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The Avengers Return
Cornerstone - 1995

Note: Thanks much to Steve Lillard for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.41 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

181   Checklist One
182   Checklist Two
183   Checklist Three
184   Patrick Macnee as John Steed
185   Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
186   Linda Thorson as Tara King
187   The Old Girl
188   Peel's Wheels
189   A Girl and Her Europa
190   Desperate--But Not Serious
191   Under Pressure!
192   Holiday in the Sun Lamp
193   Barely Under Cover
194   Perfect Working Order
195   Wet and Wild
196   A Good Gag
197   Father's Day
198   An Absolutely Tortuous Day
199   Novel Characters
200   Diabolical Masterminds
201   Cutting Quite a Dash
202   Delightful Duo
203   Ready for Rain
204   Time for a Change?
205   Mow 'Em Down!
206   Trad Granddad?
207   Mother's Nose's Best
208   Definitely Top Line
209   Improvise!
210   Who Pulls the Strings?
211   Something of an All-Rounder
212   Behind the Scenes
213   Seaside Woman
214   Christmas in February
215   Taking Aim
216   Testing Their Metal
217   Troubled Waters
218   Actions Stations
219   White Beret
220   Changing of the Guard
221   Nature Girl
222   Lady Killer
223   Fashion Plate--And Quite a Dish!
224   A Sporting Chance
225   Like a Damsel in This Dress
226   Steed's Self-Defence Tips
227   A Dickens of a Christmas
228   Lot 17
229   Double Trouble
230   Survival of the Fittest
231   Sleeping Beauty
232   A Taste for Excitement
233   Sounds from Space?
234   Killing Machine
235   Heartbreaker!
236   Original Sound Trick
237   Peeking, Ducks?
238   The House that Brian Built
239   Gentleman Jack
240   Gun Shy
241   Beside the Seaside
242   Night(gown) Stalker
243   A Real English Gentleman
244   Agents in the Grass, Alas
245   The Queen of Sin!
246   Façade?
247   Elma Peem in Action
248   Learning the Ropes
249   Eye Spy
250   Mrs. Peel, You're Remarkable!
251   To Trace a Clown
252   White with Fright?
253   Target: John Steed
254   Patrick's Hat Trick
255   Tara Under Glass
256   Veiled Threat
257   By the Skim of Her Teeth
258   From the Northern End of the Vineyard
259   Party of Two
260   Happy Ending
261   Coda


Premiere Cards (available in packs)

 P1   Patrick Macnee as John Steed
 P2   Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
 P3   Linda Thorson as Tara King
 P4   (Steed)
 P5   (Peel)
 P6   (King)

Premiere Cards (available only through mail-in offer)

 P7   (Steed and Peel)
 P8   (King and Steed)
 P9   (Poster)

Autograph card (limited to 500)

 --   Patrick McNee


C1     (Peel and Steed)
C2     (Steed and Peel)
C3     (Cat and Peel)
IT-7   (Insider Trader Club exclusive)
--     (Dealer sell sheet, 8-1/2" x 11")

©1997-2000, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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