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Baloney Ads
   Goodies Products - 1960

Notes: This set is often considered to be a Canadian variation on the Foney Ads 
series. Card fronts show advertising artwork and backs feature Mr. Baloney's 

No.   Title

  1   Use Dripton Tea Bags
  2   Use Old Wet Blue Blades
  3   Chew Uncle Wiggley Spearmint Gum
  4   Fool-Aid Instant Drink
  5   Bums for Indigestion
  6   Old Blue Chore
  7   Moretoil No Purpose Detergent
  8   Fill Up with Smell Gasoline
  9   Marker 61 Pens
 10   Anysin Tablets
 11   Staleo Shampoo
 12   Take Hex-All Vitamins
 13   Drink Curdling Green Cap Ale
 14   Try Daft Cheese
 15   Drink Boredom's Milk
 16   Sleep on a Timmonds No-Rest Mattress
 17   Roach-Nut Menthol Cough-Drops
 18   Tarnation Evaporated Milk
 19   Drink Choka-Cola
 20   Grave Train Dog Food
 21   Instant Maxsmell House Coffee
 22   Use Soxodol Suds
 23   Buy Crust Tooth Paste
 24   Ride on Bad-year Tires
 25   Drive a Renold Doefin
 26   Use Slopkin Napkins
 27   Try Nutscafee Instant Coffee
 28   Chef Sick-You'll-Be Ravioli in Slop
 29   Have a Mudsicle
 30   Have a Madbury Chocolate Bar
 31   Wear Narrow Shirts
 32   Smoke Drool Cigatettes
 33   Miss Hairout Hair Discoloring Cream
 34   Try Lograde Hot Dogs
 35   Eat Stalemers Pork And Beans
 36   Stooge-a-Baker Cars
 37   Smoke Playing Cigarettes
 38   Use Rave-Alone Face Make-Up
 39   Have a Berpsi-Cola
 40   Belcha-Seltzer Tablets
 41   Messo Gasoline
 42   Trampbells Soup
 43   Neverready Batteries
 44   Drink Holt Beverages
 45   Try Fatrecal 9,000 Calorie Diet
 46   Swapsons T.V. Dinner
 47   Dripstan Cold Tablets
 48   Use Top Bald Hair Dressing
 49   Strife Saver Candy
 50   Smellog's Worn Flakes
 51   Use Bettey Croaker Cake Mixup
 52   Pestinhouse Television

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