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Barbie Stickers (1989)
   Panini - 1989

Notes: Stickers are printed in Italy, with explanatory text in six 
languages on sticker backs.

Box: 100 packs of 6 stickers.
Common sets: approx. 2.94 per box if collation were perfect.
J-hook Retail Package: 5 sheets of 6 stickers.

No.   Scene

 1    pink with stars at photo shoot
 2    green polkadot head scarf
 3    brown western outfit with monkey
 4    large starry earrings
 5    purple head scarf
 6    photomat with friend (top)
 7    photomat with friend (middle top)
 8    photomat with friend (middle bottom)
 9    photomat with friend (bottom)
10    beach pyramid (top)
11    beach pyramid (bottom)
12    beach with lifeguards (left)
13    beach with lifeguards (right)
14    Dear Diary
15    opening presents
16    ballerina
17    ballet practice at bar
18    ballet practice resting
19    christening ship
20    launching ship
21    dancine in blue with Ken
22    watching street filming (left)
23    watching street filming (right)
24    car loaded with shopping boxes
25    Adopt-a-Pet
26    washing the dog
27    horseriding (top)
28    horseriding (bottom)
29    huge pink checked hat and boa (top)
30    huge pink checked hat and train (bottom)
31    white fluffy top with boa (top)
32    white fluffy top with boa (bottom)
33    white with stars and pink, white boas (top)
34    white with stars and pink, white boas (bottom)
35    red dress, blue sash belt (top)
36    red dress, blue sash belt (bottom)
37    white cinch dress with knee skirt (top)
38    white cinch dress with knee skirt (bottom)
39    pink gown (top)
40    pink gown (bottom)
41    applying makup on city street at night
42    getting hair styled (top)
43    getting hair styled (bottom)
44    applying pink hair appliance
45    bike riding with Ken
46    studying in pink
47    hanging clothes after shopping
48    two dancing couples
49    fluffing hair
50    holding rose
51    blue hair bows with L design
52    holding chin
53    creaming face after shower
54    splashing water on face
55    towelling face
56    brushing hair
57    fingering hair
58    before flowers in green
59    applying cold cream
60    brushing face
61    applying lipstick
62    with beach ball on towel (left)
63    with beach ball on towel (right)
64    3 girls laughing on beach
65    Sydney Opera House with Ken (left)
66    Sydney Opera House with Ken (right)
67    hiking with binoculars
68    on western ranch porch (left)
69    on western ranch porch (middle)
70    on western ranch porch (right)
71    crossing creek (left)
72    crossing creek (right)
73    herding sheep
74    assessing abstract art
75    enjoying band (left)
76    enjoying band (right)
77    in arbor with roses (top)
78    in arbor with roses (bottom)
79    training ballet elephant (top)
80    training ballet elephant (bottom)
81    Formula One racing (left)
82    Formula One racing (right)
83    waving in restaurant
84    ice cream sodas with Ken (left)
85    ice cream sodas with Ken (right)
86    tennis backhand
87    horse jumping
88    dressage at hedge (left)
89    dressage at hedge (right)
90    stretching backwards
91    rope skipping
92    in surf with flippers (left)
93    in surf with flippers (right)
94    running past castle in dark pink
95    bicycle racing team
96    bicycle racing resting
97    shopping in stripes and yellow
98    Stage Door
99    Country singing trio
100   Country singing duo
101   ith microphone before band (left)
102   ith microphone before band (right)
103   joining Ken and friend at table
104   Record Dept.
105   video monitors (top)
106   video monitors (bottom)
107   bowing onstage in pink
108   singing in red
109   jukebox in red
110   entering club with Ken (left)
111   entering club with Ken (right)
112   dancing in blue
113   dancing in white and red
114   in crowd with Ken
115   orange hair and pink-white
116   boogying in chartreuse
117   onstage in pink and black-white check
118   girl band in black-white check (left)
119   girl band in black-white check (right)
120   dance club in white-red-purple polka
121   pigtails on dance floor
122   dance floor with Ken in red
123   roller skating
124   holding Cola on beach
125   roller-skating drive-in waitress (left)
126   roller-skating drive-in waitress (right)
127   washing car (left)
128   washing car (right)
129   music group practice
130   spinning discs
131   pink villa on water
132   floating on pink air mattresses (left)
133   floating on pink air mattresses (right)
134   balloons at Eiffel Tower
135   Rome photography in red
136   doctor visiting
137   rainbow in white-red
138   photo shoot in white-red with Cola
139   photo shoot of ballet dancing
140   film cel of white ballerina
141   photo shoot with zebra
142   receiving trophy (left)
143   receiving trophy (right)
144   applying lipstick with poodle (left)
145   applying lipstick with poodle (right)
146   accepting hot dog on skateboard
147   studying script
148   receiving massage
149   raising hands high
150   on empty beach
151   on beach with guys' legs behind
152   spinning kids
153   swinging
154   talk to the hand
155   wedding gown with roses
156   wedding gown at pavilion
157   wedding gown dropping bouquet
158   wedding gown with fur collar
159   wedding gown with white bouquet
160   wedding gown, pink ribbons
161   wedding gown, pink curtains
162   wedding gown, outdoor path
163   wedding gown, flowers on stand
164   wedding gown, flowered arbor above
165   wedding gown, pink posts
166   applauding the bride (top)
167   applauding the bride (bottom)
168   pink luggage at airport
169   skydiving (left)
170   skydiving (right)
171   braiding the horse's hair
172   sharing ice cream soda with Ken
173   fixing a flat (left)
174   fixing a flat (right)
175   mermaid pose
176   photgraphing wet mermaid (left)
177   photgraphing wet mermaid (right)
178   crowd waving goodbye (left)
179   crowd waving goodbye (middle)
180   crowd waving goodbye (right)

Die-Cut Stickers

 A    red-white and hearts schoolgirl
 B    Ken in blue-white stripes and grey
 C    pink and white with tote bag
 D    holding pink camera
 E    Ken in red-blue and yellow shorts
 F    flowered and red in sunglasses
 G    blue gown and clutch purse
 H    Ken in white tuxedo
 I    pink gown with starry top
 J    pi nk top and black-white check skirt
 K    Ken in blue jacket
 L    red top, green jacket, blue skirt
 M    blue with yellow circle and pink schoolgirl
 N    Ken in white jacket and camo pants
 O    pink fluffy jacket, green top
 P    wlue-white broad stripes schoolgirl
 Q    Ken with binoculars and suspenders
 R    blue pantsuit and bag
 S    red outfit and white tights
 T    pink bowl and culottes schoolgirl
 U    Ken in blue patterned workout suit
 V    blue outfit and rope
 W    Ken in blue outfit and rope
 X    cowgirl outfit and boots

 --   (sticker album)

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