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Barbie (Series 2)
   Mattel - 1991

Notes:  Cards are oversized, 3-1/2" x 5-1/2". A boxed Collector Set had 20 additional 
cards but excluded the puzzles. Card backs can be distinguished from the 1990 series 
by the card numbers at the top, instead of hidden with the copyright line. Thanks 
much to Mary Wernke for the list!

Box: 24 packs of 10 cards + 1 puzzle card.
Common sets: approx. 0.80 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title/Description

    Barbie and Her Pets

  1   Fashion Jeans Barbie and Fluff/Hide and Seek
  2   Fluff/On the Go
  3   Prince/Lights! Camera! Action!
  4   Day to Night Barbie and Prince/Spreading Good Cheer
  5   Tropical Barbie and Tahiti/Chatter Box
  6   Dream Horse Prancer/A Beautiful Dream
  7   Western Barbie and Dallas/On the Lookout
  8   Loving You Barbie and Dream Horse Prancer/A Walk in the Meadow
  9   Dream Date Barbie in 5835 Afternoon Party and Dream Horse Dixie/
        A Lesson in Horse Scents
 10   Horse Lovin' Barbie and Dallas/The Horseback Helper
 11   Horse Lovin' Barbie and Dallas/Barbie and her Pets Check List
 12   Angel Face Barbie and Dallas/Food for Thought
 13   European Equestrienne Barbie and Dancer/A Jump Ahead of the Rest
 14   Horse Lovin' Ken and Barbie on Dallas and Midnight/The Lasso Lesson
 15   Western Fun Barbie and Sun Runner/Lost and Found
 16   Sun Runner/A Song for Sun Runner
 17   Animal Lovin' Barbie, Ken and Nikki with Zizi Zebra and Ginger Giraffe/
        Wild About Animals
 18   Cool City Blues Barbie and Blinking Beauty/In the Spotlight
 19   Barbie in Sweater Soft 4481 and Prince/Poodles in the Park
 20   Western Barbie and Midnight/A Midnight Rescue
 21   Peaches and Cream Barbie in B Active 7910 and Prince/An Evening at Home
 22   Dream Date Barbie in 5835 Afternoon Party and Midnight, Dallas and Dixie/
        Racing with the Moon
 23   Barbie in 5836 Country Girl and Midnight/Love at First Bite
 24   Beauty and her Pups/Puppy Problems
 25   Beauty/The Halloween Hound

    Barbie and Her Music

 26   Midge/A Photo Finish                               Barbie & the Beat
 27   Barbie/A Special Date                              Barbie & the Beat
 28   Christie/Cover Girl Christie                       Barbie & the Beat
 29   Barbie in Music Fashion 4569/Over and Over Again   Barbie & the Beat
 30   Barbie in Music Fashion (stock number unknown)/    Barbie & the Beat
        Fashion Dancing with Barbie
 31   Midge, Barbie and Christie/Pleasing the Crowd      Barbie & the Beat
 32   Barbie/Out West with Barbie                        Barbie & the Beat
 33   Christie/At the Round-Up                           Barbie & the Beat
 34   Midge/Midge Goes Country                           Barbie & the Beat
 35   Midge, Barbie and Christie/Opening Night           Barbie & the Beat
 36   Kayla, Ken, Barbie and Devon/Doin' the Barbie      Dance Club
 37   Barbie/Ken's Big Surprise                          Dance Club
 38   Devon/Devon's First Solo                           Dance Club
 39   Ken in Dance Club 3570/Better Late than Never      Dance Club
 40   Kayla/Doing the Limbo                              Dance Club
 41   Bopsy, Barbie and Becky/Sing-along Night           Sensations
 42   Barbie in Sensations 4978/Fun with Friends         Sensations
 43   Barbie and Juke Box Music Shop/                    Sensations
        Rockin' Around the Clock
 44   Bopsy, Belinda, Barbie and Becky/                  Sensations
        Learning a New Step
 45   Bopsy, Belinda and Becky/A Surprise for Barbie     Sensations
 46   Rockers Barbie/Wait for Barbie                     Rockers
 47   Rockers Barbie/A Night at the Movies               Rockers
 48   Rockers Barbie, Derek and Diva/Hometown Show       Rockers
 49   Rockers Dana/A Star is Born                        Rockers
 50   Rockers DeeDee/Summer Dreams                       Rockers
 51   Rockers DeeDee, Dana, Diva, Barbie and Derek/      Rockers
        The Rockers' Farewell
 52   Rockers Barbie in 1175 Glitter N Lace, 1170        Rockers
        Disco Mice, 1166 Stretchin' It and 1176
        Leather N Lace and Derek in 1177 Rockin'
        Concert/Lucky Girl
 53   PJ, Barbie and Ken/Feelin' Groovy                  Live Action
 54   Barbie/On the Go with the Sensations               Sensations
 55   Barbie in Dance Club 3568/Barbie and Her           Dance Club 
        Music Check List
 56   Barbie in Dance Club 3565/Barbie on Wheels         Dance Club
 57   Diva, Derek and Barbie and Hot Rockin' Van/        Rockers
        On the Road Again
 58   Becky/Beboppin' with Becky                         Sensations
 59   Belinda/Belinda's Dream Comes True                 Sensations
 60   Bopsy/Bopsy's Busy Lunch                           Sensations
 61   Diva, Barbie and Derek and the Hot Rockin' Stage/  Rockers
        Rockin' Out

    Dolls of the World

 62   Italian Barbie/Pasta and Flower Petals
 63   Royal Barbie/The Palace Ball
 64   Parisian Barbie/Pretty in Paris
 65   Scottish Barbie/Monsters and Maidens
 66   Oriental Barbie/Sightseeing in Hong Kong
 67   Eskimo Barbie/North to Alaska
 68   India Barbie/On a Jungle Caravan
 69   Spanish Barbie/Fiesta Fantasy
 70   Swedish Barbie/Swedish Surprise
 71   Irish Barbie/Over the Rainbow
 72   Swiss Barbie/Mountain Song
 73   Japanese Barbie/The Tea Ceremony
 74   Greek Barbie/Dancing in the Streets
 75   Peruvian Barbie/The Secret of the Flowers
 76   German Barbie/Time Out for Barbie
 77   Icelandic Barbie/Picnic at Midnight
 78   Canadian Barbie/Barbie Solves a Mystery
 79   Korean Barbie/What's in the Attic?
 80   Russian Barbie/Winter Wonderland
 81   Mexican Barbie/Buenos Dias, Barbie
 82   Brazilian Barbie/Carnival in Rio
 83   Nigerian Barbie/The Girl with the Gold Bracelets
 84   Malaysian Barbie/Monkey Business
 85   Czechoslovakian Barbie/Folk-Dancing Barbie
 86   Swiss, Spanish, Irish and Swedish Barbie/Barbie
       International Fashion Contest
 87   Parisian, Irish, Eskimo, Swiss, Spanish, Oriental,
       Swedish, Scottish and India Barbie/And the Winner Is?
 88   Brazilian and Nigerian Barbie/Twice as Nice
 89   Icelandic, Canadian, Peruvian, Greek, Korean and
        German Barbie/Stage Fright
 90   Mexican, Russian, Nigerian and Brazilian Barbie/
        The Grand Finale
 91   Eskimo Barbie/Dolls of the World Checklist

    Barbie and Ken

 92   Dance Magic Barbie and Ken/Dancing in the Spotlight
 93   Dance Magic Barbie and Ken/Dancing Til Dawn
 94   Ice Capades Barbie and Ken/Show-Stopping Magic
 95   My First Barbie and Ken/Crowned Jewels
 96   Flight Time Barbie and Ken/Jet-Setting Adventure
 97   SuperStar Barbie and Ken/An Award-Winning Night
 98   All Star Barbie and Ken/Barbie and Ken Check List
 99   Day to Night Ken and Barbie/Getting Down to Business
100   Perfume Pretty Barbie and Perfume Giving Ken/
        A Sweet-Smelling Surprise
101   My First Barbie and Ken/Stars of the Ballet
102   SuperStar Barbie and Ken/A Hollywood Celebration
103   Animal Lovin' Barbie and Ken/It's a Jungle Out There
104   Crystal Ken and Barbie/Gift for a Crystal Princess
105   Day to Night Ken and Barbie/A Night on the Town
106   Kissing Barbie and SuperStar Ken/A Kiss from Barbie
107   Roller Skating Barbie and Ken/Roller Disco Surprise
108   Island Fun Barbie and Ken/All Bottled up
109   Brunette Ponytail Barbie in 993 Sophisticated Lady,
        Ken in 787 Tuxedo, Titian
110   Bubblecut Barbie in 951 Senior Prom and Blonde Ponytail
        Barbie in 982 Solo in the Spotlight/Gowns from the Past
110   Brunette Ponytail Barbie in 968 Roman Holiday and Brunette
        Flock Hair Ken in 786 Saturday Date/Left in the Ruins
111   Brunette Bubblecut Barbie in 941 Tennis, Anyone? and Blond
        Flock Hair Ken in 790. Time for Tennis/Champs
112   Brunette Flock Hair Ken in 779 American Airlines Captain,
        Titian Ponytail Barbie in 984 American Airlines Stewardess
        and Blonde Ponytail Barbie in 934 After Five/Flight to Paris
113   Deluxe Quick Curl Barbie and Now Look Ken/Don't Flip
114   Brunette Molded Hair Ken in 1408 Fraternity Meeting and
        Blonde Bubblecut Barbie in 937 Sorority Meeting/Fraternity
115   Ken in 1415 Astronaut and Barbie in 1641 Miss Astronaut/
        Starry-Eyed Ken Barbie and Ken/Barbie in Jeans Fashion 1694,
        Ken in 1690 Sporty Guy and and Barbie in 1692 Denver/Fun
        on the High Seas
116   Fashion Jeans Barbie and Ken/Ride 'Em Ken
117   Dream Date Barbie and Ken/A Perfect Evening
118   Great Shape Barbie and Ken/Ken Gets a Workout
119   Dream Date Ken and Barbie/Now You're Cookin'
120   Sunsational Malibu Barbie and Ken/A Real Team Player
121   Dream Glow Ken and Barbie/A Bright Idea
122   Dream Glow Ken and Barbie/Magic Stars
123   Magic Moves Barbie and Dream Glow Ken/The Inside Scoop
124   Blonde Ponytail Barbie in 963 Resort Set and Ken in 789
        Yachtsman/A Fish Out of Water
125   Costume Ball Barbie and Ken/A Royal Costume Ball

    Ken and His Fashions

126   Flight Time Ken/Welcome Home, Ken
127   Wet N Wild Ken/Surfer Ken
128   My First Ken in My First 9314/The Fast Track
129   My First Ken in My First 9335/Life's a Parade
130   My First Ken in My First 9299/A Love Song for Barbie
131   Dr. Ken/The Ice Cream Cure
132   Western Ken/Cowboy Ken Rides Again
133   Day to Night Ken/Front Page News
134   Ken in Sweater Soft 4496/Autumn Leaves
135   Ken in City Style 4416/Ken and His Fashions Check List
136   Dr. Ken/Doctor's Orders
137   Blond Flock Hair Ken/Love at First Sight
139   Brunette Flock Hair Ken in 787 Tuxedo/First Date
140   Animal Lovin' Ken/Help for a Zebra
141   Ken in 799 Touchdown/Ken Scores a Touchdown
142   Cool Times Ken/Kite Flying in the Park
143   Perfume Giving Ken/Scent from Paris
144   Ken in Twice as Nice 2306/Living it up in London
145   Ken in Twice as Nice 9116/Motor Mania
146   Ken in Twice as Nice 2304/Karate Ken
147   Ken in Twice as Nice 9113/Charity Tournament
148   Day to Night Ken/Lunchtime Surprise
149   Day to Night Ken in 9086 TV Sports Reporter/
        An Award for Ken
150   Dream Glow Ken in 9193 Fantastic White Suit Glows in
        the Dark/Moonlight Serenade
151   Great Shape Ken/Exercising with Ken
152   Ken in 0772 The Prince/A Royal Rescue
153   Ken in 0774 Arabian Nights/The Magic Lamp
154   Ken in 0773 King Arthur/Ken Plays King Arthur
155   Ken in 0880 Red Riding Hood and the Wolf/The Big Bad Wolf

    Skipper Fun Fashions

156   Teen Sweetheart Skipper/A Sweet Surprise
157   Teen Time Skipper/Every Litter Bit Helps
158   Teen Fun Workout Skipper/Wild About Workouts
159   Teen Sweetheart Skipper and Closet Carrier Playcase/
        Tied up in Knots
160   Teen Time Skipper/Slumber Party Surprise
161   Hot Stuff Skipper/Shaping up with Skipper
162   Dream Date Skipper/"Sherlock" Skipper Solves the Mystery
163   Cool Tops Skipper/Skipper's Stamping Grounds
164   Cool Tops Skipper and Courtney/Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
165   Cool Tops Skipper/Pretty and Pink
166   Cool Tops Skipper in Cool Tops 9060/A Tasty Surprise
167   Wet N Wild Skipper/Splish Splash Skipper
168   Wet N Wild Skipper and Steven/Scuba Diver Skipper
169   Wet N Wild Skipper/A "Stroke" of Luck?
170   Blonde Straight Leg Skipper in 1910 Sunny Pastels and
        Blonde Bend Leg Barbie in 1619 Fun N Games/Super Shot Skipper
171   Brunette Bend Leg Barbie in 1631 Aboard Ship and Brunette
        Straight Leg Skipper in 1918 Ship Ahoy/Shipping Out
172   Brunette Bend Leg Skipper in 1913 Me N My Doll and Brunette
        Bend Leg Barbie in 1.626 Dancing Doll/Jitterbug Jitters
173   Blonde Twist N Turn Skipper in 1956 Skimmy Stripes and Brunette
        Twist N Turn Barbie in 1462 Rare Pair/Skipper Fun Fashions
        Check List
174   Island Fun Skipper/No Contest
175   Hot Stuff Skipper in So Active 7978/Skipper Saves the Day
176   Great Shape Skipper/Practice Makes Perfect
177   Skipper in 2597 Head of the Class/Bundle up Your Troubles
178   Skipper in 2608 Party in Pink/It's Party Time
179   Skipper in 2629 Class Act/Mademoiselle Skipper
180   Skipper in 2640 Sunshine Funshine/Skipper Goes on a Star Search
181   Teen Fun Cheerleader Skipper/Cheering on the Team
182   Homecoming Queen Skipper in Lookin' Lively 2593/Dance Fever
183   Homecoming Queen Skipper/Hooray for the Homecoming Queen
184   Skipper in Lookin' Lively 2798/Skipper Lends a Hand 
185   Skipper in 2633 Fashion Smarts/A Winning Combination

    Barbie Fun Playsets

186   Crystal Barbie and Silver 'Vette/A New Set of Wheels
187   Motor Bike/Special Delivery
188   Great Shape Barbie and Workout Center/Fit for Fun
189   Great Shape Barbie and Workout Center/
        Barbie Fun Playsets Check List
190   Dream Date Barbie and Dream 'Vette/Barbie Goes to Camp
191   Ferrari/Keys to a Ferrari
192   Cool Times Barbie and Midge and '57 Chevy/Carhoppin'
193   Western Fun Barbie and Western Fun Motor Home/
        Something's Strange on the Range
194   Western Fun Ken, Barbie and Nia/Western Fun Motor Home/
        Way Out West
195   Flight Time Ken and Barbie in Flight Time Airplane/
        Above the Clouds
196   Flight Time Barbie and Ken in Flight Time Airplane/
        Plans for Mardi Gras
197   Magical Mansion/A Nice Evening
198   Cool Times Barbie and Ken and Soda Shoppe/
        Soda Shoppe Til You Drop
199   All Stars Christie and Barbie and All Stars Sports Club/
        The Forgotten Date
200   Barbie and Sweet Roses Vanity and Nightstand/Sitting Pretty
201   Barbie and Sweet Roses Armoire/TV Star Armoire
202   Barbie and Sweet Roses Beauty Bath/Good Clean Fun
203   Barbie and Sweet Roses Cooking Center/A Wish Come True
204   Barbie and Sweet Roses Refrigerator Freezer/Everyday is Sundae
205   Glamour Home/Party on the Rooftop
206   Tropical Skipper and Dr. Barbie and Loving Care Playcase/
        Dr. Barbie to the Rescue
207   Island Fun Barbie and Island Fun Playset/Fair-Feathered Friend
208   Barbie and Sweet Roses Bedroom Armoire, Vanity and
        Nightstand and Ribbons & Roses Bed/Pillow Talking
209   Perfume Pretty Barbie and Sweet Roses Living Room/
        A Magic Bed for Skipper
210   California Barbie, Ken and Midge and Hot Dog Stand/
        Hot Dog! It's Lunchtime
211   Barbie and Dream Furniture Luxury Bathtub/Mud Bath
212   Tropical Barbie and Splash Cycle/Surprise Picnic
213   Horse Lovin' Barbie and Travelin' Trailer/Stuck in the Mud
214   SuperStar Barbie and Dream Furniture Bed, Nightstand
        and Rug/Barbie on TV
215   Beautiful Bride Barbie and SuperStar Barbie and Dream Furniture
        Armoire, Dream Furniture Bed, Nightstand and Rug, and Dream
        Furniture Vanity and Seat/Slumber Party
216   Dream House Furnished/A Date for the Movies
217   Pink & Pretty Barbie/Command Performance
218   Barbie in Jeans 4880 and Ice Cream Shoppe Playset/Double Dippin
219   California Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe with Cart/Thanks for the Scoop
220   Titian Ponytail Barbie in 985 Open Road and Brunette Painted
        Hair Ken in 788 Rally Day and Irwin car/Country Picnic
221   Blond Flock Hair Ken in 788 Rally Day and Titian Ponytail
        Barbie in 985 Open Road and the Hot Rod/Not-so-Silent Movie
222   SuperStar Barbie and Dream Pool Patio Furniture/Ready for a Barbecue
223   Sunsational Malibu Christie, Ken, Ken and Sun Gold Malibu
        Barbie and Dream Pool Playset/Barbie Makes a Splash
224   Fashion Jeans Barbie, Sweet Roses PJ in 5604 My First Day of
        School and Ken in 5823 Cool Captain and Barbie Loves McDonald's/
        Serving up Fun at McDonald's
225   Sunsational Malibu PJ and Dream Pool/Kissed by the Sun

    Barbie Glamour and Fashions

226   Dance Magic Barbie in 7393 Ballgown or Disco--
        Two Looks in One Dress/Cruising Along with Barbie
227   Dance Magic Barbie in 7392 Ballgown or Disco--
        Two Looks in One Dress/Welcoming the New Year
228   Ice Capades Barbie in Ice Capades 4082/A Perfect Performance
229   Ice Capades Barbie in Ice Capades 4080/Going for the Gold
230   Ice Capades Barbie/Glamour on Ice
231   Fun to Dress Barbie/Barbie's Big Day
232   Home Pretty Barbie/A Romantic Night at Home
233   Western Fun Barbie/A Close Call
234   SuperStar Barbie/Award-Winning Barbie
235   Wet N Wild Barbie/Fun in the Sun
236   Wet N Wild Barbie in Wet N Wild 1045/Squeaky Clean Fun
237   Wet N Wild Barbie in Wet N Wild 1088/Batter Up
228   Barbie in 9197 Fashion With Minnie Has Super Style/
        A Visit from Barbie
239   Barbie in Cool Mix 2146/Fun in the Park
240   Barbie/Cool Mix 2138/Fun Around the Campfire
241   All Stars Barbie in All Stars 2553/Winter Fun
242   All Stars Barbie in All Stars 2488/Tennis, Anyone?
243   All Stars Barbie in All Stars 2493/Rolling Along with Barbie
244   #1 Barbie/First Modeling Job
245   Barbie and Barbie in Dinner Date outfits 9162 and 1308/
        In Step with Barbie
246   Dr. Barbie and Tropical Skipper/Barbie Glamour and
        Fashions Check List
247   Perfume Pretty Barbie in 4623 Pink Perfection and 4620
        Luscious Lemon/Barbie Sees Double
284   Benefit Performance Porcelain Barbie/A Christmas to Remember
249   Brunette Ponytail Barbie in 968 Roman Holiday/
        Daydreaming Among the Ruins
250   Crystal Barbie/Storybook Love
251   Evening Enchantment Porcelain Barbie/A Perfect Evening
252   Mardi Gras Barbie/A Southern Belle
253   Happy Holidays Barbie/Barbie's Christmas Surprise
254   SuperStar Barbie in 2481 Dramatic Blue & Silver
        Aglitter/The Life of a Star
255   SuperStar Barbie in 2480 Sunny Yellow Shine for Night
        Time/Queen Barbie
256   Barbie in 9740 Brocade Shine for TV Time/
        Behind the Scenes with Barbie
257   Free Moving Barbie in 9740 Brocade Dream Steals the
        Scene/Starring Barbie and Ken
258   Deluxe Quick Curl Barbie in 9741 Star of the Show
        in Golden Glow/An Enchanted Evening
259   Malibu Barbie in 9739 Red Shine for Rain Time/Rain, Rain Go Away
260   Brunette Talking Barbie in 1844 Extravaganza/Making New Friends
261   Brunette Twist N Turn Barbie in 1853 Now Wow and Blonde
        Hair Fair Barbie in 1856 Wild N Wonderful/Groovin' With Barbie
262   Brunette Ponytail Barbie in 971 Easter Parade/
        Window Shopping With Barbie
263   Barbie in Fashion Magic 4800/Barbie Glamour and Fashions
        Check List
264   Barbie in Beverly Hills 3313/A Day at the Mall
265   Perfume Pretty Barbie/A Night to Remember
266   Astronaut Barbie in 2742 Galaxy A-Go-Go/Spaced Out Fun
267   Astronaut Barbie in 2743 Dazzling Dancer/Space Fun With Barbie
268   Dream Glow Barbie in 2190 Glamorous Gown Glows in the Dark/
        Barbie Lights up the Night
269   Garden Party Barbie/The Garden Party
270   Great Shape Barbie/Shaping up with Barbie
271   Happy Birthday Barbie/Happy Birthday, Barbie
272   Barbie in Oscar de la Renta IV, VII, V and VI/
        Spotlight on Barbie
273   Barbie in 9085 Teacher/Daydreaming with Barbie
274   Barbie in 9263 Water Sports Fun Fashion Playset/
        Barbie at the Beach
275   Barbie in 9267 Vet Fun Fashion Playset/Barbie's Special Guest
276   Day to Night Barbie in Day to Night 9082 Dancer/
        Party Time with Barbie and Ken
277   Barbie in Private Collection 4957/Backstage with Barbie
278   Barbie in Private Collection 4958/One of a Kind Barbie
279   Happy Holidays Barbie/Princess Barbie
280   Dance Magic Barbie/Barbie's Debut

    Wedding Bells for Midge

281   Midge and Barbie/Girl Talk
282   Barbie/Wedding Bells for Midge Check List
283   Ring Bearer Todd/Todd Takes a Little Trip
284   Flower Girl Kelly/A Compliment for Kelly
285   Midge/A Dream Come True
286   Alan/Allan, Barbie, Kelly, Ken, Midge and  Todd/
        The Wedding Vows
287   Alan/Allan and Midge/Into the Future
288   Flower Girl Kelly and Ring Bearer Todd/Todd Sets
        and Pace...and the Place
289   Barbie and Ken/Helping Hand
290   Kelly, Barbie, Midge, Alan/Allan, Ken and Todd/
        Wedding Party Portrait/Picture This
291   Alan/Allan and Midge/A Picture-Perfect Couple
292   Kelly, Alan/Allan, Todd, Midge, Ken and Barbie/
        The Wedding Toast
293   Midge and Alan/Allan/Dancing on Air
294   Alan/Allan and Midge/Wedding Cake Worries
295   Midge/The Wedding Bouquet
296   Midge and Alan/Allan/Catch of the Day
297   Midge and Wedding Day Trousseau/
        Barbie's Special Gift
298   Alan/Allan, Barbie, Kelly, Ken, Midge and Todd/
        A New Beginning
299   Alan/Allan and Midge and Ferrari/On the Road...Again
300   Ferrari/Wishing on a Star

Puzzle Cards (1:pack)
    Each contains 8 numbered jigsaw puzzle pieces, part of 64-card puzzle.
    The doll pictured is Costume Ball Barbie from 1991, dressed for Mardi Gras.

  1   pieces  1- 8   (row 1 left; right top of head)
  2   pieces  9-16   (row 1 right; right top of head)
  3   pieces  17-24  (row 2 left; right shoulder)
  4   pieces  25-32  (row 2 right; left shoulder)
  5   pieces  33-40  (row 3 left; right top of skirt)
  6   pieces  41-48  (row 3 right; left top of skirt)
  7   pieces  49-56  (row 4 left; right hem of skirt)
  8   pieces  57-64  (row 4 right; left hem of skirt)

Collector Set (part of boxed Collector Set)

301   Blonde Swirl Ponytail Barbie/The Perfect Look
302   Brunette Side Part Bendable Leg Barbie in 1666
        Debutante Ball/Magazine Cover Photo
303   Titian Straight Leg Midge in prototype 976 Sweater
        Girl/Midge for President
304   Titian Bubblecut Barbie in 956 Busy Morning and Brunette
        Straight Leg Midge in 969 Suburban Shopper/Dressed Like Sisters
305   Blonde Ponytail Barbie in prototype 0873 Guinevere/
        Opening Night
306   Brunette Ponytail Barbie in prototype Cleopatra/
        Queen for a Day
307   Brunette Flock Hair Ken in prototype Mark Antony/
        Cleopatra's Number One Fan
308   Ken in prototype Pilgrim/The First Thanksgiving
309   Ken in prototype Mad Hatter/Mad About Hats
310   Ken in prototype Louis XIV and Barbie in prototype
        Marie Antoinette/Merci, Ken
311   Brunette Flock Hair Ken in prototype Prince Charming/
        The Magic Kiss
312   Blond Painted Hair Ken and Brunette Straight Leg
        Skipper in prototype Eskimo outfits/Ice Fishing
313   Bend Leg Barbie prototype/Barbie and Ken Catch a Wave
314   Blonde Straight Leg Skipper in 1903 Masquerade, Ken in
        794 Masquerade and Blonde Ponytail Barbie in 944
        Masquerade/Mystery Invitations
315   Brunette Painted Hair Ken in 796 Sailor, Titian Ponytail
        Barbie in 931 Garden Party, Brunette Straight Leg Midge
        in 978 Let's Dance and Straight Leg Alan/Allan in 797 Army
        & Air Force/USO Dance
316   Talking Truly Scrumptious (Sally Ann Howe)/Barbie Meets a Star
317   Redhead Straight Leg Midge, Blonde Molded Hair Ken, Blonde
        Swirl Ponytail Barbie, Blonde Straight Leg Skipper, Sundae
        Treat Tutti and Todd/Main Street Parade
318   Living Barbie and Living Eli/Chopsticks
319   Francie Grows prototype/Way to "Grow" Francie
320   Brunette Color Magic Barbie in 1604 Crisp N Cool/
        Ravishing Redhead

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