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Barb Wire
Topps - 1996

Note: No titles are shown on the embossed cards; the names shown are taken
from the set's printed checklist.  Can anybody confirm the existence of the
unnumbered "oversized" promo?  Philip Brazina tracked down a regular-sized
unnumbered promo that wasn't listed in the guides.

Box: 36 packs of 7 regular cards + 1 embossed card.
Common sets: approx. 3.47 per box if collation were perfect.
Embossed sets: approximately 3.00 per box.

No.  Title

  1  Barb Wire Deluxe Trading Cards [Title Card]
  2  Barb Wire [Checklist]
  3  Meet Barb Wire
  4  Steel Harbor
  5  Techno Torture
  6  Congressional Conspiracy
  7  Hammerhead Hostess
  8  Her Brother's Keeper
  9  A Masterful Maitre d'
 10  See A Badge?
 11  Secret Motives
 12  A Room With A View
 13  Unwelcome Guests
 14  Don't Call Me Babe!
 15  Special Delivery
 16  Negotiations
 17  Paid In Full
 18  I.D. Check
 19  Police Protection
 20  The Long Arm Of The Law
 21  First Impressions
 22  Guest Of Honor?
 23  Checking In
 24  A Voice From The Past
 25  Old Wounds
 26  Resistance Headquarters
 27  A Living Legend
 28  Bitter Memories
 29  A Rebellious Past
 30  Let's Make A Deal
 31  Dead Men Don't Talk
 32  Bathing Beauty
 33  Awkward Introductions
 34  Biological Warfare
 35  Technical Difficulties
 36  Search And Destroy
 37  Busted!
 38  For Whose Eyes Only?
 39  Schmitz On Ice
 40  Junkyard Deal
 41  Early Retirement
 42  For Charlie
 43  Dressed To Kill
 44  Escort Service
 45  Double Crossed?
 46  Two-Faced and Triple-Chinned
 47  Pryzer's Surprise
 48  Monster Truck!
 49  Crack-Up!
 50  Shish KeBarb!
 51  A Moving Target
 52  A Poor Choice Of Words
 53  Mission Completed?
 54  Credit Where Credit's Due

Bad Girl Beginnings

 55  Comics' Greatest World cover
 56  Don't Call Me Babe!
 57  Barb battling a gang of Steel Harbor's ...
 58  In comics, folks like Hurricane Max ...
 59  The covers of Barb Wire #4 (front) ...
 60  A theme from the comic echoed ...
 61  Barb doesn't have any delusions ...
 62  Barb's gender-shifting nemesis ...
 63  In the last issue of Barb Wire ...

Comic Art Gallery

 64  Art by Jim Balent
 65  Art by John Bolton
 66  Art by Dan Brereton
 67  Art by J. Scott Campbell & Alex Garner
 68  Art by Fastner & Larson
 69  Art by Joe Linsner
 70  Art by Esteban Maroto
 71  Art by Mike Mayhew
 72  Art by Walter Simonson


Embossed Cards (1 per pack)

E1   (Quick Change)
E2   (Undercover)
E3   (On Bike)
E4   (Shootout)
E5   (In Bedroom)
E6   (With Krebs)
E7   (In Battle Gear)
E8   (At the Hammerhead)
E9   (Close Up)
E10  (Armed to the Teeth)
E11  (In Disguise)
E12  (Profile)

Laser-Cut Cards (1:18 packs)

L1   Barbed Wire
L2   Bullet Holes
L3   Bubbles
L4   Tattoo


P1   She's bad, she's blonde, she's beautiful
P3   (With ammo belt)
---  (unnumbered, image from comic; others are movie images)

©1999, 2000, 2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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