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Bad Girls Shock Cards
   Personality Comics - 1992

Notes: Cards were sold as a factory set, with color artwork on fronts and 
"evidence" text on backs. The numbers are from the checklist card; they are 
not shown on the cards.

   No.   Title

   --    [title card / checklist]

     1   Lita Ford
     2   Leona Helmsley
     3   Debbie Harry
     4   Jodie Foster
     5   Liz Taylaor
     6   Robin Givens
     7   Helen of Troy
     8   Eva Peron
     9   Roseanne Arnold
    10   Sherilyn Fenn
    11   Latoya Jackson
    12   Sharon Stone
    13   Sybil Danning
    14   Mae West
    15   Typhoid Mary
    16   Traci Lords
    17   Amy Fisher
    18   Judy Garland
    19   Janis Joplin
    20   Patty Hearst
    21   Marilyn Monroe
    22   Cher
    23   Sandra Bernhardt
    24   Princess Diana
    25   Seka
    26   Ginger Lynn
    27   Eva Baun
    28   Brigette Nielson
    29   Teighlor the Fat Lady
    30   Cleopatra
    31   Catherine the Great
    32   Madonna
    33   Marie Antoinette
    34   Winnie Mandela
    35   Bonnie Parker
    36   Virginia Madsen

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