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Avengelyne Series 2 All-Chromium
Maximum Press/WildStorm - 1996

No.     Title                                                  Artist(s)

Power Miniseries

100     City of Angels                                         Joe Phillips, Jason Martin
101     Warm Welcome                                           Mark Pajarillo
102     Unholy Alliance                                        Mark Pajarillo
103     Lost Soul                                              Casey Jones, Tom Simmons
104     Tough Choices                                          Robert Teranishi, Eric Shanower
105     Fateful Decision                                       Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
106     Dire Straits                                           Greg Luzniak, David Meikis
107     In the Nick of Time                                    Matt Haley, Tom Simmons
108     Swift Justice                                          Mike S. Miller
109     Publicity Campaign                                     Ryan Benjamin
110     Bad Memories                                           Mitch Byrd
111     Watchful Eyes                                          Richard Johnson
112     Photo Shoot                                            Jim Lee
113     Uninvited Guests                                       Juvaun Kirby, Saleem Crawford
114     Old Enemies                                            Ching Lau, Marlo Alquiza
115     Final Blow                                             Roger Robinson, Richard Johnson
116     Aftermath                                              Kevin Lau
117     Evitz's Invitation                                     Travis Charest
118     The Crusade Festival                                   Juvaun Kirby, Saleem Crawford
119     Evil Influence                                         Ching Lau, Marlo Alquiza
120     Surprise Attack                                        Richard Johnson
121     Blood Demon                                            Scott Benefiel, Jasen Rodriguez
122     Nasty Shock                                            Pete Woods, Saleem Crawford
123     Captive                                                Stuart Immonen
124     Close Call                                             Richard Friend
125     Unexpected Aid                                         Ryan Odagawa, Saleem Crawford
126     Clark Beheaded                                         Joe Phillips, Jason Martin

Power: Heroes & Villains

127     Father Anderson                                        Michael Wieringo
128     Carrie                                                 Terry Dodson, Rachel Pinnock
129     Garr Martin                                            Cully Hamner, Jason Martin
130     Michael Evitz                                          Jeff Rebner, John Tighe
131     Carter Clark                                           James Dean Conklin
132     Graham Fallwell                                        Mike S. Miller
133     Carter Clark - Demon                                   Jeff Rebner, Richard Friend
134     Lord Evitz                                             Jeff Rebner, Richard Friend
135     Graham Fallwell - Demon                                Jeff Rebner, Richard Friend

Cathy Christian On:

136     On the Rigors of Modeling
137     On Personal Growth
138     On the Rewards of the Avengelyne Experience (Part 1)
139     On the Rewards of the Avengelyne Experience (Part 2)
140     On Creative Work
141     On Balancing School and Career
142     On Following Your Dream
143     On Her Second Career
144     On Teaching

Deadly Sins Miniseries

145     Oasis                                                  John Tighe
146     Forbidden Passion                                      Brian Denham, Sean Parsons
147     Reunion                                                Andy Kuhn
148     Armies of the Undead                                   Hoang Nguyen
149     War Trophy                                             Juvaun Kirby
150     Surrounded                                             Richard Horic, Sean Parsons
151     Surrender                                              Hoang Nguyen
152     Ruse                                                   Michael Chang, Marlo Alquiza
153     Holy Fire                                              Michael Chang, Marlo Alquiza
154     Elvis Impersonator                                     Richard Horic, Sean Parsons
155     The Death of Gluttony                                  Dan Fraga
156     The Death of Envy                                      Dan Fraga
157     The Death of Sloth                                     Richard Horic, Sean Parsons
158     The Death of Wrath                                     Sam Liu, Marlo Alquiza
159     The Death of Greed                                     Sam Liu, Marlo Alquiza
160     The Death of Lust                                      Brian Denham, Sean Parsons
161     The Retreat of Pride                                   Sam Liu, Marlo Alquiza
162     Inferno                                                Cully Hamner

Deadly Sins: Heroes & Villains

163     Annette Clifton                                        Juvaun Kirby
164     Demon Elvis                                            Pop Mhan, Sandra Hope
165     Sloth                                                  Dan Fraga
166     Gluttony                                               Dan Fraga
167     Envy                                                   Pop Mhan, Richard Friend
168     Greed                                                  Roger Robinson, Richard Johnson
169     Wrath                                                  Arnie Jorgensen
170     Lust                                                   Pop Mhan, Richard Friend
171     Pride                                                  Dan Fraga

Cathy Christian On:

172     On Her Female Audience
173     On Keeping Fit (Part 1)
174     On Keeping Fit (Part 2)
175     On Keeping Fit (Part 3)
176     On Achieving Her Goals
177     On Parental Reactions to Avengelyne
178     On the Success of Avengelyne
179     On Avengelyne's Pregnancy
180     On Avengelyne's Emerging Humanity

Heaven & Hell

181     Warhost                                                John Stinsman
182     Divinity                                               John Stinsman
183     Penance                                                John Stinsman
184     Fighting Corruption                                    John Stinsman
185     Hell on Earth                                          John Stinsman
186     The Seven Deadly Sins                                  John Stinsman
187     Lost Brother                                           John Stinsman
188     The Gates of Hell                                      John Stinsman
189     Neverending War / Checklist                            John Stinsman


Avengelyne Motion Cards

 M1     Gateway to Hell                                        Tom McWeeney
 M2     Holy Sword                                             Ching Lau, Sean Parsons
 M3     Dangerous Enemy                                        Scott Clark
 M4     Transformation                                         Sam Liu
 M5     Jealous Rage                                           Scott Clark
 M6     Heavenly Vision                                        John Stinsman, Mario Alquiza
 M7     Evil Offspring                                         Richard Johnson
 M8     Seduction                                              Andy Park, Jonathan Sibal
 M9     Holy Warrior                                           Andy Park, Jonathan Sibal

Morph Card

Mor1    Sign of the Cross                                      Juvaun Kirby, Ryan Odagawa

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