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Babylon 5: Profiles
SkyBox - 1999

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.05 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Knock Knock
  2   Who's There?
  3   Babylon 5: Profiles
  4   Some Gathered: Commander Jeffrey Sinclair
  5   Some Gathered: Lyta Alexander
  6   Some Gathered: Ambassador G'Kar
  7   Some Gathered: Ambassador Londo Mollari
  8   Some Gathered: Ambassador Delenn   
  9   Some Gathered: Michael Garibaldi
 10   A Few Knew Bester
 11   A Few Knew What To Say
 12   A Few Knew They Were Stronger
 13   A Few Knew Change Was Eminent
 14   A Few Knew They Had No Control
 15   A Few Knew The End Was Near
 16   A Few Knew The Truth
 17   A Few Knew Their Part
 18   A Few Knew Who To Tell
 19   Some Sacrificed More than Time
 20   Some Sacrificed With Style
 21   Some Sacrificed Though Not In Silence
 22   Some Suffered For a Lifetime
 23   Some Suffered As a People
 24   Some Suffered With Vengeance
 25   One Pledged Service
 26   One Pledged Honor
 27   One Pledged Love
 28   Three Held Steady In the Face of Challenge
 29   Three Held Steady With Their Entire Being
 30   Three Held Steady In Spite of Themselves
 31   Three Held Steady In the Company of Greatness
 32   Three Held Steady Through Change
 33   Three Held Steady In Times of Uncertainty
 34   Three Held Steady Beside the Enemy
 35   Three Held Steady Most of the Time
 36   Three Held Steady To the End
 37   A Voice of Mystery And Intention
 38   A Voice of Mystery Yet Amazing Clarity
 39   A Voice of Mystery And Comfort
 40   A Voice of Reason And Determination
 41   A Voice of Reason And Observation
 42   A Voice of Reason Amongst Controversy
 43   A Voice of the Future We Couldn't Change
 44   A Voice of the Future We Trusted
 45   A Voice of the Future We Hoped Would Never Come
 46   A Guide With Humor
 47   A Guide With Stamina
 48   A Guide Of Resource
 49   A Leader With Strength
 50   A Leader Not Without Struggle
 51   A Leader With a Past
 52   A Witness Of Terror
 53   A Witness Of Change
 54   A Witness Of Challenge
 55   A Few We Lost: Kosh
 56   A Few We Lost: Lady Adira Tyree
 57   A Few We Lost: Talia Winters
 58   A Few We Lost: Morden
 59   A Few We Lost: Centauri Regent
 60   A Few We Lost: Dodger
 61   A Few We Lost: Byron
 62   A Few We Lost: Marcus
 63   A Few We Lost: Sheridan
 64   A Friendship Gained Against Great Odds
 65   A Friendship Gained Despite Painful History
 66   A Friendship Gained: A Fight to the Death
 67   A Friendship Gained Without Compromise
 68   A Friendship Gained In Baby Steps
 69   A Friendship Gained Out of Caring
 70   A Friendship Gained Through Apology
 71   A Friendship Gained By Accepting Its Burden
 72   A Friendship Gained By Forgiving
 73   The One Who Was There for the Beginning
 74   The One Who Was One Step Ahead
 75   The One Who Was More Than Expected
 76   The One Who Is Not Afraid
 77   The One Who Is Undaunted
 78   The One Who Is Always Aware
 79   The One Who Will Be Our Future
 80   The One Who Will Be Often Alone
 81   The One Who Will Be Never Forgotten
 82   Some Will Never Forget The Beginning
 83   Some Will Never Forget How News Traveled
 84   Some Will Never Forget Cats
 85   Some Will Never Forget The Madness
 86   Some Will Never Forget Emperor Vir?
 87   Some Will Never Forget That Voice
 88   Some Will Never Forget Zack's Cough
 89   Some Will Never Forget The Elevator Scene
 90   Some Will Never Forget The Big Return
 91   Some Will Never Forget The View from the Gallery
 92   Some Will Never Forget Londo's Denial
 93   Some Will Never Forget Spellbinding Visitors
 94   Some Will Never Forget Z'Ha'Dum
 95   Some Will Never Forget A Hell of a Day
 96   Some Will Never Forget The Holobrothel
 97   Some Will Never Forget The Final Moments
 98   Some Will Never Forget Zathras
 99   Some Will Never Forget The Three
100   Babylon 5: Profiles Checklist


The Prop Cage (1:4 packs)

PC1   Pin Links
PC2   PPG's
PC3   Comp Pads
PC4   G'Kar Statue
PC5   Triluminary
PC6   Letters & Time Stabilizer
PC7   Ranger Pike and Pin
PC8   Crystal Construct
PC9   Soul Globe
PC10  Londo Doll
PC11  Green Man Dummy
PC12  Tricks of the Trade
PC13  Centauri Weaponry
PC14  Remnants of Psi Corps
PC15  Sebastian's Cane
PC16  Starfury Trappings
PC17  ISN Floating Camera
PC18  Shadow Eggs

The Director's Chair (1:16 packs)

DC1   John Flinn III
DC2   Tony Dow
DC3   Stephen Furst
DC4   John Copeland
DC5   J. Michael Straczynski

The Writer's Desk (1:16 packs)

WD1   Lawrence G. Ditillio
WD2   D.C. Fontana
WD3   Neil Gaiman

The Optic Nerve (1:12 packs)

ON1   The First Ones
ON2   Ralgan
ON3   Soul Hunter
ON4   Llort
ON5   Pak'ma'ra
ON6   Drakh
ON7   Surgery Aliens
ON8   Brakiri
ON9   Narn

Autographs (1:36 packs for all types)

 A1   Harlan Ellison, Consultant
 A2   Martin Sheen as Soul Hunter
 A3   Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari
 A4   Bill Mumy as Lennier
 A5   Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as William Edgars
 A6   Adrienne Barbeau as Amanda Carter
 A7   Michael York as Arthur
 A8   Shari Belafonte as Dr. Elizabeth Trent

Sleeping In Light Autographs

SA1   Bruce Boxleitner as John Sheridan
SA2   Claudia Christian as Susan Ivanova
SA3   Jerry Doyle as Michael Garibaldi
SA4   Mira Furlan as Delenn
SA5   Richard Biggs as Dr. Stephen Franklin
SA6   Stephen Furst as Vir Cotto
SA7   Jeff Conaway as Zack Allan

Harlan Ellison Card (numbered to 1000)

HE1   Harlan Ellison


---   Available: 09.15.99

©1999, 2000, 2001, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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