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The Avengers in Color - 2nd Series
Cornerstone - 1993

Note:  Thanks much to Steve Lillard for the promo update!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.60 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

 82   The Avengers in Color
 83   Checklist Number 1
 84   Checklist Number 2
 85   A Passion for Fashion
 86   You're Needed!
 87   No Creampuff
 88   Mrs. Peel Mark I
 89   The King of Carnaby Street
 90   Top-Drawer Fashion
 91   Honor Bound
 92   Beach Blanket Steed
 93   Too Fast for Comfort
 94   Close to the Edge
 95   Pure Elegance
 96   Best Foot Forward
 97   Kung Fu Couture
 98   Bubbly Bath
 99   The Other Fellow
100   The Huntress
101   Topsy Turvy
102   Lady in Weighting
103   Once a Villain ...
104   Gob Smacked
105   Looking to Get Ahead
106   Member, L.B.E.
107   A Different Relationship
108   The French Connection
109   Something Borrowed
110   Gown and Country
111   Watch This
112   Who's Laughing Now?
113   Faux Naif
114   Funny Lady
115   Sudden Celebrity
116   Pussies Galore
117   Delightful Decadence
118   Yule Be Sorry
119   Confrontation in A-Flat
120   It's Only Make Believe
121   Grin and Wear It
122   Banned in Britain
123   New Look for Linda
124   Add-A-Vision
125   Role Model
126   Pat's Party Piece
127   Delectable Diana
128   Secrets in the Surgery
129   Ee-Up!
130   Veteran Performer
131   Behind the Scenes
132   Rough and Tumble
133   Fouled Again
134   White Lace, Pink Flesh
135   Side Tracked
136   Things We Do for Love
137   The Minikillers
138   A Curious Affair
139   Return of the Cybernauts
140   Kimono My House
141   Fighting Crime with Elan
142   Prince Quite Charming
143   A Fine Romance
144   This Bird Has Flown
145   Emma on De-Fence
146   The Idols of Millions
147   Masques and Mummers
148   High Contrast
149   Gadzooks!  It's Spooks!
150   Am I Blue?
151   The Well-Trod Stage
152   Timeless Ap-Peel
153   Up Against It
154   Try This One for Size
155   Satin Doll
156   Sic Crustulum Friat
157   Singposting
158   Waterloo in Oz
159   Armour and Amour
160   The Unkindest Cut
161   No Sex, Please.  We're British
162   Vintage Whine
163   Hair-Razing Adventures
164   Top (T)hat
165   Gentelemen's Disagreement
166   Split Personality
167   From Invisible to Invincible
168   Right, Guv'nor!
169   Murder in Miniature
170   Mixed Signals
171   Elegantly Executed
172   A Study in Brown
173   Ton-Up Boy
174   We Have Ways ...
175   Here's to U.S.!
176   No Way to Treat a Lady
177   Scratch Your Eyes Out
178   Handcuffs Optional
179   Stay Tuned
180   The End of the Avengers?

The ten promos B1-B7, including three variations, were printed on a single sheet and
are equally common.

 B1   Mr. Steed and Mrs. Gale
 B2   Chemistry (image: Steed catching Mrs. Peel as she falls backwards)
 B2   Chemistry (image: Steed sitting on a toy horse & Mrs. Peel standing next to him)
 B3   Life After Death
 B4   Patrick Macnee as John Steed (image: Close up photo of Steed)
 B4   Patrick Macnee as John Steed (image: Steed with model airplane)
 B5   Diana Rigg as Emma Peel (image: Diana on horse at a beach)
 B5   Diana Rigg as Emma Peel (image: Mrs. Peel in leather outfit)
 B6   Linda Thorson as Tara King
 B7   Dear Collector (Cornerstone mail-in offer)
 B8   Talented Amateurs (limited to 100 copies)
 B9   We Did It [Take 2] (limited to 10 copies)

©1997-2000, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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