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The Avengers
Cornerstone - 1992

Note:  Thanks much to Steve Lillard and Anthony Lee for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.44 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Agents Extraordinary
  2   Boldly Conceived, Superbly Executed
  3   A touch of the Aristocrat
  4   Nobody's Pawn
  5   Tara-Ra-Boom-Di-Ay
  6   Mother Knows Best
  7   Mother's Helper
  8   Face to ... Face?
  9   Please Release Me
 10   For Want of a Grodget
 11   Deja Vu
 12   Flash
 13   Impeccable
 14   The Emmapeeler
 15   A Foggy Night in London Town
 16   Bound and Determined
 17   Agent 69
 18   Unchain My Heart
 19   A Deadly Gift
 20   If Looks Could Kill
 21   Off Into the Sunset
 22   Highland Jinks
 23   Plastic Peel
 24   No Bones About It
 25   Diana Meets Hercules?
 26   The Doctor and the Spy
 27   Shady Lady
 28   Mistress of Mayhem
 29   What's New, Pussycat?
 30   Forget Me Not
 31   Sweet Taste of Excess
 32   Port in a Storm
 33   A Real Maverick
 34   A Thump in the Night
 35   Portrait in Black
 36   Reducing the Odds to Evens
 37   Mrs. Peel in Harness
 38   A Sticky Wicket
 39   Under Cover
 40   Harem Scarem
 41   Merrie Merrie Maid
 42   Hats Off to Tara
 43   Snakes Alive!
 44   Bearding the Lion
 45   Renaissance Woman
 46   Rematch
 47   ... And Brains, Too.
 48   Heels Over Head
 49   On the Wrong Track
 50   Partners in Crime Fighting
 51   A Law Unto Himself
 52   Explosive!
 53   Equine-Amity
 54   The Perils of Emma
 55   Smashing!
 56   Rigg's New Rigs
 57   Anyone Home?
 58   Duel with the Ghoul
 59   Tough!
 60   Very Short Circuit
 61   A Honey for the Prince
 62   Mind Games
 63   Birds of a Feather
 64   Tara in Trouble
 65   Just Desserts
 66   Steed, Peel & Steed
 67   Mrs. Peel, You're Needed!
 68   Aborcashata
 69   Purrfect!
 70   On Her Majesty's Secret Service
 71   There's Always Mother
 72   Flash Back
 73   Dance with Death
 74   Muder--First Class
 75   Pop Goes the Puffin
 76   Lethal in Leather
 77   Close Shave
 78   Exeunt ... Flying?
 79   Ring Out the Old
 80   Ring in the New
 81   They'll Be Back!


 A1   Professional and Amateur
 A2   "He likes his tea stirred anti-clockwise"
 A3   Los Vengadores
 A4   "Mantha- We're Needed"?
 A5   Mrs. Peel Sees the Light
 A6   A Sight for Sore Eyes
 A7   Thanks For Your Support (dealer incentive; limited to 100 copies)
 A8   It's Good To Hear From You (mail-out from Cornerstone)
 A9   Your Opinion Is Appreciated (mail-out from Cornerstone)
 A0   We Did It (major-distributor incentive; limited to 10 copies)

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