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The Avengers, The Definitive Trading Card
   Collection - Series One
Strictly Ink - 2003

Notes: Mostly because the card set was delayed several times, several changes
in autographs and inserts were made after the checklist cards were printed.  Many
thanks to Steve Lillard for the original checklist!  Further information and scans are 
posted at the Strictly Ink website.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards (limited to 2999 boxes).
Common sets: approx. 2.73 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.  Front Title                     Episode(s) / Card Back


  1   Dying in his arms                Hot Snow                   
  2   Dr. David Keel                   Brought to Book            
  3   Dapper Steed                     Square Root of Evil        
  4   Poised and Ready                 Crescent Moon              
                                       Girl on the Trapeze        
  5   Investigating                    Diamond Cut Diamond        
                                       The Radioactive Man        
  6   Into the sewers                  Ashes of Roses             
                                       Hunt the Man Down          
  7   Up you come                      Please Don't Feed the Animals  
                                       Dance With Death           
  8   Information                      One for the Mortuary       
                                       The Springers              
  9   Steed and Keel                   The Frighteners             
 10   Important call?                  The Yellow Needle          
                                       Death on the Slipway       
 11   Is he dead?                      Double Danger              
                                       Toy Trap                   
 12   Anybody out there?               The Tunnel of Fear         
 13   I know how to use it...          The Far Distant Dead       
 14   Major Carrington                 Kill the King              
 15   This won't hurt a bit            Dead of Winter             
 16   Is there a pulse?                The Deadly Air             
 17   Antiques roadshow                A Change of Bait           
 18   Wired up                         Dragonsfield               


 19   New assistant                    Mr Teddy Bear             
 20   I say!                           Propellant 23             
                                       The Decapod                
 21   Murder weapon...                 Bullseye                  
 22   Steed makes friends              Mission go Montreal        
 23   Interesting read                 The Removal Men            
 24   Open wide!                       The Mauritius Penny        
 25   Good dog                         Death of a Great Dane      
 26   Museum visit                     The Sell-Out               
 27   Are you sure?                    Death on the Rocks         
 28   Ship ahoy!                       Traitor in Zebra           
 29   Cathy takes command              The Big Thinker            
 30   Get a grip!                      Death Dispatch             
 31   Grab your joystick!              Dead on Course             
 32   Weapons haul                     Intercrime                 
                                       Immortal Clay              
 33   Steed the Hypochondriac          Box of Tricks              
 34   Hitch a ride                     Warlock                    
 35   Observe...                       The Golden Eggs            
 36   Whisper it do                    School for Traitors         
 37   Coffee?                          The White Dwarf            
 38   Tea and thoughts                 Man in the Mirror          
 39   On assignment                    Conspiracy of Silence      
 40   Another corpse                   A Chorus of Frogs          
 41   Good joke...                     Six Hands across a Table    
 42   On the ropes                     Killer Whale               


 43   In his sights...                 Brief for Murder         
 44   Champers                         The Undertakers         
 45   Love seat                        Man with Two Shadows     
 46   Transmission frequency           The Nutshell             
 47   Maybe... maybe not               Death of a Batman      
 48   Private club                     November Five            
 49   In prison                        The Gilded Cage           
 50   Blind man                        Second Sight               
 51   Look there                       The Medicine Man        
 52   Hands up!                        The Grandeur that Was Rome         
 53   I don't believe it!              The Golden Fleece      
 54   Ooh, Steed!                      Don't Look Behind You   
 55   Dinner for two                   Death a la Carte       
 56   Quick on the draw                Dressed To Kill         
 57   Caged                            The White Elephant     
 58   Wine, Vicar?                     The Little Wonders     
 59   Tight Squeeze                    The Wringer            
 60   They're round the corner         Mandrake                
 61   Laboratory testing               The Secrets Broker    
 62   Steed and Mrs Gale investigate   The Trojan Horse        
 63   Finding directions               Build z Better Mousetrap
 64   Butcher                          The Outside-In Man
 65   Suits you                        The Charmers
 66   We must hurry                    Concerto
 67   Military meal                    Espirit de Corps
 68   Kiss, kiss                       Lobster Quadrille


    Spotlight On...

 69   Death Despatch                   Cathy Gale Photo
 70   Golden Eggs                      Cathy Gale & Steed Photo
 71   Six Hands Across a Table         Cathy Gale Photo
 72   Brief for Murder                 Steed & Cathy Gale Photo
 73   Golden Fleece                    Cathy Gale & Steed Photo
 74   Charmers                         Cathy Gale Photo
 75   Mandrake                         Steed & Woman
 76   Honor Blackman                   Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale
 77   Diana Rigg                       Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
 78   Linda Thorson                    Linda Thorson as Tara King
 79   Patrick Macnee                   Patrick Macnee as John Steed
 80   Jon Rollason                     Jon Rollason as Dr Martin King
 81   Julie Stevens                    Julie Stevens as Venus Smith
 82   Elizabeth Shepherd               Elizabeth Shepherd as the first Emma Peel
 83   Rhonda Parker                    Rhonda Parker as Rhonda

    Focus On...

 84   Focus on Honor Blackman          Cathy Gale Photo
 85   Focus on Diana Rigg              Emma Peel and Villain Photo
 86   Focus on Linda Thorson           Tara King Photo
 87   Focus on Patrick Macnee          Steed Photo

    Behind the Scenes...

 88   School for Traitors              Steed Photo
 89   With Diana Rigg                  Emma Peel & Steed Photo
 90   With the ladies...               Cathy Gale Photo
 91   Mandrake/November Five           Cathy Gale & Steed Photo
 92   With John Steed                  Steed Photo
 93   On the road again                Emma Peel Photo
 94   Mrs Emma Peel                    Emma Peel Photo
 95   Steed and Mrs Peel Investigates  Emma Peel Photo

    More From...

 96   Research                         Emma Peel & Steed Photo
 97   Tara King                        Tara King Photo
 98   Having a good time               Cathy Gale & Steed Photo
 99   Checklist A (1-51)               Checklist A (52-100)
100   The Avengers ... Series One      Checklist B (chase cards)


Bonus Gold Foil Cards (1:3 packs)

F1    Season Five Promotions           Watch Out for the Avengers
F2    Underworld Marketing             2 against the Underworld
F3    And Then There Were Two          Gale Force
F4    Enter Emma Peel                  Meet the Avengers
F5    Avengers Fashion                 Avengerwear 67
F6    The Lost Titles!                 The Avengers: The Lost Titles
F7    The Avengers... Are Back!        The Avengers... Are Back!
F8    The Avengers Now in Colour...    The Avengers in Colour
F9    Cathy Gale                       Dr Catherine Gale was born in 1932.
F10   John Steed                       John Steed, or to give him his full
F11   Emma Peel                        Born in the late thirties, at the t
F12   Tara King                        Born in the late forties, Tara King

Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

A1    Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale
A2    Linda Thorson as Tara King
A3    Elizabeth Shepherd as First Emma Peel
A4    Jon Rollason as Doctor Martin King
A5    Julie Stevens as Venus Smith
A6    Rhonda Parker as Rhonda [Mother's Assistant]
A7    Brian Blessed as Mark Dayton
A8    Ray Brooks as Kyle Farrington
A9    Barrie Ingham as George Unwin
A10   Bernard Cribbins as Bradley Marler
A11   Philip Madoc as Stepan
A12   Geoffrey Toone (binder exclusive, also listed below)
A13   Patrick Macnee as John Steed

Costume Cards (2:case, limited to 300 each)

AV-C1  John Steed's Suit as worn by Patrick Macnee
AV-C2  Emma Peel's Boots as worn by Diana Rigg

Card Album (Limited to 500)

 --   The Avengers (red padded binder)
 --   Geoffrey Toone as Minister (exclusive autograph card)


AVP-1  Coming in 2002 (Peel & Steed)
AVP2   Bang, Bang
WEB2   Gent & His Motor
 --    "Mrs Peel - We're Needed" (dealer sell sheet)

    (Women; limited to 499 sets; originally sold at Memorabilia Show 2002)

No.   Title                        Puzzle Card Back

    Honor Blackman

 1A   Leather Clad Cathy Gale      Top Left
 2A   Top Hat.. and Tails?         Top Center
 3A   Out on the Town              Top Right

    Diana Rigg

 4A   En Garde                     Middle Left
 5A   Mrs. Peel                    Middle Center
 6A   Smile                        Middle Right

    Linda Thorson

 7A   Tara King                    Bottom Left
 8A   Armed and Dangerous          Bottom Center
 9A   Who's Calling?               Bottom Right

10A   (Completed Puzzle)           Avengers series 1 info

    (Men; limited to 999 sets; originally sold at Memorabilia Show 2002)

No.   Title                        Puzzle Card Back


 1B   Steed and Keel               Top Left
 2B   Contemplating                Top Center
 3B   Important Call               Top Right


 4B   Take That                    Middle Left
 5B   Steed                        Middle Center
 6B   Investigating                Middle Right


 7B   Mother Takes Charge?         Bottom Left
 8B   A clue...                  Bottom Center
 9B   Take a message               Bottom Right

10B   (Completed Puzzle)           Avengers series 1 info

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©2003, 2005, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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