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The Avengers (Definitive Collection) Series 2
Strictly Ink - 2005

Notes: Box-toppers were either a costume card (70%) or "The New Avengers" 
promo card (30%). Thanks much to Richard Wyman for the Preview lists! 
Further information and scans are posted at the Strictly Ink website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards. 12 boxes/case, 120 cases total.
Common sets: approx. 2.46 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title

    1    Season 4 and 5 - 1965 to 1967
    2    The Town of No Return
    3    The Gravediggers
    4    The Cybernauts
    5    Death at Bargain Prices
    6    Castle De'ath
    7    The Master Minds
    8    The Murder Market
    9    A Surfeit of H2O
   10    The Hour That Never Was
   11    Dial a Deadly Number
   12    The Man-Eater of Surrey Green
   13    Two's a Crowd
   14    Too Many Christmas Trees
   15    Silent Dust
   16    Room Without a View
   17    Small Game For Big Hunters
   18    The Girl From Auntie
   19    The 13th Hole
   20    The Quick-Quick-Slow Death
   21    The Danger Makers
   22    A Touch of Brimstone
   23    What the Butler Saw
   24    The House That Jack Built
   25    A Sense of History
   26    How to Succeed at Murder
   27    Honey For The Prince
   28    Strange Case of the Missing Corpse
   29    From Venus With Love
   30    The Fear Merchants
   31    Escape in Time
   32    The See-Through Man
   33    The Bird Who Knew Too Much
   34    The Winged Avenger
   35    The Living Dead
   36    The Hidden Tiger
   37    The Correct Way to Kill
   38    Never, Never Say Die
   39    Epic
   40    The Superlative Seven
   41    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station
   42    Something Nasty in the Nursery
   43    The Joker
   44    Who's Who?
   45    The Return of the Cybernauts
   46    Death's Door
   47    The 50,000 Breakfast
   48    Dead Man's Treasure
   49    You Have Just been Murdered
   50    The Positive-Negative Man
   51    Murdersville
   52    Mission... Highly Improbable
   53    Season 6 - 1968 to 1969
   54    The Forget-Me-Knot Card A
   55    The Forget-Me-Knot Card B
   56    Game
   57    The Super-Secret Cypher Snatch
   58    You'll Catch Your Death
   59    Split
   60    Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?
   61    False Witness
   62    All Done With Mirrors
   63    Legacy of Death
   64    Noon-Doomsday
   65    Look (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers
   66    Have Guns... Will Haggle
   67    They Keep Killing Steed
   68    The Interrogators
   69    The Rotters
   70    Invasion of the Earthmen
   71    Killer
   72    The Morning After
   73    The Curious Case of the Countless Clues
   74    Wish You Were Here
   75    Stay Tuned
   76    Take Me To Your Leader
   77    Fog
   78    Homicide and Old Lace
   79    Love All
   80    Get-A-Way
   81    Thingumajig
   82    Pandora
   83    Requiem
   84    Take-Over
   85    Who Was That Man I Saw You With?
   86    My Wildest Dream
   87    Bizarre
   88    Linda Thorson
   89    Ronnie Barker
   90    John Cleese
   91    Jennifer Croxton
   92    Peter Barkworth
   93    Liz Fraser
   94    Burt Kwouk
   95    Bernard Horsfall
   96    Tony Selby
   97    Julian Glover
   98    Diana Rigg - The One That Got Away!
   99    Checklist A
  100    Checklist B


Costume Cards (7:10 boxes)

AV-C2    Emma Peel's Boots as worn by Diana Rigg (also seeded in Series 1 packs)
AV-C3    John Steed's Suit as worn by Patrick Macnee
AV-C4    Cathy Gale Tabbard's Top as worn by Honor Blackman (by redemption; numbered to 250)

The Vehicles Foil Cards (1:6 packs for foil cards)

AV2-C1   John Steed - Green Bentley
AV2-C2   John Steed - Rolls Royce
AV2-C3   Cathy Gale - Triumph Bonneville
AV2-C4   Emma Peel - Lotus Elan
AV2-C5   Tara King - AC Cobra
AV2-C6   Tara King - Lotus Europa Mark One
AV2-C7   Mother - Silver Bentley S3 Coupe

Steed and His Ladies Foil Cards (1:6 packs for foil cards)

AV2-F1   John Steed
AV2-F2   Cathy Gale
AV2-F3   Emma Peel
AV2-F4   Tara King

Autograph Cards (3:box)

 A1      Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale
 A2      Linda Thorson as Tara King
 A3      Ronnie Barker as Edwin Cheshire
 A4      Jennifer Croxton as Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney
 A5      John Cleese as Marcus Rugman
 A6      Peter Barkworth as Merlin
 A7      Liz Fraser as Georgie Price-Jones
 A8      Burt Kwouk as Tusamo
 A9      Bernard Horsfall as Jephcott
 A10     Tony Selby as Stanley
 A11     Julian Glover as Peter Rooke
 A12     Diana Rigg (Gold Facsimile; binder exclusive)

Box-Topper Promo Card (3:10 boxes)

 PR1     The New Avengers

Case-Topper Bonus Set (numbered to 125)

   --    A
   --    V
   --    E
   --    N
   --    G
   --    E
   --    R
   --    S


   --    Coming Winter 2003 (Peel/Steed/Peel/King)
AV2-1    The Perils of Mrs Peel
AV2-2    All at Sea...
   --    (dealer sell sheet)

   (Black & White; limited to 499 sets; originally sold at San Diego 
   Comic Con 2003 for Cards Inc.)

No.   Title                        Puzzle Card Back

A1    (Completed Puzzle)           Bottom Left
A2    Hiding                       Middle Left
A3    Funeral?                     Top Left
A4    Perils of Peel               Bottom Center
A5    Anybody Home?                Middle Center
A6    Officer and a Gent...        Top Center
A7    Boing!                       Bottom Right
A8    Missed!                      Middle Right
A9    Auton                        Top Right
A10   Prepare to Fight             The Avengers - Coming Winter 2003

   (Colour; limited to 499 sets; originally sold at San Diego 
   Comic Con 2003 for Cards Inc.)

No.   Title                        Puzzle Card Back

B1    (Completed Puzzle)           Bottom Left
B2    Bubbly                       Middle Left
B3    Ghostbusters                 Top Left
B4    Auton Attack                 Bottom Center
B5    Hands Up                     Middle Center
B6    Worse for Wear               Top Center
B7    Peek-a-Boo                   Bottom Right
B8    Chamber of Horrors           Middle Right
B9    Up the Wall                  Top Right
B10   Prepare to Fight             The Avengers - Coming Winter 2003

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©2005, 2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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