-56    Loki
E-57    Loki
E-58    Thor
E-59    Marvel Avengers
E-60    Marvel Avengers

Autograph Cards (autograph or Ultimate Panel cards 1:288 Hobby packs)

  BR    Bruno Ricci [unreleased Captain America card]
  CF    Colm Feore [unreleased Thor card]
  CH    Chris Hemsworth
  CS    Cobie Smulders
  IE    Idris Elba [unreleased Thor card]
  JA    Jaimie Alexander [unreleased Thor card]
  JR    Jeremy Renner
  KD    Kat Dennings [unreleased Thor card]

Single Memorabilia Cards (1 single or duo memorabilia per Hobby box)

AS-1    (Thor)
AS-2    (Captain America)
AS-3    (Tony Stark)
AS-4    (Bruce Banner)
AS-5    (Steve Rogers)
AS-6    (Loki)
AS-7    (Nick Fury)
AS-8    (Agent Coulson)
AS-9    (Black Widow)
AS-10   (Hawkeye)
AS-11   (Maria Hill)

Duo Memorabilia Cards

AD-1    (Agent Romanov / Black Widow)
AD-2    (Justin Hammer / Tony Stark)
AD-3    (Justin Hammer / Whiplash)
AD-4    (Iron Man / Whiplash)
AD-5    (Justin Hammer / War Machine)
AD-6    (Black Widow / Nick Fury)  [short print]
AD-7    (Thor / Loki)
AD-8    (Thor / Heimdall)
AD-9    (Thor / Jane Foster)
AD-10   (Frigga / Thor)
AD-11   (Nick Fury / Captain America)
AD-12   (Captain America / Tony Stark)
AD-13   (Bruce Banner / Thor)
AD-14   (Nick Fury / Agent Coulson)
AD-15   (Thor / Nick Fury)
AD-16   (Hawkeye / Thor)
AD-17   (Tony Stark / Thor)
AD-18   (Captain America / Bruce Banner)
AD-19   (Maria Hill / Nick Fury)
AD-20   (Hawkeye / Agent Coulson)
AD-21   (Nick Fury / Thor)
AD-22   (Thor / Loki)
AD-23   (Loki / Captain America)
AD-24   (Hawkeye / Captain America)
AD-25   (Hawkeye / Loki)

Trio Memorabilia Cards (1 trio or quad memorabilia or printing plate per Hobby box)

AT-1    (Tony Stark / Justin Hammer / Whiplash)
AT-2    (Volstagg / Fandral / Hogun)
AT-3    (Jane Foster / Thor / Loki)
AT-4    (Frigga / Thor / Loki)
AT-5    (Captain America / Steve Rogers / Captain America)
AT-6    (Captain America / Thor / Bruce Banner)
AT-7    (Agent Coulsen / Tony Stark / Nick Fury)
AT-8    (Loki / Thor / Nick Fury)
AT-9    (Captain America / Thor / Tony Stark)
AT-10   (Steve Rogers / Bruce Banner / Maria Hill)
AT-11   (Hawkeye / Nick Fury / Maria Hill)
AT-12   (Maria Hill / Nick Fury / Black Widow)
AT-13   (Black Widow / Nick Fury / Hawkeye)
AT-14   (Captain America / Hawkeye / Nick Fury)

Quad Memorabilia Cards

AQ-1    (Vorstagg / Fandral / Hogun / Thor)
AQ-2    (Captain America / Thor / Tony Stark / Hawkeye)
AQ-3    (Hawkeye / Nick Fury / Tony Stark / Agent Romanov)
AQ-4    (Agent Romanov / Nick Fury / Agent Coulson / Maria Hill)
AQ-5    (Steve Rogers / Tony Stark / Bruce Banner / Agent Romanov)
AQ-6    (Agent Coulson / Nick Fury / Hawkeye / Agent Romanov)
AQ-7    (Captain America / Thor / Tony Stark / Bruce Banner)

Printing Plates

  --    (4 each of 281 cards [cyan, magenta, yellow, black])

Artist Sketch Cards (1:24 Hobby packs)

      * Axebone
      * Bard
        John Betty
        Kate "Red" Bradley
        Edward Cherniga
        Jim Cheung
        Wendy Chew                          [60]
        Scott Cohn
        Eugene Commodore
      * Joe Corroney
        Aston Roy Cover
      * David Day
        Layron DeJarnette                   [70]
        Remi Dousset
        Kimberly Dunaway                    [90]
        Jason Durden
        Michael "LocoDuck" Duron
        Elliot Fernandez
        Chris Foreman
        Penelope "Peng" Gaylord
        Rusty Gilligan
        Mick and Matt Glebe                 [ 5]
        James "Riot" Godfrey
        Jonathan D. Gordon
        Daniel Gorman
        Danielle Gransaull (Soloud)
        Sanford Greene
        Diana Greenhalgh                    [38]
        Charles Hall
        Ray-Anthony Height
        Mark "Profesone" Henry
        Elvin Hernandez
        Tom Hodges
        Joe Hogan
        Charles Holbert
        Wes Huffor
        Jose Jaro
        Frank Kadar
        Rachel Kaiser
        Ryan Kincaid
        Jayson Kretzer
        Elfie Lebouleux
        Lak Lim
        Jerry Ma
        Randy Martinez
        Mike Mayhew
        Isaiah M. McAllister
        Adriana Melo
      * Pablo Diaz Mencia
        Jason Metcalf
        Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar                 [90]
        Gilbert Monsanto
        Marat Mychaels
        Marc Vo Nguyen
        Rhiannon Owens
        Elaine Perna
        Tony Perna
        Jason Keith Phillips
        Ashleigh Popplewell
        Bill Pulkovski
        Jon T. Racimo
        Lawrence Reynolds
        Sara Richard
        Ian Yoshio Roberts
      * Patricia Ross                       [90]
        Joe Rubinstein
        Steve Scott
        Kevin Sharpe
        Cal Slayton
        Uko Smith
        Bob Stevlic
        Adam Talley                         [90]
        Ghislain "Spiderguile" Tchissafou
        Bianca Thompson
        Bryan Kaiser Tillman                [87]

Stickers (Retail packs)

 S1     Avengers (6 heroes, Cap shield right)
 S2     Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement
 S3     I'm an Avenger / I'm an Avenger
 S4     (A logo) / Hulk
 S5     (Captain America / A logo)
 S6     (Iron Man / A logo)
 S7     (Thor / A logo)
 S8     (Hawkeye / A logo)
 S9     (Black Widow / A logo)
 S10    Avengers (Hulk clobbering rock)
 S11    (2 S.H.I.E.L.D. logos)
 S12    Avengers (Hawkeye, aiming bow)
 S13    Nick Fury (Logistics Division)
 S14    Hulk Smash
 S15    (Thor hammer)
 S16    (Hulk fist)
 S17    (Iron Man head)
 S18    (Captain America shield)
 S19    (Hulk / Iron Man)
 S20    Iron Man Game On! / Captain America
 S21    Assemble / Marvel Avengers
 S22    (Captain America running)
 S23    Assemble (Thor and Hulk)
 S24    (six Avengers, hexagon)
 S25    (Iron Man flying with 5 Avengers)
 S26    (Iron Man - Have a plan... Attack)
 S27    Avengers (6 heroes, Cap shield forward)
 S28    The Mighty Avenger (Thor)
 S29    Avengers Initiative
 S30    S.H.I.E.L.D. (Hawkeye, Black Widow) / Assemble

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