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Babylon 5 - Season Five
   SkyBox - 1998

Notes:  The regular series has a embossed-card parallel set. Autograph numbering 
changed after the original press sheets were produced.  Autographs from those 
lists that were not included in the final release include Dana Barron (Lauren Ashley) 
and Timothy Eyster (Simon). David Betz (thanks!) reports that some of the autographs 
were made available as 3-card uncut strips, possibly concurrent with the end of 
Skybox operations. Thanks to Dan Reitz for the update!

 No.  Title                                      Declaration of Principles


   1  Babylon 5 Season Five [The Wheel of Fire]
   2  No Compromises                             The Universe
   3  The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari       speaks in many
   4  The Paragon of Animals                     languages, but
   5  A View from the Gallery                    only one voice.
   6  Learning Curve                             The language is
   7  Strange Relations                          not Narn, or
   8  Secrets of the Soul                        Human, or
   9  In the Kingdom of the Blind                Centauri, or
  10  A Tragedy of Telepaths                     Gaim, or Minbari.
  11  Phoenix Rising                             It speaks in the
  12  Day of the Dead                            language of
  13  The Ragged Edge                            hope. It speaks
  14  The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father   in the language
  15  Meditations on the Abyss                   of trust.
  16  Darkness Ascending                         It speaks in the
  17  And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder            language of
  18  Movements of Fire and Shadow               strength and
  19  The Fall of Centauri Prime                 the language of
  20  The Wheel of Fire                          compassion,
  21  Objects in Motion                          the language
  22  Objects at Rest                            of the heart

The New Regime

  23  Vir / Ta'Lon                               and the
  24  Lochley                                    language of the
  25  Dr. Hobbs                                  soul. But
  26  Number One                                 always it is the
  27  Zack                                       same voice.

Lochley Takes the Captain's Chair

  28  On Board                                   It is the voice
  29  Setting It Straight                        of our
  30  Lochley Tries Diplomacy                    ancestors
  31  Bester Takes Byron                         speaking
  32  Marriage Annulled                          through us, and
  33  Meeting Zoe                                the voice of our
  34  Troubled Past                              inheritors,
  35  Protector                                  waiting to be
  36  Saying Good-bye                            born.

Iconization of G'Kar

  37  G'Kar's New Job                            It is the small,
  38  Return of the Messiah                      still voice that
  39  Liberating the Book                        says, "We are one.
  40  No Peace                                   No matter the
  41  Lesson Number One                          blood,
  42  Leaving Delenn                             no matter the
  43  Dispelling the Myth                        skin,
  44  Assassination Attempt                      no matter the
  45  Handing the Torch                          world,

What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?

  46  Zack's Initiation                          no matter the
  47  Garibaldi's Arrest                         star,
  48  Garibaldi's Last Stand                     we are one.
  49  Off the Wagon                              No matter the
  50  Catch!                                     pain,
  51  Urgent Message                             no matter the
  52  Lise to the Rescue                         darkness,
  53  And You're Out!                            no matter the
  54  The New Board                              loss,

 Telepath Crisis

  55  Byron Asks for Refuge                      no matter the
  56  Garibaldi Asks for Help                    fear,
  57  Byron Welcomes Lyta                        we are one.
  58  Bester Arrives                             Here, gathered
  59  Telepaths United                           together in
  60  Byron Dies A Martyr                        common cause,
  61  Lyta's Arrest                              we agree to
  62  Lyta's Deal                                recognize this
  63  G'Kar's Offer                              singular truth:

Fall of Centauri Prime

  64  Londo's New Bodyguard                      that we are one;
  65  The Truth Revealed                         and this
  66  Vir Asks for Help                          singular rule:
  67  Londo's Nightmare                          that we must
  68  Londo Speaks Out                           be kind
  69  Regent Confesses                           to one another.
  70  Londo Stands Witness                       Because each
  71  Londo's Keeper                             voice lost
  72  Emperor Mollari II                         diminishes us.

Birth of the Alliance

  73  The Swearing In                            We are the voice
  74  Drazi Refuse To Sign                       of the universe.
  75  Shadow Eggs Uncovered                      The soul of creation.
  76  White Stars Go In                          The fire that will
  77  The Drazi Attack                           light the way
  78  The Republic Withdraws                     to a better future.
  79  Home                                       We are one.
  80  A Gift                                     (We are one.)

  81  Babylon 5 Season Five [Checklist]


One Exit at a Time Cards

 E1   Lennier
 E2   Londo
 E3   G'Kar & Lyta
 E4   Garibaldi
 E5   Franklin
 E6   Delenn & Sheridan

Sleeping in Light Cards

 S1   General Ivanova
 S2   Emperor Vir Cotto
 S3   Franklin and Garibaldi
 S4   The Banquet
 S5   Good-Bye
 S6   One Last Visit
 S7   Sleeping in Light
 S8   Lights Out
 S9   In Memory Still Bright

Thirdspace Cards

 T1   The Discovery
 T2   And So it Begins
 T3   Dark Runes
 T4   Bots Are Drawn
 T5   The Dark Tower
 T6   Thirdspace
 T7   Anti-Life Itself
 T8   The Battle
 T9   A Dark Guardian

The River of Souls Cards

 R1   The Vault of Souls
 R2   Introducing Dr. Bryson
 R3   Love Bat
 R4   First Contact
 R5   Holobrothel Tech
 R6   Soul Hunter
 R7   The Truth of Ralga
 R8   Another Lochley
 R9   Supreme Sacrifice

Autograph Cards

A01   Bruce Boxleitner                        Sheridan
A02   Tracy Scoggins                          Lochley
A03   Walter Koenig                           Bester
A04   Raymond O'Conner                        Mack
A05   Marjorie Monaghan                       Number One
A06   Dex Elliot Sanders                      Jonathan Harris
A07   Denise Gentile                          Lise Hampton-Edgars
A08   Ian Ogilvy                              Lord Jano
A09   Bridget Flanery                         Zoe
A10   Patricia Tallman & Jeffrey Willerth     Lyta & Kosh
A11   Marie Marshall                          Dodger
A12   Wayne Alexander                         Lorien
A13   Wayne Alexander                         Drakh
A14   Julie Caitlin-Brown                     Na'Toth
A15   Joshua Cox                              David Corwin
A16   Penn and Teller                         Rebo & Zooty
A17   Ed Wasser                               Morden
A18   Patricia Tallman                        Lyta Alexander
A19   Fabiano Udenio                          Adira Tyree
A20   John Copeland                           Producer
A21   Robin Atkin Downes                      Byron
A22   Joshua Cox                              David Corwin


---   Season Five
---   The Saga Continues... November 1998 (SDCC & videos)

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