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Barbie Photo Cards
   Panini - 1999

Notes: Photo cards are slightly below 6" x 4". Fronts show photos and text, 
and backs give subset titles and text.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.00 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title / Card Text                                    Subset

  1   I love wildflowers! What's your favorite flower?     Flower Power
  2   Flowers are blooming all over the fashion runways,   Flower Power
  3   Let flowers do the talking. Put together a bouquet   Flower Power
  4   I look pretty "slick" keeping dry in the rain!       Fab Fashions
  5   Silver and sparkle, perfect for a night out on the   Fab Fashions
  6   So many outfits to choose from! I'll pick this one   Fab Fashions
  7   You're in the mod squad with stovepipe pants (that   Fab Fashions
  8   Chunky platform shoes are the footgear to favor. S   Fab Fashions
  9   Walk on the wild side in animal prints. Leopard-sp   Fab Fashions
 10   Going to a pool party? A pretty bathing suit will    Fab Fashions
 11   For a hip, hot and happening look, pick up a celeb   Fab Fashions
 12   Here's a shot I sent to my little sister along wit   Little Notes
 13   Little notes sent through the mail tell loved ones   Little Notes
 14   Practicing hair styles on my little sister is fun!   Hot Hair
 15   When your hair is wet, get those tangles under con   Hot Hair
 16   Butterflies are free - to land in your hair, that    Hot Hair
 17   For a new 'do, plait a little braid on either side   Hot Hair
 18   Here's what I do to keep my hair healthy and bounc   Hot Hair
 19   Looking for a cool pin to fasten to your hat, tee    Jazzy Jewelry
 20   White metals like silver, pewter and white gold ar   Jazzy Jewelry
 21   Check out bead stores, which have jars full of shi   Jazzy Jewelry
 22   For polish that stays put day after day, apply a c   Nail News
 23   The classiest polish around is in a simple solid c   Nail News
 24   Love crazy nail colors like blue, green, gold and    Nail News
 25   To smell terrific, here's a trick I like. Lather u   Good Scents
 26   Rollerblading is the coolest! Here I am giving Kel   Sports-tacular
 27   I made the cheerleading team! Now, it's practice,    Sports-tacular
 28   Out for a bike ride, with a very special passenger   Sports-tacular
 29   Ice skating with my friends makes for great winter   Sports-tacular
 30   Need to get to your friend's house fast? Rollerbla   Sports-tacular
 31   Before you hit the volleyball court, jog around th   Sports-tacular
 32   Need a mind and body boost? Jump in the pool! Just   Sports-tacular
 33   Whether you're cycling, swimming or even taking a    Sports-tacular
 34   Kelly's first day at school It's something she'll    Cool at School
 35   Piano lessons are a great after-school activity. Y   Cool at School
 36   Great news! My band is playing at the next school    Cool at School
 37   Having a quick chat with my friend between classes   Cool at School
 38   I love to volunteer tutoring younger students! It    Cool at School
 39   Show your way sensitive side and be friendly to a    Cool at School
 40   Having a tough time with homework? Don't be shy ab   Cool at School
 41   Glasses are groovy. So if you can't see the blackb   Cool at School
 42   Whenever I want the scoop on a fave movie star, a    Computer Wiz
 43   My grandmother taught me how to quilt. Someday I h   Decorating Do's
 44   All finished! Isn't it gorgeous?!                    Decorating Do's
 45   Quilts make great wall decorations for my room!      Decorating Do's
 46   I love my room! It's got all my favorite stuff. In   Decorating Do's
 47   If you have a collection you're proud of, don't be   Decorating Do's
 48   Pump up your room with pillows. When you pile cush   Decorating Do's
 49   Ice cold juice and hot gossip go great together!     Groovy Munchies
 50   Between meals, when your stomach wsays it's time f   Groovy Munchies
 51   Air-popped popcorn is way fun to crunch. Roll hand   Groovy Munchies
 52   Next time your mom says, "Drink your milk," you mi   Groovy Munchies
 53   Great catch! And great exercise for dogs ... and k   Pet Chat
 54   There's nothing quite as cuddly as a kitten!         Pet Chat
 55   Your dog needs exercise just like you do. So do yo   Pet Chat
 56   Got a question about how to take care of your gold   Pet Chat
 57   Here's the beautiful birthday cake I baked for Kel   Gal Pals
 58   The meeting is called to order! Today's topic: fun   Gal Pals
 59   Whenever I feel down in the dumps, I pick up the p   Gal Pals
 60   If one of your bosom buddies starts to wear the sa   Gal Pals
 61   With friends, sharing is everything. You exchange    Gal Pals
 62   Think "eight" and feel great! These two tricks wil   Treat Yourself
 63   Feeling frazzled? Take time out from your busy day   Treat Yourself
 64   There's nothing that makes me happier than a great   Treat Yourself
 65   In a book with a pretty cover, keep a diary of you   Treat Yourself
 66   Hey girls. For a pretty, natural look, crayong you   Mod Make-up
 67   Make your lipstick last. When it's running low, pu   Mod Make-up
 68   Express your artistic side - and look cute to boot   Mod Make-up
 69   Want to get a little wacky, girlfriend? The party    Mod Make-up
 70   Sunproof your kisser with a lipgloss that contains   Skin Sense
 71   Expert advice on keeping your skin in good shape:    Skin Sense
 72   Everybody likes to be tan, but failing to protect    Skin Sense

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