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Bare Assentials
Infinity Card Company - 1993

Notes:  Published as a boxed factory set, these cards are subtitled "Beautiful Babes
Baring Their Butts" or "The Great Butt Discovery."

No.   Model

  1   Frankie Ann Wilson
  2   Kellie Ashburn
  3   Maria Talarico
  4   Chelsea Turner
  5   Ursula Sanders
  6   Lana Harper
  7   Lynda Tyger
  8   Fran Jansen
  9   Darlene Moore
 10   Lynn Giorgio
 11   Karen Valentine
 12   Denise Patrick
 13   Daisy York
 14   Sharon Morton and Jennifer Roland
 15   Carol Dayton and helen Gidron
 16   Catherine Brewer
 17   Melissa Wolf
 18   Madelyne Kahn
 19   Teri Baron
 20   Alison Oliver
 21   Melissa Viola
 22   Abigail Tyler
 23   Sonya Van Buren
 24   Billie Jo Madigan
 25   Daisy McCarty
 26   Harley Harrelson
 27   Harley Harrelson
 28   Truly Awesome
 29   Sklyar Anderson
 30   Sklyer Anderson
 31   Tracey Goldman
 32   Olivia Antonucci
 33   Olivia Antonucci
 34   Olivia Antonucci
 35   Angela Reilly
 36   Kymba

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --   (36-card panel)

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