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Babylon 5 Season 4
Fleer/SkyBox 1998

Notes:  The regular series has a parallel "language" set. Thankfully, the card numbers
are printed in recognized Arabic numerals. Thanks to David Cutler for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 parallel card.
Common sets: approx. 3.74 per box if collation were perfect.
Parallel sets: approximately 1 per 2.25 boxes, on average.

 No.   Title

   1   Babylon 5 Season Four

Regular Characters

   2   John Sheridan
   3   Susan Ivanova
   4   Michael Garibaldi
   5   Delenn
   6   Stephen Franklin
   7   Lennier
   8   Marcus Cole
   9   Vir Cotto
  10   Zack Allan
  11   Lyta Alexander
  12   G'Kar
  13   Londo Mollari

No Surrender, No Retreat

  14   The Hour of the Wolf
  15   Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
  16   The Summoning
  17   Falling Toward Apotheosis
  18   The Long Night
  19   Into the Fire
  20   Epiphanies
  21   The Illusion of Truth
  22   Atonement
  23   Racing Mars
  24   Lines of Communication
  25   Conflicts of Interest
  26   Rumors, Bargains and Lies
  27   Moments of Transition
  28   No Surrender, No Retreat
  29   Exercise of Vital Powers
  30   The Face of the Enemy
  31   Intersections in Real Time
  32   Between the Darkness and the Light
  33   Endgame
  34   Rising Star
  35   The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

Guest Characters

  36   Lord Refa
  37   Cartagia
  38   Morden
  39   Neroon
  40   Anna Sheridan
  41   Justin
  42   Lorien
  43   Dukhat
  44   Alfred Bester
  45   Lise Hampton
  46   William Edgars
  47   Shakiri
  48   Dan Randall
  49   Edward MacDougan
  50   Wade
  51   Number One
  52   Minister
  53   Ulkesh Naranek
  54   Susanna Luchenko
  55   David Corwin
  56   Scott Adams
  57   Harlan Ellison

The Aliens of Babylon 5

  58   Minbari
  59   Centauri
  60   Narn
  61   Drazi
  62   Hyach
  63   Llort
  64   Pak'ma'ra
  65   Brakiri
  66   Markab
  67   Lumati
  68   Drakh
  69   Technomage
  70   Gaim

The Return of John Sheridan

  71   Jump Now
  72   Who Are You?
  73   Surrender to Tock
  74   Engagement
  75   A New Age
  76   Friend or Foe
  77   Betrayal
  78   Interrogation
  79   Sheridan Triumphant

  80   Hugo Award
  81   Babylon 5 Season Four [Checklist]


Season One Retrospective (1:4 packs)

 S1    Na'Toth
 S2    Catherine Sakai
 S3    Adira Tyree
 S4    Trakis
 S5    Aldous Gajic
 S6    Jinxo
 S7    Ari Ben Zayn
 S8    Rabbi Koslov
 S9    Knight Two
S10    Lianna Kemmer
S11    Lady Ladira
S12    N'Grath

Fleet of the First Ones (1:6 packs)

 F1    The First Ones
 F2    Zog!
 F3    Ancient Mariner
 F4    Primed for Battle
 F5    Ace in the Hole
 F6    Our Age Is Past

Starfury Nose Art (1:8 packs)

 V1    The History of Nose Art
 V2    Earth Angel
 V3    Tiger on the Tank
 V4    Sleepy Time Gal
 V5    Snake Bite
 V6    Red Star Rising
 V7    Safe and Secure
 V8    Death's Hand
 V9    Sea Witch

TNT In the Beginning Cards (1:36 packs)

 T1    Story Time
 T2    Starkiller

SkyMotion Space Action (Lenticular) Cards (1:90 packs)

 L1   White Star Emergence
 L2   The Sword of Righteousness
 L3   Ship of Infamy
 L4   Agamemnon Victorious

Autograph Cards (1:90 packs)

 A1   Richard Biggs
        [variants: signed in middle (normal), signed in corner]
 A2   Jeff Conaway
 A3   Stephen Furst
 A4   Peter Jurasik
        [variants: signed in blue, black, silver, or gold]
 A5   Andreas Katsulas
 A6   Bill Mumy
 A7   Patricia Tallman
 A8   Jeffrey Willerth
        [variants: numbered; silver, gold, or red; with "Kosh" inscription]
 A9   Jerry Doyle
A10   Bruce Boxleitner

Box Bonus Card [oversized]

---   Entertainment


---   (unnumbered)
---   (Non-Sport Update 1997 Gummies Awards exclusive)

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