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Back-Slapper Stickers
   Fleer / Dubble Bubble - 1967

Notes: A variation on the set with numerous changes in numbers and captions was 
released by Fleer Limited (Canada). The Canadian cards had a horizontal-peel sticker 
and were smaller (2-1/2" x 3-3/8"), versus the vertical-peel-sticker design of the U.S. 

Box: 36 packs.

No.   Caption

  1   I am so fit to eat with pigs
  2   Kiss me... you fool!
  3   Please pick my pockets
  4   My father can beat up your mother
  5   I just escaped from the nut house
  6   I'm the world's tallest midget
  7   Help stamp out schools!
  8   Quiet please!
  9   I'm Teachers Pet!
 10   I took ugly pills this morning
 11   I'm not doing the frug
 12   If this looks funny you need glasses
 13   My brother can beat up your sister!!
 14   Danger falling dandruff!
 15   Somebody turn me around
 16   I'm no dope
 17   Help stamp out teachers
 18   I've got nothing but muscle
 19   Somebody give me a sock
 20   I'm yours!
 21   This side up
 22   Call me Stinky
 23   I'm the best speller in my skool!!
 24   My sister can beat up your brother
 25   I'm lost! Take me to the nearest policeman
 26   Please scratch my back!
 27   Look at this green picture
 28   I'm a worm
 29   Tilt! I'm out of order
 30   I am not a boy!!
 31   My back looks funny
 32   Help stamp out parents
 33   I'm a nut!
 34   I was just in a beauty contest
 35   I'm an official spitball target
 36   Danger! Bad breath!
 37   You're looking at the world's biggest coward.
 38   I'm ugly but bright 2 x 3 = 7
 39   Me speak with forked tongue
 40   My mother can beat up your father
 41   I just flunked out of kindergarten
 42   I'll be a movie star
 43   My brain is like the alphabet: M.T.
 44   How ugly can you get?
 45   Help stamp out children
 46   I'm playing hookey tomorrow!
 47   Unless you're a cop stop following me!
 48   I've got B.O.
 49   I'm no good but you're no gooder
 50   They charged me $4.00 for a haircut...
 51   Want to fight my friend?
 52   Please drop in the nearest mailbox
 53   Please yell at me
 54   I am not a girl!
 55   I collect old cigar butts.
 56   Find me in the Yellow Pages
 57   Please tap me on this shoulder
 58   Wanna know where I'm going crazy!
 59   Sing Sing Class of 1978
 60   You wanna fight?

Introduction Cards (U.S.: black ink; Canada: red ink)

 --   This Will Introduce - World's Greatest Lover
 --   (9 others?)

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