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Awesome Trading Cards Promo Sets
   TradingCardFactory - 2014

Notes: Cards are limited to 250 copies each. Card backs give instructive text. Further 
information and scans are posted  at the Trading Card Factory website.


Big Cats

   No.    Title

    P1    Bengal Tiger
    P2    Lion
    P3    Cheetah


   No.    Title

    P1    Lilac Breasted Roller
    P2    Peacock
    P3    Parrot


   No.    Card Text

    P1    Monkeys can be divided into two groups. Old World
    P2    Capuchin monkeys are believed to be one of the sma
    P3    There are more 300 species of primates in the worl
    P4    The most obvious difference between apes and monke
    P5    Because gorillas and humans are so closely related
    P6    Grinning or pulling the lip is a sign of apprehens

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