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United Nations: Axis of Weasels (Playing Cards)
Anonymous - 2003

Note:  These playing cards illustrate various personalities that have been involved 
with helping to cause, or to oppose, military operations against the Baath regime 
in Iraq. Issued as a boxed card set.

Card    Title                             Affiliation


 S A    Jacque Chirac                     France
 S 2    Kim Jong-il                       North Korea
 S 3    Fidel Castro                      Cuba
 S 4    Hugo Chavez                       Venezuela
 S 5    Moammar Gadhafi                   Libya
 S 6    The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei        Ira n
 S 7    Bashar al-Assad                   Syria
 S 8    Hans Blix
 S 9    Gerhard Schroeder                 Germany
 S 10   Vladimir Putin                    Russia
 S J    Kofi Annan                        U.N.
 S Q    Jean Chretien                     Canada
 S K    Vicente Fox                       Mexico


 H A    Martin Sheen
 H 2    Jessica Lange
 H 3    Ed Asner
 H 4    George Clooney
 H 5    Woody Harrelson
 H 6    Natalie Maines                    Dixie Chick
 H 7    Janeane Garofalo
 H 8    Sean Penn
 H 9    Tim Robbins
 H 10   Susan Sarandon
 H J    Chrissie Hynde
 H Q    Barbra Streisand
 H K    Michael Moore


 D A    Sen. Robert "KKK" Byrd
 D 2    Howard Dean
 D 3    Rep. Jim Moran
 D 4    Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee
 D 5    Rep. Dennis Kucinich
 D 6    Ramsey Clark                      former attorney general
 D 7    Rep. Marcy Kaptur
 D 8    Sen. Patty "Osama Mama" Murray
 D 9    Rep. Pete Stark
 D 10   Rep. Charlie Rangel
 D J    Rep. "Baghdad" Jim McDermott
 D Q    Rep. Nancy Pelosi
 D K    Sen. Teddy Kennedy


 C A    Dan Rather
 C 2    Harry Belafonte
 C 3    Ted Turner
 C 4    Jane Fonda
 C 5    Walter Cronkite
 C 6    Lesley Stahl
 C 7    Robert Scheer
 C 8    Mary McGrory
 C 9    Helen Thomas
 C 10   Peter Arnett
 C J    Bill Moyers
 C Q    Katie Couric
 C K    Gore Vidal

Joker   Jimmy Carter
Joker   Jesse Jackson

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