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Alien vs. Predator Movie Cards
   Inkworks - 2004

Notes:  Thanks to Ray Tucker for the update! Further information and scans are 
posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.  10 boxes per case.
Common sets (90): approx. 2.72 per box if collation were perfect.

      No.    Title

        1    (Title Card)

The Characters

        2    Lex
        3    Weyland
        4    Sebastian
        5    Miller
        6    Max
        7    Thomas
        8    Verheiden
        9    Quinn
       10    Connors
       11    Rousseau
       12    Scar

The Story

       13    Weyland's Team
       14    A Perilous Mission
       15    Into the Unknown
       16    The Sacrificial Chamber
       17    An Unknown Species
       18    Heart of the Pyramid
       19    Who Goes There?
       20    Slaughter Station!
       21    The Unstoppable One
       22    Furious Struggle
       23    Quinn's Final Stand
       24    The Queen's Stolen Eggs
       25    Birth of a Face Hugger
       26    Trapped and Terrified
       27    Max Netted
       28    Facing the Predator
       29    Savage Stranglehold
       30    The Hunter Distracted
       31    Challenged by an Alien
       32    Hunted or Hunter?
       33    Unearthly Opponents
       34    The Terror Titans Clash
       35    A Predator against Them
       36    Weyland's Plea
       37    As the Monster Advances
       38    Taking on the Terror
       39    Courageous...But Futile
       40    Don't Turn Your Back on Me!
       41    Where There's Smoke...
       42    Cocooned!
       43    Death of a Beaker
       44    The Abyss
       45    "Behind You...!"
       46    A Too Close Enounter
       47    Kindred Warriors
       48    Armed for Alien Battle
       49    Chamber of Death
       50    An Act of Mercy
       51    The Tragic Task
       52    Blowing Up the Pyramid
       53    Back to the Surface
       54    Escaping the Armageddon
       55    Blown into Oblivion!
       56    Lex's "Blooding"
       57    A Weapon Well Deserved
       58    Return of the Queen
       59    Mother of All Monsters
       60    Armed Against the Alien
       61    The Whalebone Graveyard
       62    Teamed Against the Terror
       63    Vanquished!


       64    In This Corner...
       65    Suited for Mayhem
       66    Setting Up Scar
       67    A Soldier's Story
       68    All Hail the Queen
       69    The Monster's Makers
       70    Lights! Camera! Carnage!
       71    All Fired Up
       72    Preparing a Predator
       73    The Young Filmmakers
       74    The Queen's Big Scene
       75    Shooting the Climax
       76    Graveyard Shift
       77    A Ledge Too Far
       78    Death in Slow Motion
       79    Directing "Lex"
       80    Filming Sebastian's Dig
       81    The Women of AVP

The AVP Gallery

       82    Art:  The Hunter's Prize
       83    Art:  When Creatures Clash
       84    Art:  The Rite of Passage
       85    Graphics:  Predator
       86    Graphics:  Alien
       87    Line Art:  The Victors
       88    Line Art:  Predator
       89    Line Art:  Alien

       90    Checklist


Survival of the Fiercest Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

      SF1   Ten Years in the Making!
      SF2   A New Action Heroine
      SF3   Bova and the Beasts
      SF4   A Dance against Dragons
      SF5   Building a Better Monster
      SF6   A Regal Makeover
      SF7   Power Puppetry
      SF8   Inside the Chamber
      SF9   How It All Began...

The Deadliest Game (1:17 packs)

      DG1   The Big, The Bad and The Ugly
      DG2   Out of the Past
      DG3   Introducing "Scar"
      DG4   We Admire Its Purity
      DG5   Day of the Face Huggers
      DG6   Look Ma! No Survivors!

Pieceworks Cards (1:36 packs; all by redemption)

     PW-1   Parka worn by Sanaa Lathan as Lex
     PW-2   Parka worn by Lance Henriksen as Weyland
     PW-3   Parka worn by Carsten Norgaard as Quinn [called 'overalls' on redemption card]
     PW-4   Jacket worn by Colin Salmon as Max
     PW-5   Pants worn by Colin Salmon as Max
     PW-6   Parka worn by Tommy Flanagan as Verheiden
     PW-7   Parka worn by Joseph Rye as Connors
     PWR1   Pieceworks Redemption

Autographed Cards (1:36 packs)

      A1    Sanaa Lathan as Lex (by redemption; scarce)
      A2    Colin Salmon as Max (by redemption)
      A3    Sam Troughton as Thomas (by redemption)
      A4    Agathe De La Boulaye as Adele
      A5    Joseph Rye as Connors
      A6    Ian Whyte as Scar
      A7    Adrian Bouchet as Sven (by redemption)
      AR1   Autograph Redemption

Dealer-Incentive Autographed Card

       3    Lance Henriksen (signed Base Card)

"Blood Hunters" Box-Topper Cards

      BL1   In This Corner: Predator
      BL2   In This Corner: Alien
      BL3   Assault on a Queen

Sketch Cards (Inserted in packs; also case-toppers)

      CL1   William O'Neill (numbered to 351)
      CL2   Tone Rodriguez (numbered to 352)
      CL3   Joel Angel Gomez (numbered to 301)

Uncut Sheet (numbered to 199)

      --    Survival of the Fiercest (9-up panel SF-1 through SF-9)

Card Album (sold separately)

      --    (binder)


   P-1       Whoever Wins ... We Lose (general distribution)
   P-2       Whoever Wins ... We Lose (general distribution)
   P-UK      Whoever Wins ... We Lose (U.K.; Cards Inc.)
   P-i       Whoever Wins ... We Lose ( offer; Wizard World)
AVP-SD2004   Whoever Wins ... We Lose (2004 San Diego Comic Con)
AVP-SD2007   Winner Takes All (2007 San Diego Comic Con)
 INK-2004    (10-up panel with 9 other promos)
  SK-2004    Compliments of Inkworks (color sketch card; Wizard World)
  SK-2004    Compliments of Inkworks (black/white sketch card; Wizard World)
       --    (dealer sell sheet)

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