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The Women of the Avengers
   Unstoppable Cards - 2014

Notes: Backs of base cards form a series of 9-card puzzle photos. Thanks much to 
John Biagioni for the starting list! Further information and scans are posted at the 
Unstoppable Cards website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case, 99 cases.
Common sets (54): approx. 2.0 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title                        Puzzle Location

    Honor Blackman

   1   The Women of the Avengers    (top right)
   2   On the Phone                 (top middle)
   3   Venus Smith                  (top left)
   4   Victim                       (center right)
   5   On the Throne                (center)
   6   Trouble?                     (center left)
   7   Fixing                       (bottom right)
   8   All Aboard                   (bottom middle)
   9   Reading Matter               (bottom left)

    Macnee and Blackman

  10   Biker                        (top right)
  11   Strapped In                  (top middle)
  12   Fight                        (top left)
  13   Condemned Cell               (center right)
  14   In Her Sights                (center)
  15   Iron Maiden                  (center left)
  16   Mrs Peel                     (bottom right)
  17   Dancing                      (bottom middle)
  18   Flirting                     (bottom left)

    Rigg on Phone

  19   Escape                       (top right)
  20   Stealth                      (top middle)
  21   Tied Up                      (top left)
  22   Break Through                (center right)
  23   In You Go...                 (center)
  24   Fencing                      (center left)
  25   Moustache!                   (bottom right)
  26   Theatre                      (bottom middle)
  27   Waiting                      (bottom left)

    Rigg and Stuffed Bear

  28   Sculpting                    (top right)
  29   Notes                        (top middle)
  30   Passing the Torch            (top left)
  31   Tara King                    (center right)
  32   Attack                       (center)
  33   Trapped in the Vat           (center left)
  34   Furry                        (bottom right)
  35   Weighing                     (bottom middle)
  36   Safecracker                  (bottom left)

    Thorsen on Car

  37   Trapped                      (top right)
  38   Handcuffed                   (top middle)
  39   Red Nose                     (top left)
  40   Phone Call                   (center right)
  41   Knife Attack                 (center)
  42   Drink                        (center left)
  43   Phonebox                     (bottom right)
  44   Shackled                     (bottom middle)
  45   Axe Attack                   (bottom left)

    Linda Thorsen

  46   Camouflaged                  (top right)
  47   Pussycat                     (top middle)
  48   Susan Summers                (top left)
  49   Kim Lawrence                 (center right)
  50   Georgie Price-Jones          (center)
  51   Mrs Hana Wild                (center left)
  52   Angora                       (bottom right)
  53   Checklist [1-32]             (bottom middle)
  54   Checklist [33-54 & Extras]   (bottom left)


Gold Foil Stamped Cards (1:4-8 packs)

 F1    (Honor Blackman)
 F2    (Blackman and Macnee)
 F3    (Macnee and Blackman)
 F4    (Rigg in white v-neck top)
 F5    (Rigg in white with belt)
 F6    (Diana Rigg portrait)
 F7    (Thorsen cracking safe)
 F8    (Macnee and Thorsen)
 F9    (Linda Thorsen)

Autograph Cards (1:10 packsx)

 A4    Diana Rigg as Emma Peel  [20 inserted in packs]
WAAW   Anneke Wills as Pussy Cat
WABS   Barbara Shelley as Venus Browne
WAEG   Eunice Grayson as Lucille Banks
WAFF`  Fenella Fielding as Kim Lawrence
WAHB   Honor Blackman as Mrs Cathy Gale
WAIB   Isla Blair as Bride
WAJL   Jennie Linden as Katie Miles
WAJS   Julie Stevens as Venus Smith
WALT   Linda Thorsen as Tara King
WAVL   Valerie Leon as Betty

RealArt Sketch Cards (1:24 packs or better; marked SK1)

       Adam Cleveland
       Andy Bohn
       Andy Fry
       Bob Stevlic
       Bruce Gerlach
       Charles Hall
       Chris Henderson
       Chuck "The Hun" Zsolnai
       Clayton McCormack
       Dan Day
       Dan Gorman
       Danielle Ellison
       David Day
       Don Pedicini Jr.
       Francois Chartier
       Huy Truong
       J.D. Seeber
       Jason Durden
       Jason Westlake
       Jay Pangan III
       Jerry Fleming
       Joe Miller
       Jonty Gates
       Joseph Miller
       Kevin Meinert
       Kitty-Lydia Dye
       Laura Inglis
       Lee Lightfoot
       Louise Draper
       M. Jason Reed
       Marcia Dye
       Matthew Parmenter
       Paul Cowan
       Rich Molinelli
       Richard Salvucci
       Robert Aragon
       Roy Cover
       Rupam Gupta
       Solly Mohamed
       Ted Woods
       Tom Savage
       Westley Smith
       Wu Wei

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive

AVPM   Patrick Macnee as John Steed [autograph]

Card Album (sold separately; 199 made)

 --    (binder)
WAJP   Jacqueline Pearce as Marianne [autograph card]

Printing Plate Cards

 --    (72 x cyan, magenta, yellow, black)


DTP1   (Rigg on saw with mad movie producer; Derek's Trading Cards, # to 200)
MP1    (Rigg with hand under chin; mitchy9210, # to 200)
NSP1   (Steed at Winged Avengers sign; Non-Sport Trading Cards, # to 200)
NSP2   (Mrs Peel at Winged Avengers sign; Non-Sport Trading Cards, # to 200)
RCP1   (Rigg with watch; Rydeclive, # to 200)
RTP1   (McNee and Blackman in alley with guns; Radickal Trading Cards, # to 200)
RTP2   (Rigg with man and camera; Radickal Trading Cards, # to 200)
UCP1   (Rigg seated holding pistol; Unstoppable, # to 200)
UCP1   Unstoppable Cards (proof, # to 5)

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©2014 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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