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Barbie Fashion Play Cards
   The River Group - 1993

Notes:  These cards were issued in six different packs of 10 cards. Each pack 
holds two sets of 5 cards, each with a Barbie fashion "puzzle" for one outfit, 
from head to feet, on each side. You can mix and match cards to develop some 
outrageous outfits that violate anybody's fashion sense. Cards are not numbered, 
so I show them grouped by the puzzles in each distinctive pack (pack numbers 
are arbitrary), with the border colors and border highlight themes for each set of 
five (with the side showing the head in an unopened cello pack first and then the 
reverse side second).

Box: 24 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: 4.0 per box if collation were perfect.


1: Violet / Rose (stars / flowers)

    Head (blonde) / Head (blonde)
    Dress top (pink) / Top (rainbow)
    Dress top (pink) / Skirt (dark blue)
    Legs / Legs
    Shoes (pink) / Shoes (black)

1: Green / Yellow (hearts / flowers)

    Head (brown) / Head (blonde, pink hat)
    Top (blue/gold) / Top (chartreuse)
    Slacks (white) / Slacks (pink)
    Slacks (white) / Slacks (pink)
    Shoes (blue) / Shoes (pink)

2: Light Green / Yellow (stars / hearts)

    Head (blonde, pink sunglasses / Head (brown, blue hat)
    Top (orange) / Top (green/blue)
    Leggings (pink) / Leggings (yellow)
    Legs / Leggings/legs (yellow)
    Shoes (pink) / Shoes (blue)

2: Purple / Green (flowers / hearts)

    Head (blonde, multicolor bow) / Head (blonde, yellow cloth tiara)
    White jacket over multi top / Purple top, bracelets
    Purple/multi shorts / Green skirt
    Legs / Legs
    Shoes (pink) / Shoes (violet)

3: Dark Pink / Light Green (hearts / stars)

    Head (blonde, white bow) / Head (auburn, white ruffles)
    White dress with shoulder bows / White lace dress
    White dress / White lace dress
    White dress / White dress
    Shoes (white) / Shoes (beige)

3: Violet / Blue-Green (hearts / flowers)

    Head (brown, mesh flower hat / Head (platinum, mesh hat)
    White/platinum lace dress / White lace dress
    White/platinum lace dress / White dress
    White/platinum lace dress / White dress
    Shoes (platinum) / Shoes (tan)

4: Light Violet / Yellow (flowers / stars)

    Head (light blonde, pink bows) / Head (blonde, pink fluff)
    Pink dress, silver shoulders / Silver dress, pink straps
    Pink dress, silver belt / Silver dress
    Legs / Legs
    Shoes (pink with blue) / Shoes (dark pink)

4: Green / Pink (stars / hearts)

    Head (auburn, purple accent) / Head (brown)
    Pink top, silver bands / Pink top, silver band
    Pink top and slacks / black/pink skirt
    Pink slacks / Legs
    Shoes (pink) / Shoes (pink)

5: Yellow / Blue (hearts / flowers)

    Head (light blonde) / Head (auburn, polka and flowers)
    Multi vest and top / Multi top
    Pink slacks, mesh belt / Multi shorts
    Pink slacks and legs / Legs
    Shoes (pink) / Shoes (yellow)

5: Pink / Pink-Red (stars / flowers)

    Head (light brown) / Head (dark brown, flowers)
    Purple top / Pastel top
    Multi pastel skirt / Pink slacks
    Pink leggings, legs / Pink slacks, legs
    Shoes (pink) / Shoes (light blue)

6: Blue / Purple (hearts / stars)

    Head (dark brown, gold) / Head (blonde)
    Hollywood dress / Gold/silver Hollywood top
    Pink skirt, stars / Gold skirt
    Legs / Star leggings, legs
    Shoes (gold) / Shoes (white)

6: Blue / Dark Violet (stars / flowers)

    Head (auburn, gold) / Head (light blonde)
    Black/gold top / Purple/blue top
    Purple skirt / Gold leggings
    Legs / Legs
    Shoes (gold) / Shoes (purple)


Fashion Flip Cards


Fashion Sticker Sheets



    Head (blonde)
    Jeans dress and blouse
    Jeans dress
    Shoes (white)
    (promo foldee)

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