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The New Avengers
Strictly Ink - 2006

Notes: Some of the earlier promotional material predicts a different composition 
from the main set that was issued. Thanks much to Gene Smith for the preview-
set update! Further information and scans are posted at the Strictly Ink website.

Box: 36 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case, 125 cases.
Common sets: approx. 2.39 per box if collation were perfect.

     No.    Card Text / Title                                Episode / Card Back

       1    The New Avengers                                 Season one - 1976 to 1977
       2    After a break of 7 years, Steed is back! This    1: The Eagle's Nest
       3    ...In the meantime disguised as monks they kee   1: The Eagle's Nest
       4    Ringmaster, Perov, activates a group of sleepe   2: House of Cards
       5    Gambit is having a 'friendly fight' with a col   2: House of Cards
       6    The Avengers get a tip-off about a meeting by    3: The Last of the Cybernauts...?
       7    The Cybernaut is despatched on a few different   3: The Last of the Cybernauts...?
       8    Professor Turner a scientist who had worked at   4: The Midas Touch
       9    Vann, a bidder wants to prove the power of Mid   4: The Midas Touch
      10    A series of deaths apparently by birds has the   5: Cat Amongst the Pigeons
      11    Purdey also arrives at the Sanctuary and is so   5: Cat Amongst the Pigeons
      12    Five agents have all died and all after having   6: Target
      13    Steed meets Professor Lopez, an expert on cura   6: Target
      14    Seventeen years ago secret agent Gunner was ju   7: To Catch A Rat
      15    Gunner's ex partner Cledge tries to kill him,    7: To Catch A Rat
      16    Bert Brandon leaves prison after doing a stret   8: The Tale of the Big Why
      17    The foreign agents kidnap Purdey to exchange h   8: The Tale of the Big Why
      18    Two vagrants happen to notice that an importan   9: Faces
      19    Steed also arrives at the mission and again th   9: Faces
      20    Over at the Ministry of Agriculture, two gover   10: Gnaws
      21    Steed meanwhile has now realised that what the   10: Gnaws
      22    Secret footage of a group of mercenary soldier   11: Dirtier by the Dozen
      23    Gambit blows his cover by rescuing her and now   11: Dirtier by the Dozen
      24    Steed, Gambit and Purdey watch as a new sleepi   12: Sleeper
      25    They soon realise that in order to foil the ga   12: Sleeper
      26    An Allied Defence plan is couriered to London    13: Three Handed Game
      27    Steed is onto juventor and his cover is blown,   13: Three Handed Game

      28    The Team Roars Across Europe and North America   Season Two - 1977
      29    Many years ago Steed was forced to shoot an ol   14: Dead Men Are Dangerous
      30    Crayford plans to kill Purdey at an old Victor   14: Dead Men Are Dangerous
      31    A number of important Government personnel hav   15: Angels of Death
      32    Meanwhile, Purdey has broken into the health f   15: Angels of Death
      33    One of Steed's close friends within the Depart   16: Medium Rare
      34    This starts with a trip to the ballet, all par   16: Medium Rare
      35    Steed has been chasing 'The Unicorn' for years   17: The Lion and the Unicorn
      36    The Unicorn's men arrive, strapped to the Prin   17: The Lion and the Unicorn
      37    Steed and Purdey are investigating a robbery a   18: Obsession
      38    Larry listens intently to the General waxing l   18: Obsession
      39    Our team get a tip-off about a large drugs dro   19: Trap
      40    They try to fight off Soo Choy's men, but even   19: Trap
      41    The head of the Department, McKay tells Steed    20: Hostage
      42    Gambit reluctantly confronts Steed who then te   20: Hostage
      43    Back in 1945 in Tibet, General Stanislav disco   21: K is for Kill - Part One: The Tiger Awakes
      44    Following the gunshots, one young soldier is o   21: K is for Kill - Part One: The Tiger Awakes
      45    The soldier tries to escape, but is shot by Ga   22: K is for Kill - Part Two: Tiger by the Tail
      46    The President will attend Gaspard's funeral an   22: K is for Kill - Part Two: Tiger by the Tail
      47    Steed and the team need to go to Canada to dis   23: Complex
      48    Meanwhile, back at HQ, Purdey checks Baker's f   23: Complex
      49    In 1969 typhoon 'Agatha' which hit Russia has    24: Forward Base
      50    Purdey then sees him disappear into the lake,    24: Forward Base
      51    Karl Sminsky a crack Soviet spymaster has put    25: The Gladiators
      52    Sminsky had already left, on his way to the Ca   25: The Gladiators
      53    Purdey goes undercover to call the 'Fox', a do   26: Emily
      54    So 'Emily' goes incognito, the bowler is swapp   26: Emily

Behind the Scenes

      55    Sleeper                                          Faces
      56    Trap                                             Faces
      57    The Tale of the Big Why                          The Gladiators
      58    The Lion and the Unicorn                         The Lion and the Unicorn
      59    The Lion and the Unicorn                         The Lion and the Unicorn
      60    The Lion and the Unicorn                         The Lion and the Unicorn
      61    K is for Kill                                    K is for Kill
      62    Complex                                          Forward Base
      63    The Gladiators                                   The Gladiators
      64    Emily                                            Emily

      65    Obsession and The Professionals but not just y   The New Avengers or is it The Professionals?
      66    House of Cards - Steed's Fillies!                House of Cards - Steed's Fillies!
      67    Press Review Card                                Quote Unquote!
      68    Spotlight on Laurie Johnson                      Spotlight on Laurie Johnson
      69    Spotlight on Brian Clemens                       Spotlight on Brian Clemens
      70    The Team

      71    Checklist [1-45]
      72    Checklist [46-72, chase cards]


Gold Foil Cards (1:6 packs)

     F1     Spotlight on Patrick Macnee
     F2     Spotlight on Patrick Macnee
     F3     Spotlight on John Steed
     F4     Spotlight on Joanna Lumley
     F5     Spotlight on Joanna Lumley
     F6     Spotlight on Joanna Lumley
     F7     Spotlight on Joanna Lumley
     F8     Spotlight on Joanna Lumley
     F9     Spotlight on Purdey
     F10    Spotlight on Gareth Hunt
     F11    Spotlight on Gareth Hunt
     F12    Spotlight on Mike Gambit

Autograph Cards (1:14 packs)

   N-A1     Patrick Macnee - John Steed (Very Rare)
   N-A2     Joanna Lumley - Purdey (Very Rare)
   N-A3     Gareth Hunt - Mike Gambit
   N-A4     Caroline Munro - Tammy
   N-A5     William Franklyn - McKay
   N-A6     Keith Barron - Draker
   N-A7     John Castle - Colonel Jack Miller
   N-A8     Alun Armstrong - George Harris
   N-A9     Brian Clemens - Writer and Producer
   N-A10    Laurie Johnson - Composer and Producer
   N-A11    Frank Thornton - Roland (by redemption)

Costume Card

NEWAVI-C1   Suit as worn by John Steed - Patrick Macnee

Sketch Cards (1:8 boxes)

      --    Cynthia Cummens (by redemption)
      --    Tom Hodges
      --    Chris Mabbot (a.k.a. Viktor)
      --    Rich Molinelli
      --    Nick Neocleous
      --    Amy Pronovost
      --    Cat Staggs
      --    Sarah Wilkinson

      --    Congratulations! (sketch redemption card)

Card Album (sold separately)

      --    (binder; limited to 500)
     PR3    (exclusive promo card)


     PRI    Coming Soon (Gambit and Purdey)
     PR1    (Gambit, Purdey, Steed; box-topper for Avengers Definitive Series 2)
     PR2    Coming Soon (Purdey, Steed, and Gambit)
    NA/AL1  Coming Soon (Steed, Purdey, and Gambit; Alien Entertainment exclusive)
      --    Coming Autumn 2004 (dealer sell sheet)
      --    (2006 dealer sell sheet)

PREVIEW SET (2005) (# to 299)

No.     Title

 P1     Coming Soon
 P2     Steed, John Steed
 P3     A Delightful Purdey
 P4     A Confident Gambit
 P5     Champagne Anyone...
 P6     Behind The Scenes
 P7     Publicity Still - Complex
 P8     Kiss Kiss with Purdey
 P9     Listening to Uncle Elron

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©2006, 2007 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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